Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photographic Fantasy

I just love the look of this photograph. The room she is in is so plain except for a small collection of framed pictures. Not only is the setting simple, so is the model. She isn't wearing fancy makeup or a special outfit. She's not even wearing a shirt. I just find it to be so mysterious and somewhat heart braking if you look closely on the girl's expression.

This one is a bit more interesting setting wise yet I find the facial expression of the model to be the most attracting. She seems in such deep thought. I have assumed she is reminiscing on past mistakes. The entire picture is so serene ad almost calming that I can't help but love it.
Hands down, this is my new favorite photograph of all time. I can't exactly pinpoint why but it just is. One reason why I took such a liking towards it is for I have always wanted to be in a band or maybe it is just because that pink electric guitar is rad.
I like the story of this one. The facial expression is hidden therefor, the viewer isn't able to assume the feelings this model has about these photographs. I find love it.
All pictures taken from Weheartit

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