Monday, September 30, 2013


The weather wasn't all that awful so I went with a skirt that goes a little above my ankles that I got from my favorite thrift store. I then put on a muscle shirt I got from Brandy Melville in New York City. Though Brandy Melville isn't my favorite store, I really like this shirt because of how grunge it looks. For the reason that I take this pictures on Photo Booth, the letters are backwards but it says "Radical".
Outside, it was pretty chilly so I became rather cozy in a striped sweater I got thrift and black leggings from Marshalls. Though such a simple outfit is rather rare for me to wear, I really just felt comfortable and warm in it. I even pulled an old pair of fake Uggs (I really actually hate how Uggs look but they're cozy).
I just felt in a serious leggings mood yet again so I went with floral bottoms that I got from a store in New York City called Strawberry. On top, I wore a sheer top that my aunt designed and put on a necklace that I made a couple Summers ago.
The weather got a little warmer for me to wear one of my favorite black skirts ever that I got from a play and a Paramore shirt (can't wait to see them in November!) I got from Hot Topic. Since it was a little chilly and I walk to school, I wore a pair of black tights I believe I got at Macy's.


Though I normally don't care for picture day, I decided why the hell not look wear an outfit that could sum up what eighth grade is. I put on a shirt that I got thrift and a long black skirt I got on sale at Forever21. In my hair, I wore a bright pink flower crown that I got at Forever21

I went to my camp friend, Lily's bat mitzvah so to the service, I wore a long, black, skirt I got from a hospital charity shop and a sheer black top that my aunt designed. I then put on a silver chain like necklace. To the party (which was at night) I wore a high low dress that my friend Danielle gave me. It really isn't something I normally wear but I don't own all that many party dresses.

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