Saturday, June 27, 2015

pretty pretty (playlist)

playlist of pretty songs with pretty lyrics and melodies and structures.

"I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me"
♥"Is There Somewhere"- Halsey
♥"Watch That Man"- David Bowie
♥"Hold Me Down"- Halsey
♥"You Know I'm No Good"- Amy Winehouse
♥"I Am Not In Love Anymore"- Liza Anne
♥"Panic In Detroit"- David Bowie
♥"Legit Tattoo Gun"- The Front Bottoms 
♥"Wild World" (live)- Cat Stevens 
♥"Jet Pack Blues"- Fall Out Boy
♥"Clone"- Metric 
♥"Love Is a Losing"- Amy Winehouse
♥"Funny You Should Ask"- The Front Bottoms
♥"Too Bad About Your Girl"- The Donnas
♥"Clairvoyant"- The Story So Far
♥"Bodies"- The Sex Pistols
♥"The Wanderlust"- Metric
♥"Too Far Gone"- Sir Sly
♥"You Wanna Get Me High"- The Donnas

Friday, June 26, 2015

i don't have to be a lady, i don't have to be your baby

   Lately, I have been getting into a lot of Kate Nash and The Donnas all over again. I don't know why. I maybe just have been in an angsty teen girl mood lately. My recent favorites have included:
Kate Nash- "Mansion Song" 
the beginning is my favorite- I really like when she kind of just screams or talks really angrily like in "Rap For Rejection" or the second verse of "Conventional Girl". I hadn't listened to Kate Nash for awhile which is quite sad because I remember when she used to be all I was into. 

The Donnas- "Too Bad About Your Girl"
The Donnas are overall one of my favorite girl bands- they're just really fun and their lyrics have a certain humor to them. The energy in this one is incredible and the lyrics are really fun to just blast and sing along to. 

Florence + The Machine- "Swimming"
I had a Florence phase in the beginning of the year where I just obsessively played all her albums and nothing else and this is by far, my favorite song of hers. It's so calming and her vocal range is gorgeous.
(Speaking of angsty girls, there's a documentary on Netflix called The Punk Singer that is all about Kathleen Hanna and Riot Grrrl and is one of the best things ever and I'd recommend it to anyone!!)

    Me and my friends have been cute as always. The other week, Aran, Sam, Harper and I spent the Friday night together. We found a shopping cart from the local super market on the field and Aran rode down the hill on it. He also took photos of us in front of a wall. What a true friend. 
what a bunch of cool, edgy, teens

   I just finished my journal. It's always weird finishing a notebook because the new one is always hard. My lovely girlfriend bought me a really pretty book and I covered it in stickers from the Rookie Yearbook 3 and free ones I got from a meet up with Tavi Gevinson. I've been carrying it around in my purse so when I start up classes at LIM, I can just write down song lyrics or bits of poetry or random thoughts I get when I'm sitting in parks or in the middle of class or something, I don't know. 

    My hair is pink/purple. I don't really know what color it is. It was originally purple dye but I liked Harper's color so much we mixed some of that dye in too. It depends on who you talk to. I call it pink. I really like how it looks and feel a million times more confident. Woo. 

   As a gay female blogger, I feel as though I am obligated to talk something about the new laws on same sex marriage which are incredible!! and really really awesome!! This definitely isn't the end of discrimination (My wedding will not be held in Indiana or South Carolina anytime soon), it's a really huge step in the right direction. When my mom found out the news, she called me up telling me to marry a "nice jewish girl" and demanded grandchildren. My band, Phantomized, also showed our pride with a snazzy logo change for the day 
I was in charge of putting it up and ended up writing up a post that looked like it was done by Harper and Sam about how proud they were and how it "really hit close to home" for their lovely guitarist, Ann, who is "very gay and very happy".

   I've started up writing music again which is great because that always makes me happy. My two latest songs have been for my girlfriend, Madison. I'm mostly proud of "Picket Fence Yard Song" even though it is a little strange- Madison argues that it isn't weird, just she doesn't understand what I'm talking about at certain points. 

I start up LIM in about two weeks- I'll have much more to talk about then.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

i wasn’t born to be a skeleton

Hi hi hi- so in my last post, I had a whole thing on how my hair was fully black which was a rather short lived phase. Last week, I made the impulse decision to put a shit ton of red in my hair and I love love love it and feel super punk and like Ash Costello. I've also gained a considerable amount of weight due to excessive snacking but I feel like a badass bitch. 
Buffy The Vampire Slayer tee: hand-me-down
♥tennis skirt: thrift (eat your heart out American Apparel and your $50 skirts)
♥chunky sandals: Nordstrom (I'd like to thank jesus and BP fashion board for giving me a 30% discount)

really classic emo kid photo

Monday, June 1, 2015

i’ll steal your honey like i stole your bike

*title from the best song of ALL TIME, "Summer Girls" by Lyte Funkie Ones*
Wow. I haven't done anything here for AWHILE. Before I get back on track, I have a couple $uper cool updates:
♥My hair is black again. Yeah I realize the exact thing I'd been working SO hard to get out is right back in again. I had blue, purple, and green hair for a hot second but it was absolutely terrible so it's back 2 black. I look a little something like this at the moment:
classic ann in class selfie
♥I SAW ALL TIME LOW!! The band I have been talking about since the blog has started I saw live about a week or so ago in New York. Sam and I waited ten hours (God bless her) in a line that just got fucked over by VIPs but I met Adam Elmakias and saw all the members walk by. I was going to write a post about it but nothing can do it justice. To sum it all up, the concert was this:
I couldn't stop sobbing through "6 Feet Under The Stars", "Damned If I Do Ya", "Stella", "Therapy", and "Lost In Stereo"- I immediately calmed at my all time least favorite song, "Missing You" 
just me and a friend

State Champs- I actually really like their music but they completely were horrible live due to encouraging rowdiness and making literally no comments towards the people trying to leave due to panic attacks. 

Jenna McDougall is a sweet baby angel live. End of story.

Seeing my favorite band was super overwhelming

Back view when Sam and I left the crowd to make an easier exit by the end

beginning of the day of Sam Slaughter and Ann Ambulance waiting in the eternal line

us outside ATL's tour bus (yes I did cry)
 ♥Wanted to share my Converse that I decorated with Valentine's decorations from last year when I was into making wild headbands (still love doing it- just haven't had the time). These shoes were kindly given to me for free from a marketer from the company

♥I finished BP- the program wasn't the greatest but sure looks good on college applications and I got free coffee so why not? I have re-applied because the girls are so sweet and I find out wether or not I got in in a few days!! 
♥I have new music up on Soundcloud along with my band, Phantomizing's first cover of "I Miss You" by Blink182 

I promise to be much better with posting this month (May was kind of wild)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Misconceptions of the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" Trope

Lately, the entire idea and trope of "the manic pixie dream girl" has been my favorite topic/argument within not just film making, but modern media. So what is this manic pixie dream girl? Well, the name stemmed from a review of Elizabethtown done by Nathan Rabin. Rabin describes Kristen Dunst's character as
"that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures."
hence, the popular term in American film making towards movies such as 500 Days of Summer, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Almost Famous, Juno, and a ton of others. Discussing the sexism in the MPDG is beating a dead horse- it's been talked about for months and months but what is an honest to god, ukulele playing, Smiths fan, record enthusiast, manic pixie dream girl and a woman who has been deemed perfect by a man when in actual life, has flaws (and is usually quite problematic)? These two separate plot lines usually end up getting lost in translation and it's because sometimes, it's hard to tell wether or not the male protagonist has made this woman out to be a MPDG or that is her actual character. 
   500 Days of Summer is most definitely the best example of an "ironic manic pixie dream girl" and it's pretty fucking obvious. I mean it hits you right in the opening sequence when some of the characters recall what love means to them and our protagonist, Tom, is silent. Also, Tom's backstory is a huge red flag- he grew up on romance movies and has basically been depressed all his life because he hasn't found "the one"- he has been looking for a MPDG all his life. When Summer comes around, she not only has a backstory (something most MPDGs don't get) full of flaws but also really has no interest in Tom. She has her own opinions and openly tells Tom she doesn't want a relationship yet Tom is still convinced she's his soulmate because they like the same Smiths song (their biggest hit by the way) and had a fun time at Ikea. If the entire plot within Summer and Tom doesn't put out a giant waving banner saying "END THE MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL" than Tom's friend, Paul (Matthew Gray Gubler!!) is the instant message- Paul describes his hot dream girl who loves sports but then says he loves his girlfriend more because she's real. The entire meaning of the film is that though we can dream up our quirky, magical, partners, they aren't real and true love isn't based off of your expectations but how you actually feel for someone. 
   But wait!! What about all the other movies listed? The three other films said previously just so happen to be other misconceptions of this trope (wow Ann how did you do that?)! Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is not only one of my favorite movies but also book series. Ramona Flowers definitely can come off as an MPDG though with her rollerblades and multi-colored hair but is actually quite the opposite. Scott is almost parallel to Tom- he's been depressed lately and has been broken up with his dream girl so when he sees this woman in his dream, he convinced she's the one. Ramona is getting over her own problems though and really isn't looking for a relationship when Scott approaches her. She breaks things off multiple times and in all, is extremely cold towards Scott yet he keeps fighting for her even when their relationship is on thin ice. But there's a reason for this- just like Tom, Scott has this idea of what romance is due to his rough breakup with Envy Adams and him believing he was in love with her when she was horrible towards Scott. He thinks of Ramona as Envy in the way she's tough and upset with her life and latches on. Ramona isn't the manic pixie dream girl, Scott is just living in a delusion that she is. Onto my favorite movie of all time, Almost Famous, I can see how Penny Lane can seem like a MPDG in her carefree attitude but just like Ramona and Summer, is afraid of commitment and isn't very interested in the male protagonist. She explodes at Will multiple times and claims she's leaving him for his own good because he's just so infatuated with her when she isn't as innocent, quirky, or fun as he thinks. Juno is just like this but a little bit more twisted when Mark, a man much older than her and the adoptive father of her child, claims he's in love with her. Mark is obviously unhappy with his marriage and when Juno, a cute, angsty, quirky even, teenager comes into his life, he's at a last resort with love and claims he wants to be with her, ultimately scaring Juno away. 
   In all, this manic pixie dream girl character doesn't just extend to film, it's expressed in many different songs (ex: "Five Colors in Her Hair" by McFly) and it's pretty fucking hard to mix an actual MPDG up with a man obsessed with a girl who he believes to be. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

warped bands and people and things

   As I always talk about obnoxiously, I am pretty big on Vans Warped Tour and of course going back this summer with my best friend, Sam. Without more annoying introduction, here are my must sees for this year's festival.

♥As It Is 
This one is pretty obvious. When As It Is was announced, my tickets were instantly bought. Not only are they one of my favorite bands ever, they're the sweetest guys and I'd absolutely love to see them again especially since their album is finally out. If I were to recommend anything, it'd definitely be this because of how fun and energetic their shows are and it's no doubt worth saying hello or having a chat because of how friendly they are (Andy, Foley, Ali, and I literally had a talk on New Jersey). Definitely top priority to see them again (also being on their street team is v fun)

Yet another band I've already seen live but must see again. Not only am I absolutely in love with female leads, Lynn is so badass and awesome live (I get so jealous of how incredible this lady is) and when they opened for Pierce the Veil, I wasn't nearly as into them. This will actually be the third time I've heard them (I saw them in the acoustic tent last Warped) and definitely the best since they've become one of my favorites. 

♥Juliet Simms 
Warped Tour has turned more into "meet Ann's 7th grade crushes day" because yet another signing I feel the need to go to is Juliet Simms, the ex-lead singer for Automatic Loveletter (she also does the "I'm not coming back" part in "Remembering Sunday") and 13 year old me thought she was the coolest (15 year old me still believes that).

♥Bless the Fall
Wow when did it get to the point where I hated myself so much I like metalcore. After a week long obsession of the husband of Lights' band, Sam and I have both decided to see BTF. Have I mentioned how trashy we are yet?

♥Jarrod Alonge
I was kind of sort of dead when one of my favorite YouTubers announced he'd be with Fearless Records (ew) all summer- needless to say, Sam and I will be making a lot of "Pop Punk Pizza Party" references (more than we already do if that's possible).

♥New Years Day
Kind of self explanatory since I think it's safe to say majority knows about my obsession with Ash Costello (at that point, I'll be looking like her too) and I'm also extremely into NYD. My main goal is to meet Ash just because I've looked up to her confidence and style and full out her forever. 

♥Pierce The Veil
I feel kind of obligated to put this one down. Sam and I don't feel compelled to see their set since we've already lived through the world tour but we're hoping to get to a signing because Sam has written a letter to Vic Fuentes on why SHE saved their lives. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

kick me in the face please it’ll make whatever i say sound like poetry

Yet another post where John takes photographs of me and Sam and I look about the same in every single one. On Saturday, John and Sam came over and we walked to town to get my hair cut because I had yet another over the trash can haircut that needed to be a wee bit corrected. We then got pizza and hair dye and I basically felt sorry for myself because of my hair.
me looking slightly like a stereotypical manic pixie dream girl

sam wrote out "pop punk pizza" in tribute to jarrod alonge (but completely forgot the last word)

we brought john's penny board to the park and i really have no clue what sam is doing 

john and i going ham on just dance

sam being an angsty teen and me sniffing a flower?

pretty typical post. I have cute friends and they take cute photos and I'm slightly cute. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

everything is peaches and gravy

Top: H&M
Skirt: Housing Works (I think it's originally Forever21)
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Choker: Consignment
(this title took more deciding than it should have because I was going between this Scott Pilgrim reference and "you are my peach you are my plum" from "Peach" by The Front Bottoms)

I feel like I looked quite a lot like Lights from this 

obligatory lip photo

obligatory angst photo

smiley girl

who's that edgy tumblr aesthetic kid

pray 4 2 stop ann 2k15