Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ann's Note- September

Summer flew by all too fast and if you haven't already started school, classes will be starting soon (Fiona's school is already started). September can kind of be known as one of the worst months ever. I mean not only do you have to switch gears from sleeping half the day and staying up all night but September is extremely awkward. You haven't seen more than half of these people in a good couple months! To help you get through this crazy transition and feel you a little less nervous about school (says the girl who is freaking out), The How Fitting girls got together to make a "Back To School Week" starting Friday the sixth where for that Friday Extra and the rest of the week, the three of us will be putting out back to school themed posts.  I want to take this long break as a time to become a "better Ann". I am not saying that I want to become a WHOLE new person but work on the things that I don't like about myself so I can finally focus on the things that I love about myself. I don't want to be as quiet. I don't want to hold myself back from doing things that I want to do and saying things that I want to say just because of my horrible shyness. Yes, I am aware that my anxiety and shyness aren't just going to poof away but unlike last year, I want to work on this problem of mine instead of just being miserable about it and not doing anything. So here we are. A little bit more than a week until I become a big scary eighth grader. Though September can be the month where I probably get the most anxiety, I am somewhat excited to have a place to show off my outfits. Good luck you guys!
P.S I am so sorry that this past week was a little bit of a mess! Fiona just moved back to America (yay!) and also started school so didn't have time to write up posts with so much going on. This past Thursday, Emma was on vacation and on Monday, I couldn't write an outfits post for I was on a surprise trip to the beach for the weekend with Vivi. 

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