Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Machines Preview

On Monday, The New York Times gave a preview of my favorite singer, Lights', latest album Little Machines on their "Press Play" feature (which by the way, is really cool). The first look included eleven songs off the upcoming compilation and my god I am so grateful I could listen to them early since they're all insane and will be listening to them on repeat for the next few days (screw waiting a week).
   The first song that I hadn't head off the preview was one of my favorites, "Running With The Boys". It's super upbeat and fun which I love about Lights and has a super catchy chorus that is so well written. Her voice is belt-y and gorgeous at the refrain and she sounds like herself while adding some "ah ah ah"s at the end- something she rarely ever does. Another one I loved was "Same Sea". Something I've noticed about this album is how killer the percussion is in every song. They all have clear drum lines that really bring them to life and "Same Sea" was no exception. I also am digging the amount of synth used in the interludes within Little Machines since it brings a little more pop into the mix. Onto the next song on the preview, "Speeding", I began to notice how fun and upbeat this album is- unlike her last album, Sibera, she is making her music much happier which really connects to her place in life right now. "Muscle Memory" comes next and though I'm not as into this track as the others, I think the chorus is super well written (A+ for parallel language Valerie). The piano in this one was also stellar. "Oil and Water" was the next track on the preview and I have so say it was one of my favorites. The chorus is extremely dreamy and she is constantly using riffs in her voice that could make anyone jealous. Also, as I said before, the drums in it are awesome. After that came "Slow Down", a loud song with a bunch of synth in it that was super well done- you've got to admire Lights for using just the right amount of synthetic sounds. Lights' voice can get so loud to the point where it sounds like she's shouting and she really showcased it in this song. "Meteorites" came afterwards and I really diid catch how cool the piano in this track is- as I said previously about her loud voice, this one was awesome for it and she sounded completely badass on it. This is less of a dance-y song yet is still fun and cool to sway to. I really got into the second to last track on the preview, "How We Do It", since it was super catchy and her voice sounded completely enchanting and almost trance like. You can basically see her dancing to it- the quotes in this one were also A+++. Last but not least, "Don't Go Home Without Me" came on and I really admired the slowness of this one since the rest were so upbeat. Her vocals are super breathy and almost choked (in a good way) as she sings the sad lyrics along with a steady drum beat.
   All in all, the preview of Little Machines was insane. Shout out to the New York Times.
Side note: can we also appreciate the photos for this new album because she looks like a goddess.

Monday, September 15, 2014

From The Ritz To The Rubble

♥Top: Vivi
♥Skirt: H&M (I literally wear the same skirt every single day since I haven't gone school shopping yet- I know I'm icky)
♥Choker: DIY

*I didn't take any photos on Tuesday since I was feeling sad and not rad and really could't take a picture
♥Sweater: Buffalo Exchange
♥Jeans: Hot Topic

 ♥Blink 182 tee: Hot Topic (DIY cutting it into a tank)
♥Skirt: H&M
♥Socks: Hot Topic
♥Choker: DIY
♥Boots: thrift

 ♥Pink Floyd tee: thrift
 ♥Shorts: H&M
 ♥Socks: Hot Topic
 ♥Choker: DIY

 ♥Top: H&M
 ♥Skirt: thrift 
 ♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bribry, Lights, and Sir Sly New Releases

    As the new season starts, that means all the more new music coming out! Though loads of artists are dropping singles, albums, and EPs in the next couple weeks, I'm only here to discuss some of my top bands and singers and the previews they've given on their latest releases.
   As most of you know, canadian singer/songwriter, Lights, is one of my favorites ever and I'm beyond excited for her latest album, Little Machines, to drop on September 23. So far, she has put out two singes, "Up We Go"and "Portal". Starting with this first one mentioned, I would just like to say Lights is a genius for giving her fans a preview of her latest album through that song. "Up We Go" is a super upbeat and fun tune that gets stuck in your head so easily. I'm not kidding, I had the thing on repeat for days! Releasing the slow ballad, "Portal", afterwards was also a smart move just to show how versatile she can be and my god is it gorgeous. I'd be excited regardless of how good the first two singles are since Lights is my favorite female singer but these two songs are perfection and I'm counting the days until Little Machines come out.
    Since seeing them open up for The 1975 at Terminal 5 last year, I've been obsessed with Sir Sly and was over the moon when they dropped the first single to their new album, You Haunt Me, (the single is also titled that). Unlike the other two artists who I talk about in this post, I believe this album is a much bigger deal since it's Sir Sly's very first! The Los Anglos based band has only released a four track EP and two singles (not to mention the "Marvin's Room" and "Afterlife"  covers) so in all, they haven't released much music. Just like "Up We Go", "You Haunt Me" was a very over played song in my Spotify library- I think the reason I'm so obsessed with it is because how chill it is. The entire song is very calm and minimalistic and just plain awesome. Their very first album will hit iTunes on September 16 and I could't be more excited.
   My favorite male singer in the entire world, Bribry, was just signed to a record label and I am extremely proud of him since he has been producing his own music for so long and this is a major step in his career. With the news of the signing, he also gave his YouTube subscribers a preview of his new single! Though it was only about thirty seconds of the song, from what I heard it sounds amazing. I love how he uses about every part of his voice in this one and the production is very different from what he's been doing for the past couple years. Bribry has also announced a tour and though he's only put up the pre-sale tickets to Glasgow, I have my fingers crossed for a New York City date because that would be the best thing ever and I'd no doubt sob a lot since he is like my all time favorite musician and wow I'm tearing up just at the thought of it.

   Anyways, expect long, full out, posts for each of these once they actually get released and I listen to them. You've been you, I've been extremely excited.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Wanderlust Will Carry Us On

(my first day of school!)
♥Sweater: Nordstrom BP 
♥Skirt: H&M
♥Choker: DIY
♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One

♥Dress: Forever21

longer outfits posts will be coming out since I'm actually going to school everyday! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back To School Lookbook

With school just around the corner (mine starts tomorrow!!!!!) I made up a lookbook of a couple of my favorite outfits and to have you guys basically get the gist of what my style for this upcoming year will be.
Outfit One
This year, I've decided I wanted to dress a little more gothic but when I found this plaid dress at Forever21, I could't resist. I also have quite a thing for peter pan collars so this is awesome. 
-What I'm wearing:
♥Forever21 Dress
♥Doc Martens

"Doo-Wah-Doo" was playing- how could you not?

I dance about the same way I did when I'm five.

Outfit Two
This is one of my comfortable outfits that still makes me look put together while not wearing a dress or skirt. I've become a huge fan of knit sweaters and I love how simple this Forever21 one is. The pearls give everything more of a formal look and add a pop to the simple top.
♥Hot Topic skinny jeans
♥Forever21 block sweater
♥Forever21 pearls
♥Buffalo Exchange boots

Outfit Three
This is one of my most typical outfits. I have had quite the thing for long, black, flowy skirts for awhile and last year I bought this awesome one from a thrift shop. Since I believe the look is too much if I wear a tight top under this (I'm really not crazy about elastic waistbands showing), I like draping a big sweater on over it.
♥Buffalo Exchange sweater
♥Thrift skirt
some shots of me in my rightful place

Outfit Four
This is my main go to for a causal outfit. Since I love band shirts and flannels (hold your lesbian jokes, I already drive everyone crazy making them myself), I like put them together under a pair of skinny jeans. 
♥Flannel: my uncle
♥Let Live Martyrdom Of Sex and Fame tee: Hot Topic
♥Jeans: Hot Topic

Outfit Five
I plan on wearing a whole lot of sweaters this year since I'm in love with draping and folding them over skirts. When I saw this shirt at a consignment shop, it automatically reminded me of my 5th-6th grade Sanrio obsession so I just had to go for it. 
Can I be one of those unattractive but in a cute way bloggers? Like is that even a thing? Can being really gross be my trademark???