Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dream Girl: Ramona Flowers

Being the antisocial and rather lazy and unproductive person I am, you can imagine the amount of movies I have been watching over the couple weeks that I have been home. One of the many films that I have watched over and over again for the simple reason that it never gets old has been "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" aside from Michael Cera being perfection and the entire movie being completely ridiculous in every way possible, a little piece of utter perfection is the female love interest, Ramona Flowers. Not only is Ramona the most angst filled person, she has probably the coolest fashion sense and style I have ever seen on a movie character.
Ramona's signature thing has to be her hair. In the entire film, she changed her hair color from pink to blue to teal to green. Her explanation for the quick and impulsive color changes is "I change my hair color every week". Instead of asking how the hell she can afford to have her hair so professionally dyed every seven days, the audience kind of falls in love with her weird and impulsive traits.
Though most people I know at least are not able to copy or even pull off, Ramona's unique tresses, makeup and clothing is fairly easy for this interesting character. Ramona is not caught for most of the movie without a rather rugged yet lovable jacket (probably for the reason they are in in Canada). To mimic this rather tomboy and casual look, just take an old jacket of yours. I grabbed a wore out jean jacket that I haven't worn in months and decorated the entire piece with random patches and pins. I even sewed random buttons in weird places just to add onto the weird charm.
Makeup was even easier. Ramona Flower's eyes are simply lined and don't seem to have all that much to them. I did curl my lashes and added mascara to them just to make them a bit more interesting. Ramona's lips are the real attraction. She is usually wearing a red or bright lip tone that grabs attraction to her face.
Lastly, the hair. Though most people aren't able to pull off the brightly colored locks, Ramona's hair style is rather easy to copy. Though her hair is cut in the back, this style can work for all hair lengths. Just take your hair and leave two small chunks in the front as you put it up in a bun.
"I'm In Lesbians With You"
p.s Is anyone else as excited about Hopeless Records signing The Kick Drums? Aside from me being somewhat disappointed it wasn't Late Nite Reading or Seven Minutes In Heaven, The Kick Drums are pretty rad.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Emma Blackery: Distance

Here is yet another great bunch of songs by singer and youtuber, Emma Blackery. Only this time, she hasn't just released a single song on her YouTube channel, Emma has come out with a four song EP! The same day the EP was released, Emma had also come out with her music video to the first track, Go The Distance in which she was featured showing off an oh so adorable relationship with a boy who she had just met and already felt adorably close to him. I truly recommend watching the video and guarantee you will "aw" at least once.
The actual EP itself is absolutely amazing. Emma has a way of mastering the whole pop genre while still being able to classify herself as a rock artist. Each and every song was completely original and different from any other artist I have ever heard. I really love how much fun she can be with her songs such as "Lies" and "Go The Distance" yet at the same time, her music is very emotional in "Fear The Future" and her gorgeous hit "The Promise". It was really amazing to hear a song that she sang with only a guitar and her own voice in her bedroom turn into a professionally recorded track. Just that last refrain ended so well with multiple instruments and Emma's voice just shining. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Emma Blackery has one of the best voices I have ever heard. You can definitely match Emma's speaking voice to her singing voice and she just sounds so genuine. Her sound is truly so real. Everything she creates sounds exactly like her and Emma doesn't try and pretend to be a person she isn't in her music. The lyrics are extremely original and sung extremely well. Emma Blackery has seriously out done every single expectation I had of her album and I absolutely look forward to her later music and videos.
Great person, great songs, great album.
Emma's Go The Distance music video

Outfits!- Week 2

Here we are again and we're a whole week older! With this being Summer and me being the most antisocial person on Earth, most days were spent in my pajamas doing nothing.
I went for a whole tourist look with my loose fitting green shirt (thrift shop) and my two year old Forever 21 shorts (I will retire them next year). For my face, I went for a whole Marina and the Diamonds look with a small heart drawn in eyeliner right by my temple. Though I did not go out in public or even outside with this outfit on, I just thought it was cute enough to share.
On Thursday, I went very slouchy and sporty for my family and I went to get kittens! I wore my Forever 21 shorts yet again (don't judge me) and a hand me down Yankees sweater that I rolled the sleeves up on.
Abercrombie and Bitch
This one is yet another one that I did not wear in public. Back in May, I went to this god awful consignment store with an old friend. I took aying around with makeup that day and trying to make myself look a little like Carrie Hope Fletcher. advantage of all the five dollar Abercrombie and Fitch shirts and actually got one just so I good take a green sharpie and write a little something else on it.
OK I may or may not have worn the exact pair of shorts... I then paired it up with a black shirt that my Aunt designed and a pair of black wedge heels. For my makeup I just wore my regular brown eyeliner, gold eyeshadow, and Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara. As for hair, I didn't feel like working with it so I just ended up pushing it all back with a purple floral headband I stole from my
sister. I think this day, I truly became the younger look alike of Carrie Hope Fletcher.
Sunday was a trip to Bestbuy to get one of my new babies, my iPhone named Petra (Petra Collins). I went with a button down tie up shirt that I had gotten at a thrift store and a pair of khaki shorts that are also thrift. I then just simply pushed my hair back with a braided headband. Makeup was pretty simple. About the same as yesterday and the day before and probably every single day before that. Though I did curl my lashes so whatever.

p.s I added a cat selfless for your enjoyment with the new kittens.
Me and Stella
Me and Dipper

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Diary: Never Have I Felt More Like Tavi

Dear Blob,
Tavi Gevinson
Remember last week when I was frantically looking for writers yet scared to death about "taking my blog to pre-school"? I guess this is the next step. Now How Fitting isn't a blog by Ann Louise. It is a blog created by her. There is a difference. It is seriously the scariest thing ever to realize that your baby isn't really your baby anymore. Emma started Thursday and let me tell you, she did an amazing job but I just had to sit there from the sidelines of my blog and watch her post on the front of the blog. Pride for How Fitting burst inside of me yet I was scared of the future. At that moment right there and then, I have never felt more like my role model, Tavi Gevinson. This girl who was about my age began with a small blog and then just kind of slowly bloomed to the top and expanded into the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life, Rookie. Obviously, Tavi doesn't make this giant website with three articles a day alone! OK OK How Fitting has three people writing (and one editing and running) and Rookie has around sixty but you can understand my point. My biggest Tavi moment this week would have had to be when Emma (our newest member) sent me a draft of her latest post with the subject "My Thingy For The Blog :D"  so I could edit and publish her piece onto How Fitting
Honorary Tavi

. Wait a second. Not only am I a writer but I am en editor. I truly am Tavi Gevinson. Well here we go. Emma's post was published (you can read it here ) and Fiona will be starting by tomorrow which I can't lie. I think I am more excited than her about this. In the end, every blog needs a Tavi Gevinson and I guess that I can at least try and be as fabulous as she is. 
Life Scouts
Since I am the lamest person in the entire world, I earned a single badge this week. 
When I was younger, I used to really be into taking pictures of
mostly stupid things but still pretty cool. God I am lame. 
Play List
This weeks playlist is mostly just made up of a combination of Sleeping With Sirens, Lights, and Pierce The Veil. I also added a single One Direction in honor of their insanely uncomfortable music video and put in "Garbage Truck" from Sex Bob-omg from my favorite movie, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" for I have seen it far too many times this week. 
Sunday Diary 26

Friday, July 26, 2013

They Tweeted Me: Conversing With Celebrities

Cherry Wallis
Though I have not had major celebrity encounters in real life, I have had a handful on the Internet on the handy website Twitter. Though I mostly use Twitter for my annoying tweets that one or two people look at and for blog updates, my account may or may not have been originally for the purpose of stalking One Direction (I made it in December). Now that I have moved on from that obsession, I will mention celebrities subtly. Maybe if I made a post about Alex Day, I will tag him in the update tweet. Little things like that. So, when I tagged Emma Blackery and Cherry Wallis in my update tweet about my Lazy Little Me, article you can imagine my excitement when Cherry not only told me that she loved it and it made her happy, but she retweeted the post (giving me TONS of reads!). I tried to be cool. I mean I was completely starstruck! So I told Cherry Wallis (eep!) that it really meant a lot to me and as if she hadn't interacted enough with me, she wrote right back saying she liked my writing and what I said about Lazy Little Me was extremely nice. Right there when a girl you look up to so much tells you those words your heart kind of stops and you have to stare at the screen a bit re-reading the entire message.
After experiencing a full put conversation with a girl I absolutely love, a question went through my head that I am not sure I can answer for myself. What do words of people we look up to do to us? Can they impact us more than your friend or your parents telling you that? I have come to the conclusion for myself that the answer is in fact, yes. Don't get me wrong, when I am told that I am pretty by my friend then I really do love it but (back during my One Direction phase) when Danielle Peazer told me that I was her look alike and that I was beautiful, your heart kind of stops. Fangirling thoughts take over your head most of them go a little something like this "OH MY GOD. SHE KNOWS I EXIST! SHE MUST BE MY BEST FRIEND!" yes, the all caps is necessary. That complement mixed with the shock of being recognized creates this sensation of pure joy and craze.
Later that night, I write Cherry a tweet telling her how much it meant to me for her to retweet my blog post and how many views I got. I wasn't expecting anything back from her when my Twitter notifications beeped telling me that Cherry had told me "you're welcome." she even put a smiley face emotion in there. How thoughtful.
I guess celebrities give us a different rush and feeling that just brings a different impact than any other person.
Read Me!
Hey guys! Remember last week when I began talking about getting more writers for How Fitting? Well I am extremely excited to tell you about our two newest members: Fiona and Emma! You guys may of heard of Fiona as my Twitter Twin and one of my closest online buddies. She will be writing on Mondays about films which I have never done here so yay change is fun. We also have one of my best friends (not online) Emma! Emma will be writing makeup and accessory related posts every Thursday. From what we have talked about, I am guessing most of her weekly posts will be more tutorial format even though sometimes, I am guessing some of them will be in the regular blog format. Yay surprises are fun. OK let us just say everything is fun. You may also have noticed our brand new writers page where you can learn a bit more about the lovely people who make this entire blob work which if you haven't seen, you can find at the top of the page or click the link right here

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Future of Beauty Blogging: Lazy Little Me

Clearly, I am rather far from the beauty blogging world. I have self classified my writing as a fashion
Cherry (left) and Emma (Right)
Emma Blackery
and music blogger. As this blog expands into the world of makeup (I have touched a bit on that) and accessories (find out on Friday), I am constantly trying to find some sort of role model for this all new world to me. Most beauty bloggers I have found are just plain gorgeous people and don't exactly need makeup or prepping. These people such as Michelle Phan and Zoella are a little far from ordinary people that we see at school on the streets (nothing against them!). Then came Lazy Little Me. This blog and youtube channel described as "the brainchild of youtube vloggers, Emma Blackery and Cherry Wallis". I am not saying in any way that Emma and Cherry aren't gorgeous girls. They really are. The thing is, they aren't so high fashion and out of your reach kind of people that it is almost unrealistic to even try to look like. This pair of girls are just so relatable and down to Earth that teenage girls sitting in their bedrooms can imagine looking like and wanting to look like. Cherry and Emma are not highly made up people and don't seem to put their selves above anyone else. Just look at the name! In one of Emma's latest videos, she jokes about how her highly dyed hair would look better on the barber's floor and how terribly damaged her locks are. A lot of people (including me) giggle at her self deprivation jokes. We all have our small flaws and not only Emma but Cherry talk about how to work around them and help them. For the rest of the video, Emma gives examples of different products that people with very damaged hair from hair dye can buy. Most of the products and makeup these two girls aren't ridiculously expensive and is something that many teens are able to get their hands on. In a video made by Cherry, she shows off the makeup she wears on a regular basis. It takes a reasonable time to create her look and doesn't give much difficulty. None of the stuff she applies is too crazy but still has a very 
Cherry Wallis
unique look to it.
Both Emma and Cherry are extremely unique and rather edgy looking girls. I mean Cherry has the same color hair as the fruit she is named and Emma has had about every color you could ever think of in her hair! At the moment, she is matching her best friend with flaming red locks that look so rad on her. Cherry and Emma both have have an extremely unique view on beauty that I have not seen in any other beauty blog or youtube channel. The other great part is that there are two people working on Lazy Little Me meaning two different points of view!
Lastly, after every youtube video each of the girls make, they always make a blog post to follow up on the video. So for those who prefer watching videos and those who like to read better can both get their ways (I watch and read). Cherry Wallis and Emma Blackery are just getting started and are already absolutely amazing.
Lazy Little Me- Real, Honest, beauty blogging
Lazy Little Me
Lazy Little Me Youtube Channel
Emma's Youtube Channel
Cherry's Youtube Channel

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I know I have said that I cannot stand pop and how it is my least favorite genre and stuff but I think I have found the ultimate exception. Her name: LIGHTS. Think techno mixed with pop but her newest music such as Siberia has become less Top 40 pop that I can not stand but more alternative and rather
You can tell the singer's evolution throughout her four albums and single E.P. In her first self titled album, her voice resembles the singer Ellie Goulding with her mystical and magical tone but as we elevate into "The Lights E.P", we see her music become more and more different and she takes on her own, unique style. You can tell in the intro of the first track "Ice" she still has that mystical vibe to her music but as we hot the chorus line you can tell she has changed. As we then reach up to her album "The Listening" she shows off her voice even more and pushes her vocal range harder. There are more and more belts and high notes that she performs beautifully. Her songs have a bit more of a personal feel to them that people can connect to such as her song "Face Up". The entire track is soulful and you can tell that each lyric was carefully thought out. Now we reach my favorite album, "Siberia" her music has become much more edgy and even has a twinge of techno in it. Songs like "Cactus In the Valley" and "Heavy Rope" stand out by being gorgeous ballads and provides quite a bit of diversity between beats, pace, and tempo. In 2013, Lights released an acoustic album which I must say is one of her best works. her voice is so beautiful and delicate with a soft guitar playing behind it.
Just that voice too. With Lights being Canadian she has this wonderful and just plain interesting accent that stands out between any other pop singer's voice. I highly suggest any of her albums and songs. She is so unique and perfect in every single way.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Outfits- Week 1

So as I said about trying to add new things to How Fitting, I have come up with a yet  fashioned based day! So as if you all actually cared, I have decided to start taking pictures of the outfits I have worn throughout the week. As you may be able to see, this week I have only four outfits that are actually not pajamas for the reason that this week has been a serious mush couple of days.
The only thing I actually did on Tuesday was go to the Apple Store to get the reason why I have been in my pajamas every other day. I stole Vivi's Molly Ringwald shirt and put on a pair of jean shorts.
I really cleaned myself up after having spent two days in the same over sized tee shirt and pajama shorts. I put one yet another stolen lace shirt from Vivi, a Forever 21 light pink camisole, and a two year old pair of Forever 21 pair of floral shorts.  I then put an insane amount of product in my hair and my pair of prescription tortoise shell glasses. I felt a little self conscious for even though I need these for reading, I am not fond of wearing them for these glasses bring back some God awful memories of sixth grade.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I spent up until three p.m in my pajamas when my sister walked in and told me I had ten minutes to change before we had to leave. Hence this rather plain outfit.  I am believe these khaki colored shorts come from American Eagle for it says on the tag though I got them at a thrift store. The purple tank I am wearing is Old Navy and the cardigan is actually something my aunt designed. I am absolutely in love with it for it goes with about everything.


Yet another rather simple outfit. The striped shorts I am wearing are from Forever 21 but were originally pink and white. I had gotten a stain on them so my mom and I dyed them a rather brownish so cover it I like it quite a bit. My white tank top is from H&M. For makeup, I wore a whole ton of my favorite eyeshadow "24 Hour Color Tattoo" in gold and put my hair in a side braid.

I Hope you guys like this new feature of How Fitting! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunday Diary: Taking Your Blog To Preschool

Dear Blurg,
Ruby Book
Remember when you went to preschool and you were in the care of other people besides your parents? That was kind of how I felt this week. With putting out an offer for other interested writers to join me at How Fitting (Please email me!), I was realizing how exciting yet just plain scary that is. This very blog wouldn't be mine any longer and that is just so weird to think. I am not saying I am regretting putting this week's Friday Extra out. I am super happy about my decision and I wish more people would email me but it is just strange to see my blog "growing up". 
I have had a couple amazing comments and people noticing this very blog. Some of these Twitter responses include: Bridie McDonnell, Bethan Mary Leadley, Sinead (from Peppermint Whiskers), and my favorite so far being, Ruby Book. Yeah Ruby Book my favorite writer for Rookie ever. Read my blog and said she actually went through it and said she really liked it. That was probably one of the best moments of having this blog. Just imagine that person  who not only do you look up to so much not only as a blogger but a person but works at the job of your dreams, telling you she actually liked something you have been working on for so long. It is insane. 
Another "preschool" moment of this blog is whenever I just get a pass by in the hallway from people I have never talked to at my school telling me they actually enjoyed what I have written. For an example, last night when I was checking the How Fitting inbox (for the fourth time guys, please write!), I found about the sweetest email I have gotten so far from a girl at school who I had only one class with and never talked to her (shyness took over for none of my friends were in the class and I just kind of remained silent) saying that she really liked this thing I have been doing for months. Of course I wrote back not one but TWO overly excited emails giving her the link to Rookie and expressing how freaking happy I was. Even though my baby is in preschool, I will never be one of those people who can nonchalantly take compliments. 
Life Scouts
This month of Life Scouts is the last month of 2013! Alex Day has decided on releasing the last 100 badges and kind of making it kind of like nanorimo (without the 50,000 words) and making a mad dash for everyone to get as many badges possible. I went back into some later months and got a couple more leaving my amount badges to sixty! 
Play Guitar
Back at camp, we had to join these "clubs" during the day on different skills. I instantly chose music hoping that it would be just kind of like a chill session of everyone listening to Ipods and sleeping. I was So wrong. We were all began to learn new instruments. I finally got my friend Austin to teach me guitar on a five stringed old beaten up guitar that I had found in one of the closets at camp. Badass guitarist right here. 
Rubix Cube
So I have not ever solved a rubix cube but with the help of my friend, Michael at camp, he kind of sorta taught me somehwat how to solve one of these.
Win A Trophy
I in fact have two trophies. One from playing tee-ball (my best friend Vivi convinced me) in first grade and one from ballet. 
PLay Ukelele
Third camp story! One time when there was nothing else to do, my friend at camp taught me how to play the ukelele and I ended up learning "I'm Your's". Next goal:"This Is Me" by Charlie McDonnell.

In Other News
I guess its time to introduce you to my babe. A.K.A my macbook that I got on Tuesday. So far, she has been decorated in stickers from the Rookie Yearbook 1 and been named "Tavi" after you know who... 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Which Ann Makes Excuses

Yeah Yeah I know this must sound like a giant excuse but I have a lot going on right now. No seriously. Ok OK maybe not A LOT but yeah I have some things going on now at the  time and that's why before I move on with this month I guess you need an explanation. I mean how big of an ass would I be if I didn't even give anyone an explanation about what the hell has been going on in The World Of Ann. So maybe consider this being a "scrapbook post" or if you just want to be mean an "Ann Can't Make Up Her Mind" post.
LifeScouts has been a huge deal to me over the past three days that I am home for the reason that Alex is releasing a free for all with the last 100 badges of the year! Due to camp, In also never got to finish Carnival Month.
Crane Badge
This badge implies that I actually did once win a crane game. At my friend's Funplex birthday party, I did actually win a Teddy Bear. On a play until you win game.... I think that took all the pride away from it.
I was actually a ballerina back when I was about five or six. One of the best Ann ballerina moments was the time that at a recital, I ran to the right when everyone else went to the left and I just kind of stood there over at the wing.
Camp Nanorimo
Once I got back from actual camp I was fifteen full days behind all my other cabin mates in Camp Nanorimo. At first I was questioning whether or not it was a good idea to participate but with some encouragement from my other cabin mates, I am almost 5,000 words in and feeling pretty proud of myself. I did lower my word goal down from 50,00 to 30,00 but I'm pretty confident that with my new 30,00 goal I can make it in the next sixteen days I have left.