Monday, December 30, 2013


I went to a Dar Williams concert in a short floral dress I got from Nordstrom a couple months ago, red tights I stole out of my mom's dresser, and a beanie I stole from my sister. The show was lovely by the way and Dar is probably one of the most gorgeous people on planet Earth.
I went into New York City to see my uncle and we went to the Museum of Natural History (it is a tradition of our's to go there every Christmas eve). I wore A Pierce The Veil top my friend Nate got me for secret Santa (he is one of my favorite people) that he got from Hot Topic, a pair of Hot Topic Ramones leggings, and a purple flower crown.
Christmas! Though my family is Jewish, we still have a Christmas dinner with a group of friends and my uncle on my dad's side. I ended up going with a tank top I got at my local consignment store that has a panda and says "extinction sucks" with a scarf I got from H&M over it. I then threw a denim shirt I got from my grandpa's closet over it and wore a pair of black leggings on bottom. In my hair, I wore a braided headband I got from Icing.
I didn't put much thought into my outfit because all I did that day was see a couple of my camp friends.
I just threw on a pair of hand me down black jeans (I never wear jeans) and a lightning bolt cat shirt I got from Zumiez.
I completely forgot to take a picture but my mom, sister, and I went to a music store to get a guitar strap for my sister (she is just starting to learn how to play) so I wore a really comfortable Never Shout Never tee I found in the boy's section at my favorite thrift store and black leggings (what would I ever do without black leggings?).

Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Extra: Still Not Asking For It

I absolutely hate it when people start rants off with "This is a rant about...." I just had to put that out there for I seriously had no other way to start this. Lately, many people at my school have told me that I show my boobs off way too often or that my leggings are too tight or my heels are too high. Personally, I disagree, but that isn't the point. The other day, as I walked by a group of sixth graders, one of them whispered to another one of their cunt friends,
"It is as if she is asking to be raped." referring to my low cut Pierce The Veil tank top. I am not going to take something some ignorant sixth grader said as extremely hurtful. That isn't the point either. If she had just called me a slut or whore or any other offensive (and disgusting) word of her choice, I would have been completely fine with the rude comment and have moved on with my life. No, she said that I was fucking ASKING to be raped. I seriously can't describe how awful that is that someone would think is OK to claim.
For once in my fourteen years of life, I have felt good about my body. Ever since about the age of ten, I have either felt too fat or skinny or tall and have classified myself as ugly. Finally, I can come to peace with what I have and feel confident walking around with something that is a little more revealing than I normally wear. Was I strutting down the hallway saying "Hey! Who wants to rape me?". Of course not! So what gives this girl that right to tell her snobby friends that I want to be raped?
One of the main things I was disgusted by the comment was how casually she talked about rape. She being a sixth grader, may not have been exposed to these topics as much as someone older than her has. She may not realize how serious and tragic rape is and how this really isn't something you should be saying casually towards others.
Also, what happened to the fact that everyone has feelings? About every child learned in preschool that if you don't have something nice to say don't say it and that everyone has feelings. Even that eighth grader walking down the hall in the low cut shirt. This girl didn't know me at all and I didn't know her. Does she know about how many times I have cried in front of the mirror about my body? How about the amount of times I have felt so insecure about myself that I have had to wear a hoodie over something I was wearing for I felt too ugly? I don't think so. She doesn't know that I have respect for myself and that I am, in fact, a feminist who believes that people should wear whatever the hell makes them feel good because it doesn't matter how much you show as long as you are happy with yourself and feel beautiful. On top of all that, her comment is flat out invalid. You can't ASK to get raped. Rape is a one sided situation so if I wanted to be raped, it technically couldn't be classified as that.
To finish this all off, I just really hope that people will stop saying these terrible things to each other. Rape isn't a thing to say casually about another person no matter what the hell they are wearing. No one ever asks to be raped. I don't care how short their shorts are or how low cut their tops can be. I seriously hope that one day, this sixth grader will say something as disgusting as what she told me, to the wrong person. I am not saying this so her life gets ruined or something crazy like that. Just at one point, she is going to learn her lesson that saying such awful things about people isn't going to get her very far. I am also going to clear up before people begin going insane, I did not write up this post so I could trash talk this girl and to make her feel bad (I doubt she will even read this). I made this post to show anyone else who has ever said that someone is asking to be raped how terrible that is. Thanks guys.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best Outfits Of 2013

With the year coming to a close oh so soon, what better time to reflect on some of the most fabulous outfits of the year?
Hayley Williams
When Paramore performed at the Teen Awards, Hayley looked gorgeous in a checkered crop top and matching circle skirt. I really adore this outfit for not only was it so Hayley, but looked great on her as she went wild, dancing across the stage. If I had that great a body, I would definitely wear something like this.

Tavi Gevinson
For the young blogger's first Hollywood movie, she was more than ready with beautiful dresses to wear to events. The black dress to the left is the one that she wore to the Toronto premiere of "Enough Said". I thought this dress was great for her for though it showed bits of youth with the flowyness and the bow in the back, it was also sophisticated enough for a seventeen year old to look professional and show that she was not a little girl anymore. The dress to the right, was what she wore to the American premiere. I think this was a great choice for it is so sleek and sophisticated but has an edge to it with the red stripes on the sides. Also, can we talk about how grown up and beautiful (not that she isn't always gorgeous) Tavi looks? Bitch facing at its best!
Source right picture

Carrie Hope Fletcher
At an event, Carrie looked absolutely adorable in a purple velvet corset, blue jeans, and cat ears on top of her huge curls. To start off, look at her top! I am in love with corsets of about any kind and Carrie absolutely rocked this one. I also like how she paired such a elegant top off with a casual pair of jeans for it toned the formality of her top down. And how could you forget her cat headband? She looks straight out one of her YouTube videos!

Juliet Simms
Previous lead singer of Automatic Love letter, looked absolutely gorgeous at 2013 Warped tour in a floral cropped top, large hoop earrings, light wash jeans, and a black beanie. I really admire Juliet for taking such a big risk on cutting off her long blond locks and getting a pixie cut. Warped Tour is also known as "the punk event" so I adore how she took such a feminine and delicate looking top and paired it up with an edgy beanie and jewelry

Kate Nash
Kate has been known for her vintage looking sense in style and what she wore to her show at The Black Cat in Washington DC was no exception. Kate Nash's outfit looked slightly casual in a way (I could wear that to school) yet she dressed the look up with a statement necklace, glittery belt, and red lipstick. She looked so fun and the skirt was short enough for her to dance comfortably around the stage.

Emily Haines

When Metric opened up for Paramore at Madison Square Garden in November, I was blown away with Emily's full on glitter outfit! The silver blazer and high rise shorts were especially beautiful in the dark area of Madison Square. She glittered everywhere she went!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Best Albums Of The Year (2013)

Save Rock And Roll-Fall Out Boy
After a four year hiatus, the punk pop band came right back with their single "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" and came out with the eleven track album, "Save Rock And Roll". By listening to this album, you can really see the changes the band went through compared to their last album, "Folie A Deux". They sound much more pop than before and though I am not a big fan of the genre, it really flatters the band. "Save Rock And Roll" also features artists such as Courtney Love, Foxes!, Big Sean, and Elton John that really add a lot to the tracks.
Organs-Tom Milsom
Tom's sixth album was no disappointment. After releasing his "Take Me Out" EP, Tom didn't stop there for 2013. In July, the mystical and thought provoking music video for "Pipes" was put up onto his YouTube channel with the announcement that a full album titled "Organs" would be released in the Fall. Though this album can clearly be identified as Tom Milsom's work, you can really tell that the British psychedelia singer pushes his boundaries with this new album.
Epigrams And Interludes-Alex Day
Though it is arguable that "Epigrams and Interludes" is more of a compilation of songs than an actual album, in my book, it counts.  This twenty track album is really unique from anything any artist I have seen has ever come out with for not only does it feature seven new songs (I've Got What It Takes, Here Comes Trouble, Oh No I'm In Love, Jack and Coke, Wish Is For You, Losing A Future, and Wannabe a Star) but also features his four greatest hits (Stupid Stupid, She Walks Right Through Me, Lady Godiva, and Forever Yours). On top of all that, Alex collected all the songs he has collaborated with someone and produced for people such as Carrie Hope Fletcher, Bryarly Bishop, Tom Milsom and many more.
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!-Panic! At The Disco
Brendan Urie, Spencer Smith, and Dallon Weekes or as you may know them, Panic! At The Disco finally released this album in the fall! Though I have always really liked this band, I have to say this is probably their best album yet (well aside from the first). Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! has amazing variety of styles from powerful songs such as "This Is Gospel" to rather creepy songs like "Casual Affair"
Just like Fall Out Boy, Panic has gone through many different changes (and band members) and after all this, the band has come out with an amazing finished product for their comeback.

Sunflower-Never Shout Never
Never Shout Never's newest album can be described in one word as "chill". Unlike a lot of the other albums this band has released, Sunflower isn't as chimy and even has a bits and pieces of psychedelia. There tons and tons of harmonies and acoustic guitar featured on "Sunflower".
Paramore (Self Titled)
I am a pretty huge fan of Paramore and was rather sad when the band lost two of its members thinking, their quality would die. God was wrong. The band has gotten much stronger since becoming a three piece! This self titled album could most likely be the best put together album of the year not only how the variety of styles of songs are placed throughout the album but also the interludes used. Paramore has never used ukulele in any of their songs and making three (short) songs to put on their album seemed like a rather weird thing for them to do. I can honestly say, putting Moving On, I'm Not Angry Anymore (my favorite song by them ever), and Holiday was an amazing decision. The three interludes are so raw and pretty and just my God I loved them.
Sempiternal-Bring Me The Horizon 
After releasing the ten track compilation, "Count Your Blessings", I was pretty surprised when the hardcore punk band came out with "Sempiternal". The album has a load of electric guitar which I find they used rather well in their music and though I am not a big fan of techno at all, their usage of it in the first track, "Can You Feel My Heart", really made the song more intense and beautiful.
Girl Talk-Kate Nash
Kate Nash came back with yet another unique collection of songs this year! Though there is no actual description in which the album is titled "Girl Talk" I interpret the reasoning behind it is for in about every track on the album, Kate's lyrics look like something written by a teenager. Not in the sense that it is bad quality, but just the view point. I mean the sixth track is in fact, titled "OMYGOD". Kate's voice is extraordinarily beautiful and really blew me away with this album. She put so much power and emotion into the songs features and I was really able to relate to what she was singing about.

Siberia (Acoustic)-Lights
I absolutely loved the songs on Light's 2011 Siberia and once she came back this year with an acoustic version of the album, I was amazed. Though her voice is already gorgeous on her other three albums, I was blown away by how raw and beautiful her voice is in Siberia Acoustic. She had so much personality in these versions of her songs (not that she didn't in the originals) and I absolutely loved how she added the verse in French (she grew up in Canada).
We'll Fall Together-Austin Jones
My favorite part of Austin Jones is his connection with his fans. When I bought his latest album, We'll Fall Together, and tweeted him telling him that I loved it, he personally thanked me. All of the songs on this album have a personal backstory to why he wrote it. Austin's entire music career is impressive all together too. I mean he has a fairly large fan base without the help of a record label, agent, or manager!
Happy new year!

Monday, December 23, 2013


I wore a long denim shirt my mom's best friend, Gretchen, made for her in collage. It has my mom's initials (JMW) on the front and a rainbow embroidered on the back. Since I was extraordinarily lazy, I just wore a Forever21 (when I used to shop there) tank top and black leggings. In my hair, I wore a flower crown I made over the weekend.
I wore a black tank top under a tribal print bandage skirt (it rid up so much in this picture!) that my cousin, Maggie, gave me and a long sleeve, denim, shirt I found in my grandpa's closet. I then wore yet another headband that I made out of fake leaves and beads.

I ended up wearing black leggings, a black tank top, and a very Hawaiian looking shirt that my mom's co worker's mom used to wear when she was a teenager. I looked really horrible in every picture I took but I wore a yellow flower crown in my hair.
I wore a black tank top and leggings (wow what a surprise) with a mustard colored skirt I got from Urban Outfitters along with a flannel I also got from my grandfather. Please excuse my terrible facial expression, but I took a chunk of my front hair and braided it into the back.
I forgot to take a picture but I wore a circle skirt my cousin gave me, a white tank top, grey tights, and a really ugly cardigan with snow men on it that Viv left at my house (I wore it ironically).

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Extra: Holiday Gift Guide!

Last minute gift shopping? Here are some ideas for any type of person!
After collaging my walls, I had to put my work somewhere else so I went to compositional collaging in my collage book. You can find a blank notebook or sketch book at about any craft store. If you want to be extra thoughtful, pick up some magazines to get them started!
Cosmetic Loving
If you are looking for a cheap present for someone who loves makeup, go for the holiday packs of lip glosses such as EOS and lip smackers! OK OK Lipsmackers is a bit of a throwback to fifth grade but who can resist peppermint scented chap stick? A lot of holiday makeup packs come in really adorable packaging that is great for gifting! I found a wide variety of sets at Target though I am almost positive they sell sets like these at your local drug store.
Fashion Loving
Bangles are a great gift because this gives the person a chance to start a collection of them. I really love Alex and Ani because they have such a wide variety of styles for all sorts of fashion senses and personalities.
Music Loving
If this said person likes listening to music, I would seriously suggest an iTunes gift card if you are looking for a cheap and quick gift. This gives your loved one a chance to download all the new music that will be released in 2014! If you looking into being real generous (by generous I mean THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD), and this said person likes pop punk (and other genres), Warped Tour 2014 tickets (or any other concert tickets just that Warped is amazing) are a great idea for it gives the gift receiver something to look forward to. If your shopping for someone who enjoys making music, buying them a ukulele is a huge suggestion of mine. Learning ukulele is fairly simple and extremely fun. Also you can get one extremely cheap (it may not be very high quality). If you want to spend a little more and be awesome, I recommend shopping at The Ukulele Workshop they sell beautiful decorative ukes from dinosaurs to flowers. My favorite one is their pin up girl one (shown right). The ukuleles they use as bases are extremely high quality and sound great too!
Book Loving
If the person you are shopping for loves reading, I would recommend the Divergent series. The books are going to be released as a major motion picture soon and are absolutely amazing!
Bastiste Mini Dry Shampoo- Set Of Three
This is a simple gift for anyone who loves these hairsprays! Even if the gift receiver has never used this hair product, I use the full size kind and it is a life saver for a bad hair day! I found these at Urban Outfitters.
Disposable Camera
I got my friend, John, one for secret Santa and he absolutely loves it! These kind of cameras are just fun to use and give off a sort of 2005 feel (if you are into that).
I constantly tell my friends that socks are the best presents because to be honest, they really are. I mean not only do they keep your feet warm, but they come in all different kinds!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Diary: I like

The three of us are sitting in the corner of my bedroom. Our only light source are the multi colored fairy lights hanging off one of my walls and the glow of my laptop as I squint to read chords as Frannie and Emma pull it away from me to see lyrics. My ukulele is on my lap and I'm strumming quickly as my head bobs back and forth and my voice is mixing in with Emma and Frannie's. The three of us are singing Home or Little Talks or Vienna or some other song that was a compromise with our very diverse music tastes. I don't even exactly care what I'm belting out for I am lost in the moment. The fact that my singing is horrid and I have no idea what the hell the beat is doesn't seem to matter. We originally started out trying to assign parts of who sings when but it has gotten to the point in which we have decided to go with "sing when you feel the vibe". I constantly have to pause strumming for the ridiculously large homemade flower crown on my head is slipping off and Frannie laughs at how "chill" (as she says) we look with the headbands I made for all three of us. I like this moment. I like singing and I like my bedroom and I like the ukulele on my lap. Most of all, not only do I like Frannie and Emma, I love them.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Pulp Girls

OK OK as if I needed to get obsessed with another online shopping website, I have a serious love for The Pulp Girls. One of my favorite parts of this online store is that it is less than a shopping site and more of a community. This store is actually connected to one of my favorite online magazines The Pulp Zine! The Pulp Girls sells about everything from vests to crowns and everything is extremely unique and well designed. Another rad feature about the website is that though most of the clothing and accessories they sell look very vintage, some of the stuff actually is one of a kind vintage! The prices they put on their clothing is also extremely reasonable for what they are selling and though some things are a little expensive seeming, it is mostly because the product is handmade. The clothing are the kind of pieces that you must get your hands on they are so adorable! Though the products are extremely rad, my favorite part are the models. THEY LOOK LIKE ACTUALLY PEOPLE! The girls wearing these outfits on the website are beautiful but look like a woman you'd run into at the supermarket. They aren't heavily made up and don't need to be for they let their natural beauty shine.
Some of my favorite things on the website:
The Pulp Crowns are adorable! I would probably wear this everywhere and just show off how perfect it is.

Not only is the color of this dress SO cute (I love mint and pink) but the shape of it has a really retro feel to it. Also, there is a big pink bow in the back! And how could you forget the awesome flower crown the model is wearing?

I really love this jacket for it looks pretty normal in the front but pure awesome in the back! It is hand bleached and illustrated so provides a personal feel to it and is a serious Pulp original.

Can we talk about how awesome the model looks? I mean that right there must be a bitch face (Tavi reference) if it isn't already! Though this romper is extremely summery, I absolutely love the fabric!

Queens of the night badges. It has Morticia Adams on it. Need I say more?

I seriously want to put these Spooky Doll stickers all over everything.
Ryan Gosling badges? Yes please.
I fell in love with this bubblegum frill dress.

Not only is this picture just perfect, but that crop top could go with SO much and is super cute!