Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jingle Ball 2014

      Three days before the show, I was invited by a friend who's dad works for Z100 to go to Jingle Ball 2014- this show has been one of my all time favorites for multiple reasons and I learned some valuable lesson such as:

  1. music is music even though every single artist there was considered "mainstream" and most people (including 7th grade Ann) were commenting on how artists on the radio are stupid and untalented and yeah I'm not going to fight that like all music in the world, some of it is ridiculous but as I've said in about every other concert post, there's something about seeing an artist live that makes you feel different. Seeing a group of singers and bands that were giving their all and having the time of their lives on the stage had me gain a bundle of respect for everyone that played that night. Music is music and music is fun no matter how "mainstream" or pointless it is. These are songs that I've known the lyrics to forever and have been shoved into my brain through parties and long drives with my mom and just completely letting go of everything and flailing around like crazy gave me a new found appreciation for these songs
  2. Charlie XCX is a complete babe. Not only did she look stunning, but I found it on a new level of cool that her band was made up of completely women- everyone looked super bad ass and I loved every minute of her set.
  3. There is no way not to cry when Taylor Swift is in the same place as you. 
  4. Rita Ora is incredible.
  5. Nick Jonas' one song set is a mix between insulting and disappointing. 
  6. Everything is better with a full choir behind you (connecting back to Nick)
  7. 5 Seconds of Summer really know how to kill it.
  8. Z100 and Pharrel still consider "Blurred Lines" an acceptable song.
  9. Everything is better if it has Gwen Steffani involved (connecting back to Pharrel).
  10. Jessie J is a beautiful person.
  11. Don't get so excited by Jessie J that you accidentally throw your phone into the isle in front of you.
  12. People can be complete dicks and spill beer all over your hair and the back of your sweater and not apologize 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Modani Interior Design Board

Hello How Fitting babes! A couple weeks ago I got an opportunity from Modani, a modern furniture company, to design a mood board for my perfect living room using pieces from their shop. I've never been an expert on interior design but the fabric styling class I've been taking at FIT taught me a lot about mood boards and so mounting the actual board was easy. My dream room is made up of a lot of chocolate browns along with cream whites and bits and pieces of grey- I also took some shots from Matthew Gray Gubler's shoot with Bello magazine because the coloring went very well with it and he's gorgeous (he's also a piece of my perfect living room).

Modani is actually a really interesting company full of beautiful pieces and if you'd like to check out the furniture (especially the couches) I featured in my board, you can find them here along with their Twitter and Instagram. Big thanks to Modani for this- see you guys Friday!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Songs I've Been Obsessing Over

Oh god it's been awhile- things have been really hectic and my workload is filling up so whenever anything like that happens, I tend to just lay in bed and watch New Girl. Anyways, I made up a playlist of the songs that have been on repeat lately.
♥Brooklyn Baby- Lana Del Ray
♥Trouble (stripped)- Halsey
♥Salt- Bad Suns (they're new album is ace)
♥Matthew James- Bad Suns
♥Mira- Bribry Is Sky High (Bribry's  old stage name)
♥Littl'An- Bribry
♥I Am Not In Love Anymore- Liza Anne
♥Alright To Be Alright- Bethan Leadley 
♥Gasoline- Troye Sivan
♥White Coats- Foxes
♥Nina- Ed Sheeran
♥Rat A Tat- Fall Out Boy (feat. Courtney Love)
♥The Wanderlust- Metric
♥Cherry Pickin- Kate Nash
♥You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky- Kate Nash

Monday, December 1, 2014

I Want Something Beautiful- Man I Wish I Was Beautiful

♥Sweater: Forever21
♥Skirt: thrift
♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One
♥Peter Pan collar necklace: consignment

♥Michael Cera in the sunset tank: Vivi 
♥Skirt: H&M
♥Cardigan: thrift

♥Sweater: thrift
♥Skirt: H&M

♥Sweater: BP
♥Pentagram necklace: Etsy

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving/Fall 2014 Lookbook

With Thanksgiving a day away, and Fall still upon us, I put together a lookbook or some of my favorite Fall/winter-y looks.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Not The Kind Of Fool Who's Gonna Sing To You About Stars

♥"Gay OK" tee: Buffalo Exchange (originally American Apparel but they're icky)
♥Skirt" H&M
♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One

 ♥Sweater: gift
♥Leggings: thrift
♥Peter Pan collar necklace: consignment

♥Nirvana tee: Hot Topic
♥Skirt: H&M
Alice In Wonderland necklace: Hot Topic
♥Flower crown: DIY

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Merry Happy

   Over this short term break I've taken a whole lot has happened. Without a boring intro that you probably won't read anyways, I'm just going to get right into it.
   On November 14, I went to see the This Is Our Youth Times Talk at the Times Center in the city- the entire experience was pretty surreal and amazing. I got to the center fairly early since whenever I end up in general admission of anything my anxiety sky rockets and I feel the need to be about a day ahead to the event. I had the pleasure of standing in the cold, alone for a good hour or so because my mind came up with the weird thought that maybe if I became a sensible person and spent that hour somewhere else, the line would become enormous. I was finally let in and my long waiting really paid off because not only was I front and center, when Michael Cera entered the theatre through the front (unlike Kieren and Tavi who went in back) I was standing right in front of him and got to say a really excited "hello!" (he waved back and smiled) before he went in. The actual talk was insane and all three of them were hilarious and so well spoken. One of my favorite parts was when the interviewer played a scene from the show (all three of them were in extreme discomfort seeing themselves acting) and once it was over, Tavi says,
"It's like watching The Big Bang Theory!" I also got to ask the last question of the night in the Q&A and before I went on, Tavi and I made eye contact and she smiled at me! Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take any photos but I believe the talk was recorded on the Times website.
    The Sunday of that weekend, I went into Madison Square park to teach myself how to draw a tree because the ones there look oddly geometric which I think is wonderful. This quickly turned into a session in which I drew some strange tree like things and then went into getting frustrated. I don't know why I felt the need to share this so much- it was just really different from anything I usually do. The park was quiet and therefor I could sit in the middle of the empty fountain and draw all the shitty pictures I wanted.
    Overall, things have been absolutely fantastic.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Working Little Machines

♥Sweater: Nordstrom BP
♥Skirt: H&M 
♥Tights: Hot Topic

♥Jacket: DIY
♥The Beatles tee: thrift
♥Necklace: Forever21

♥Cami: Forever21 Basics
♥Skirt: H&M
Cardigan: thrift
♥Peter Pan collar necklace: consignment

♥Sweater: Forever21
♥Pearls: Forever21