Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fashion Bible: September

Well here we are. About all of my friends are going back to school soon and I really don't know if I am excited or dreading it. Though classes suck, I always like the fact that school is filled with people meaning I have a place to flaunt my outfits!
I have been getting really into tight fitting tees! I really hate wearing a tee shirt and jeans but sticking a band tee into a skirt around my waist is surprisingly cute. Either that or loose tee shirts. I recently bought a Blink 182 shirt from Hot Topic and I love how it blouses out in a skirt with elastic!
As I've previously said, my thing right now is most definitely skirts with elastic around the waist to cinch an outfit all together.
Since I am such an Arabelle Siciardi wannabe, my favorite accessory store at the moment would have to be Bonlook. This glasses website is amazing. Instead of ordering a pair of glasses and realizing they don't look right on you, they have a virtual try on where using a webcam, you can basically try on your pair of glasses. My favorite part is the personal designers. The people of bonlook send a personalized video of what would look best on you! The actual glasses are oh so adorable too!
Happy September!

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