Monday, September 16, 2013


On the first day of school, I wore a baggy Bring Me The Horizon top that I got on sale at Hot Topic. For bottoms, I wore a long Forever21 skirt that has a slit on the side. 
I wore a knee length black skirt that I got when I was in a play in fifth grade, a black tank top, and a floral corset I got from my favorite consignment store. 
I am so sorry I didn't get a picture of this outfit! I wore a Beatle mania shirt with the same skirt I wore on Wednesday. I went to Yom Kippur services and wore a white Lacoste v neck and a knee length Urban Outfitters skirt. I took a shower so I kept my hair natural.  Sunday
I wore a grey skirt that I got from a hospital charity shop and a shirt that says J-Crew on the tag though I got thrift. I then put a flower head band in my hair just to add a bit
more to the rather solid outfit.
P.S. I am really sorry if this week's posts aren't the best for lack of enthusiasm. I really am just not feeling well emotionally right now and though I am almost sure that the feelings I am having at the moment are nothing serious, I just really haven't been myself lately and will tell you guys if anything really bad is going on. Thanks guys.

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