Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Diary: Picture Day And Other Things That Are Absolutely Pointless

I don't understand why we still have picture day here at school. In this day and age, don't we already take enough selfies that picture day is obsolete? Why must schools have a day in which everyone gets all dressed up to have some shitty photograph where they're either A) blinking or B) Over smiling? On about the second day of school, our principal gave us a long lecture on how much eighth grade picture day means. One of his main points was that we are the main focus of the yearbook. Our pictures are the largest therefor we should prep for this legendary picture. If I could say the least, his point was complete bullshit. This post is partially bullshit too. I mean I am going on a rant about picture day...
Anyways, I decided why the hell not take the fact that Friday, Sepetember 27 was picture day. I mean I dress rather nice every single day but I went with my Jagk tee just so I could look back and either A) cringe about how terrible my music taste was or B) high five myself because my music taste was amazing back in eighth grade. I believe the second one will end up happening. As the tired photographer snapped my picture for the pointless yearbook, I tried to conjure up the most angst filled face possible. Basically, I wanted to look exactly like this:
P.S Somehow Sinead of the online magazine, Creepy Gurl, thought that my poetry was actually good so if you want to see my piece, here is the link: My Last Memory

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