Sunday, September 4, 2016

She's Been Gone Since That Summer

As the Summer has been winding down, so has the times I've actually left the house (procrastinated summer assignments are slowly killing me). Enjoy me celebrating and documenting the last hoorahs of the summer before my junior year (whoa that's wild).
roller disco!!
Pier One rink in Brooklyn with my sister- I was just getting good when I fell (I felt it for the next 2 weeks. fun.)
Me looking actually presentable in SoHo after a good three hours of skating. 
Me and Fee!! The true love of my life came back to the city after over a year- a lot of gossip and coffee at The Bean was shared. It's incredible to think the two of us have been friends for nearly four years and how weird and wonderful it has been to see the two of us grow up and into ourselves. 
Ethan The Boyfriend in Dizzy's after returning from Amsterdam. Beautiful as always, complete with a beard. 
very very horrible photo of brooklyn's hottest couple. 
kind of hilariously horrible photo of me caught in the rain after seeing a movie. Photo and jacket credit to ethantheboyfriend. 
After being separated for far too long, I was reunited with my best friends ever, Ben and Anh. Here is a picture of me and Ben basically creating Cole Sprouse's greatest work. 

Ben in Washington Sq Park looking beautiful as always. 

Actual angel in my life, Anh, reacting to a keychain from Ben that reads "Bahama Mama"

Anh being a pixie in the digital age. 

RIP Summer 2016. 
*title from the only good song ever, "Summer Girls", by LFO. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Putting Yourself First (and why it's important)

    I'm always worried about other people's feelings and that's great. What's not so great is when I get more in tune with them than myself. And I tend to end up going through pain and harm so I can remain on good terms with these people and save everyone's feelings. But that doesn't always work. I think I'm in a situation currently and have indulged relationships with people who don't really have my best interest at heart and know how much of a push over I can be. Or just assume that since I let something slide or apologized for a fight that I'm not actually sorry for, anything goes. And that's kind of true. Because when I look at the grand scheme of things, my feelings are first. I mean they are mine. Yet when I'm in situations with others, I get scared of rejection and hatred that I let everyone else win. Except I lose. And that hurts. And I'm not sorry for most of the fights and arguments I say I'm sorry for, instead I just resent these people more and more until it builds up inside of me and creates horrible manifestations of agitation and frustration with them and myself. And that's not ok. And it's not fair for anyone.
   Putting yourself first is SO SO important. I cannot stress that enough. Your feelings are yours and sometimes, you hurt. And sometimes, other people's feelings can't be top priority. Along with this is how counterproductive it is to not express your own feelings when in an argument or talking a situation out. Though it will pause the fight in the moment, resentment is almost inevitable at building up and will ultimately break at some point, causing a much larger issue that could have been prevented.
   Self care is always essential and checking in on your own feelings is too. Though certain events may cause for an evaluation at the other's ideas and opinions, and certain things may have to happen that hurt your feelings, not taking care of yourself and letting yourself be hurt repeatedly, isn't the answer.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heartbeat In the Brain (picto-diary)

This weekend has been kind of surreal and wonderful and beautiful and so many other positive adjectives that still can't do these memories justice. Prepare for an array of rooftop views.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Shandy (Picto-Diary)

    Things have been pretty hectic and exciting and incredible lately. Since my last post, about a week ago, I have moved to the Upper East Side, began dating someone new and wonderful, and found a tv on the side of the road with my sister.
Me with my most prized possession. It only plays DVDs so I had to dig up some of my thrift shop finds from years ago, needless to say, the Naked Brothers Band Movie is much better on disc.
The NBB film is actually incredibly (and non ironically) good. There's just enough drama and hidden messages (ex: Alex's soda drinking addiction after the band splits) that watching it for the first time in awhile is an extremely enjoyable experience. 10/10 would recommend.
Just a pretty pic of the state of my room currently. (ft: a dog cup a person I went on 2 dates with gave me, my dead cactus, Sally, and an empty soda bottle filled with dollar store fake flowers).
HUGE perk of my place is how close to Central Park I've been (about a ten minute walk)- these townhouses by the park entrance are so dreamy.
Shot of my friend on one of the rocks in CP. Prior to a conversation of various restaurants we'd take bullets for (Yummy Taco and Amish Market were top of the list).
My two best friends in the whole wide world, Anh and Ben. We'd gone to the Whitney fifteen minutes before closing and just ended up looking at books and heading to Chelsea Market. I love these people so much honestly. Wow.
David Bowie memorial outside the American Apparel (ew) in SoHo. Ground control to Major Tom.

Leslie Lohman LGBT Art Gallery. I hadn't been since December (??) and went to their stunning gallery opening on Friday. Such beautiful pieces on gender and identity this month.
Me and a couple buds completely beat at Monk Vintage in Williamsburg. Long day running around and I felt as though I could just melt into that couch.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My (Latest) Cosmetic Crushes

   With the summer (pretty much) in full swing, I've taken to switching up the products I've been using all year and though I've definitely had some misses, here's a couple of the gems I've come across.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Revised Everyday Makeup

It's been about two years since I talked about the makeup I wear on an everyday basis so 2014 video making Ann is back from the dead to talk about the wonders of what takes me forever to do in the morning!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Importance of Bill Cunningham

    I was introduced to the works of Bill Cunningham at age fourteen after telling one of my professors at FIT I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I remember sitting in my menswear design classroom just watching his work for a solid hour and a half- we probably went through about fifty of those minute long videos. Never have I seen a piece of fashion journalism that is so fun, friendly, and influential to watch. Since discovering Cunningham, I have been heavily influenced by his style of documentation.
  Though Bill Cunningham did not create "man on the street" he definitely revolutionized it. His genuine, light hearted, and approachable personality attracted not only those in the fashion community and brought a fun twist to the rather "uppity" styles of those around him. Cunningham was in constant amazement of the pieces and trends he saw and put the trope of jaded journalist to shame. Not only did he appear wide eyed and excited towards all the people he photographed, he gave everything and everyone a chance. There was no "brand" with Cunningham's work and that's what personal style is all about. 
   With the loss of such a unique and brilliant photographer and journalist, I question where personal style columns (especially the NY Times) will go. No one will ever be able to replace the bright and glowing personality of Bill Cunningham but I definitely hope to see future writers who take up the open minded and constantly growing outlook that Cunningham put into his "Man on the Street". 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


   Hi. I started this blog allllllll the way back in 2013 when wearing vests and skinny jeans were cool. Yeah. 2013 was kind of a weird year for everyone I guess and I'm sure anyone living presently in 2016 feels differently about themselves. I'm not really sure everyone has a thirteen year old version of themselves living on the Internet currently. Because I do. I say this with such seriousness that How Fitting is something I take such incredible pride in and kind of get more protective than I should over. I love this blog. I love to have somewhere that feels so much like "home" to write in. However, I have grown up. Not only has my style changed, but also my views, passions, and overall self for that matter. I'm a teenager, I'm supposed to do that.
   This year has been pretty rough for How Fitting. Every other post seems like an apology for not writing and I guess that's not an ideal to run. I've been writing though. I've been writing SO much for so many people, it's always been my "dream" to work for an online publication and now I work for three. And I LOVE that. I'm writing stuff that I'm in love with and I'm in love with writing. So why have I been doing none of it here? I soon realized it was due to pressure. I'm scared of the ever so personal audience How Fitting has recruited and all the people I don't want to look embarrassing in front of. I'm terrified of that.
   The idea of not having a blog though made me feel immensly empty in a way- I need a space for writing that's MINE so I took to finding it and in the process, created a Tumblr blog called Glitter Vulture that I'm really really excited about to be honest. When putting together GV, I began with the idea of abandoning How Fitting but that really hurt. I hated the idea of leaving behind this three year project I've fallen in love with over the years, it didn't seem right.
   So here's the deal: I'm not leaving HF and I'm not leaving GV either, I have so many ideas and style inspirations why not have TWO blogs?? To clear things up, GV is a more metropolitan take on my style, expect strictly beauty, lifestyle, and style posts (a little more serious than here). And for HF, I intend to stay the same. Keeping with more photos that I really love like me sitting in a backyard holding plastic flowers and feminist essays and various Harry Styles fangirling.
This is the last apology post I'm making. More coming soon (at least) once a week along with better content on both blogs.
Much love,

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

13 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Nordstrom BP Fashion Board

   When I was a freshman, I applied for Nordstrom's BP Fashion Board with a huge amount of anxiety and questions. After two years of particopating in the program (and being the youngest member both times), I think I've got this down?? Since I don't believe Nordstrom is the best at advertizing their own internship, here's a scattered list of things I wish I'd known before applying: