Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Importance of Bill Cunningham

    I was introduced to the works of Bill Cunningham at age fourteen after telling one of my professors at FIT I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I remember sitting in my menswear design classroom just watching his work for a solid hour and a half- we probably went through about fifty of those minute long videos. Never have I seen a piece of fashion journalism that is so fun, friendly, and influential to watch. Since discovering Cunningham, I have been heavily influenced by his style of documentation.
  Though Bill Cunningham did not create "man on the street" he definitely revolutionized it. His genuine, light hearted, and approachable personality attracted not only those in the fashion community and brought a fun twist to the rather "uppity" styles of those around him. Cunningham was in constant amazement of the pieces and trends he saw and put the trope of jaded journalist to shame. Not only did he appear wide eyed and excited towards all the people he photographed, he gave everything and everyone a chance. There was no "brand" with Cunningham's work and that's what personal style is all about. 
   With the loss of such a unique and brilliant photographer and journalist, I question where personal style columns (especially the NY Times) will go. No one will ever be able to replace the bright and glowing personality of Bill Cunningham but I definitely hope to see future writers who take up the open minded and constantly growing outlook that Cunningham put into his "Man on the Street". 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


   Hi. I started this blog allllllll the way back in 2013 when wearing vests and skinny jeans were cool. Yeah. 2013 was kind of a weird year for everyone I guess and I'm sure anyone living presently in 2016 feels differently about themselves. I'm not really sure everyone has a thirteen year old version of themselves living on the Internet currently. Because I do. I say this with such seriousness that How Fitting is something I take such incredible pride in and kind of get more protective than I should over. I love this blog. I love to have somewhere that feels so much like "home" to write in. However, I have grown up. Not only has my style changed, but also my views, passions, and overall self for that matter. I'm a teenager, I'm supposed to do that.
   This year has been pretty rough for How Fitting. Every other post seems like an apology for not writing and I guess that's not an ideal to run. I've been writing though. I've been writing SO much for so many people, it's always been my "dream" to work for an online publication and now I work for three. And I LOVE that. I'm writing stuff that I'm in love with and I'm in love with writing. So why have I been doing none of it here? I soon realized it was due to pressure. I'm scared of the ever so personal audience How Fitting has recruited and all the people I don't want to look embarrassing in front of. I'm terrified of that.
   The idea of not having a blog though made me feel immensly empty in a way- I need a space for writing that's MINE so I took to finding it and in the process, created a Tumblr blog called Glitter Vulture that I'm really really excited about to be honest. When putting together GV, I began with the idea of abandoning How Fitting but that really hurt. I hated the idea of leaving behind this three year project I've fallen in love with over the years, it didn't seem right.
   So here's the deal: I'm not leaving HF and I'm not leaving GV either, I have so many ideas and style inspirations why not have TWO blogs?? To clear things up, GV is a more metropolitan take on my style, expect strictly beauty, lifestyle, and style posts (a little more serious than here). And for HF, I intend to stay the same. Keeping with more photos that I really love like me sitting in a backyard holding plastic flowers and feminist essays and various Harry Styles fangirling.
This is the last apology post I'm making. More coming soon (at least) once a week along with better content on both blogs.
Much love,

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

13 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Nordstrom BP Fashion Board

   When I was a freshman, I applied for Nordstrom's BP Fashion Board with a huge amount of anxiety and questions. After two years of particopating in the program (and being the youngest member both times), I think I've got this down?? Since I don't believe Nordstrom is the best at advertizing their own internship, here's a scattered list of things I wish I'd known before applying:

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

sad fuzz

    LONG break. Longest one I've taken from here. Wow. Lots been happening, lots is in the works. I think I've been so busy with so many different publications the thought of focusing on my own was terrifying. It's still kinda terrifying. Anyways, while I was gone, this thing turned 3 years old and oh my that is so so weird. I mean when I first started How Fitting, I was 13 years old and in 7th grade and not only has my music taste and style changed, but just my overall personality. It's quite funny and embarrassing to look back at some of this stuff. As I said, I've been on some adventures lately and just wanted to check in on what I've been up to. I've missed this.

 Art in the Lower East side. I ended up seeing a show at ABC No Rio with a couple of friends and there's such an endless amount of murals in the area- also gave me a large bit of nostalgia from going on a date and walking from Astor to Soho to Greenwich back to Astor to Union Square and finally ending up in the 1st Ave Garden; this was back in October and the murals were just being painted (I distinctly remember that woman) and seeing it all up and finished was kind of surreal and beautiful.
 It happened. Somehow me and one of my close friends ended up at the 5th Ave Build a Bear. I've never felt more alive ever.
Dreams really do come true! Though my deep and ever growing hatred of Times Square is still very much alive, we ended up having to drop into the Guitar Center to pick up strings for my classical (that is still very much broken) and this fine establishment was right next door!

Frank!! This is kind of embarrassing and with me having panic attacks and my anxiety was on high the entire day, I couldn't really call this a gr8 night but overall good last hoorah of being emo (spoiler alert: it was just a phase).
Anyways, wait a sec for real posts to be coming out soon.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pillow Talk

   When is Zayn not completely killing it? His latest single and music video, "Pillow Talk", was an inevitable, dramatic, outcome of his solo career and it's beautiful in every possible aspect. First thing I noticed how unlike One Direction, Zayn isn't playing to his old career and really building something up for himself. He creates a synth-pop aura and large lead up to an extremely powerful and building chorus line. He plays with his vocal range immensely during the song, going fairly high up on the refrain yet keeping a vaguely husky tone throughout the verses.
   "Pillow Talk" illustrates an intense relationship with both highs ("paradise") and lows ("war zone"), both people are extremely different ("light and dark") but have incredible passion. The song is very much obviously about sex but less of the physical aspect and more on an emotional and mental level. They both are figuring feelings and dynamic out and find out more about each other through intimacy. There's discomfort at certain points but both parties trust each other and share power. I found it extremely impressive how eloquently Zayn went through this. 
   The music video is just as gorgeous with constant visual stimulation. Though some of it was kind of ridiculous (I'm looking at you, weird triangle effect), the artwork of it was incredible. The backdrops and shots told the story perfectly and didn't take away from the ultimate purpose of the song. 
   I'm amazed at how well Zayn has fit into the solo job and am unsurprised at the same time, we all knew Zayn could hold himself up without any doubt. His vocals are not only strong but the entire imagery is breathtaking. 
(I promise my next post won't be One Direction related)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why One Direction's "History" Music Video Matters

   Only a few hours ago, One Direction dropped their final music video off of Made in the AM for "History". Though every single thing One Direction does is obviously extremely important in my heart, this video really emphasized something to me; One Direction was, like many other people's, first band I got into. And when I say "got into", I mean full on knew every song, everything about the members, and loved everything about this band. One Direction was a gateway into my intense love for music and though I definitely have distanced myself from that genre, I still give credit for being the first musicians that really truly meant something to me.
   "History" was one of the first releases off of the band's latest, and rumor has it, last album and an already emotional one at that. Though I hadn't even looked close enough to think of it as a song to the fans, and more a relationship in the stages of a breakup, with the recent hiatus, it makes perfect sense. The song promises to never forget the memories and moments they've shared along with the ending line of "we can live forever", a note of no matter where the band goes, they'll never burn out. The video centers around the highlights of each of the boy's careers, the high points, the sold out shows, the funny times on the road, One Direction illustrates their own history. Getting their start on The X-Factor, you see your favorite five boys grow up in black and white with color shots of the present day and honestly, the comparison is quite emotional to watch. There's one less member than the past videos along with the fact that they no longer are teenagers, the ever so lovable boy band resembles well, adults.
   The "History" music video takes you through the memories you've created with the boys, the day they were signed, auditioning for the X-Factor, the various music video clips, and all the stupid backstage moments you can't help but forget. There's a tragic nostalgia to it when you realize you've grown up alongside these boys and looking at how far they've come. You see the various hairstyles and fashions and eras of the band, there's that connection of the jokes and moments and songs that come along with it. There's also the huge elephant in the room: Zayn. Ever since leaving the band, One Direction has been fairly quiet about the past member and I really appreciated how they didn't try to erase him from their history. Malik is pictured in multiple different scenes and valued as a member who brought quite a ton to the dynamic. 
   The last scene of the video is probably the most emotional; starting with their first performance, the last black and white scene is taken from their last time onstage before going on hiatus. The shot shows how far they've come along with how little they've changed. They started out as your classic boyband and since then, the personalities, writing styles, and dynamics have changed. They've grown but still honor their beginning and everything that came with it; "History" is a tribute to five albums, countless sold out shows, more than dedicated fans, and the boys themselves, growing up along with it. The song and video illustrate the unknown future and where the hiatus and band will go from here and where they'll all end up, with the last present day bit of them all walking in separate directions and waving goodbye to each other, there's high ambiguity as to what it means and an overall worry with it. I'm not nearly ready for the ending of One Direction but this video was definitely an incredible tribute to the band as they begin a new chapter, band or not. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ziggy Stardust: a Look Through of Outfits

   With the tragic loss of David Bowie this week, I found it only appropriate to honor one of my favorite artists on here after having him as no doubt my biggest fashion and artistic inspiration. After really debating on how to do so, I decided on a lookbook of my favorite Ziggy Stardust outfits/photoshoots to be the best way to commemorate such an iconic and interesting artist.

Easily one of the most well known shoots Bowie has ever done with obvious reason behind it- the thing I loved most about Bowie and Ziggy's style was every outfit was a costume. He took fashion as a means of artistic expression and wore these art pieces that really transcended the definition of avant-guarde clothing and styling.
Bowie looking all dressed up in this Freddie Burretti suit is just so gorgeous. The coloring of these photos was beautiful with the red hair and deep blue eyeshadow adding a pop to the washed out background and light blue suit. The overall styling of this was so interesting just how Bowie could make anything into a look.
I'm unsure why I was so drawn to this look but it could possibly be my favorite, the patterns are so interesting along with this color scheme and the tone of the photograph.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best of Fashion in 2015 Awards

  I feel as about obligated as every other blogger around this time to create a "2015 favorites" of some sort and obviously as you can tell by this wonderful banner I created for myself, (I hate this phase where I have to make everything ironic or sarcastic I'm sorry) I have created the ultimate How Fitting awards ceremony for my personal favorite fashion icons/inspirations of 2015:

OK this is not yet another excuse for me to discuss my love, Harry Styles, but he honestly was one of my biggest style inspirations this year- he took a very vintage and 70s angle this year and oh my don't even get me started on his hair. Overall, I'm head over heels for the loose patterned button downs and (usually ripped) jeans he's been sporting over 2015. 
Also, if we're going to be on the topic of One Direction (or former) members, I'd like to give a shoutout to Zayn Malik for looking extremely high fashion this year- his red carpet looks have been killing it. 
Though her gorgeous outfits and looks are definitely not what Amandla Stenberg should be most recognized for this year, (look up any of the social justice arguments she's made), she was killing it in the red carpet and casual look game, her prom photo being one of my favorite instagram posts of 2015. She's got this awesome unique and elegant aura to her and just looked exquisite, probably one of my favorite people overall 2015. 
Speaking of Jaden Smith, I've been in love with his recent androgynous looks and immediately thought of him when writing this up. He's completely got the tee shirt dress down and how to style it along with how to accessorize all black outfits; his looks have been so interesting and my recent favorite person to look out for on the red carpet. 
I think we all saw this one coming. How could I not write up a fashion favorites and not include my biggest inspiration possible, Tavi Gevinson? Though she's been killing the game since 2009, her style has really developed over the years and her 2015 looks were much more mature and still interesting as always. She's been wearing a lot of mock and high turtlenecks recently which are a perfect compliment for her body type and looks just gorgeous oh my. 

Happy new years!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

love is a losing hand

    Wow. Lots of time spent away. Over the past (almost) two months, I've been up to some pretty wild things definitely though:

I saw Lights!! After two years of waiting, I finally ended up in Philly seeing her and ugh it lived up to every expectation of mine. 

♥ I'm working at multiple online publications!! You can find me at Mimp, Babytwigs, and Ando now! 

I'm really horribly sorry about this completely shitty post and even though that's really against my "blogging style" (ugh how pretentious) I felt the need to just get back into it with this. Will see you much more in the new year.