Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Halloween Costume (Daria Morgendorffer)

This Halloween, I'm going as my spirit animal, Daria Morgendorffer, because she is beyond fab- this was a really easy cosplay to do since Daria wears really simple clothing. Seriously, all you'd need to recreate this is a black pleated skirt, a green jacket, and a brown or burnt orange tank top (don't forget her signature glasses!) combat boots are optional but since I have about a million pairs of them, it was easy.
(I apolagize for the completely shit lighting- my phone was balanced on top of a bunch of candles on my bookshelf- I'm getting a tripod for it though so I can bring it into better lighting)

I like to spend the least amount of money possible on halloween costumes and make sure everything I buy, I'll wear again. I bought the cami from Charlotte Russe for a couple bucks and the green hoodie from H&M because I needed a hoodie anyways. 

(I just used my prescription glasses for this because their close enough to Daria's). The one issue is that my hair is purple and nothing like her's but what can you do?

The skirt is one of my favorites- I got it from a thrift store last year and just so happens to be a perfect Daria skirt. The boots are just my Doc Martens.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Spooked You

With Halloween just a few days before one of my favorite nights of the year, I'd like to share some of my all time favorite Halloween themed things with you!
I think we all saw this one coming but Matthew Gray Gubler's song, "What Are You Going To Be For Halloween", is one of the best things ever. I love how Matthew barely ever addresses it either anymore and it's just kind of there. The lines are also gold- my all time favorites being:
"Got to pick those costumes. I pick mine in February." and "It's time to dress up and scare yourself." the whole "weeeee" thing is also a gem.

♥One of my all time favorite movies in general is Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas but it also works as my favorite halloween and Christmas film. The soundtrack is also A+ and even though I'm not crazy about them anymore, Panic At The Disco's cover of "This Is Halloween" is pretty awesome.

♥I have been a fan of duo Jack and Dean for quite awhile (I even have the bragging rights that Dean Dobbs once retweeted my post about "Consent") and their latest ghost themed skit was one of the best Halloween YouTube videos I've seen.

♥OK I realize how much everyone must be done with Matthew on here but no need to fear because this combines another person super duper cool! Edgar Allan Poe! A few years ago, Gubes did a recording of a bunch of Poe Poems (POEms because I'm really creative and funny) and one of them was the short story, The Tell Tale Heart, which is spooky and is really done so you should listen to it. 

♥One of my all time favorite things on TV during the Halloween season is the ongoing Tree House Of Horror. This year's was pretty weird and the last part of the third one was awesome. 

I also have a really lame Halloween playlist that is kind of a sorry excuse but has all the cheesy songs you could possibly want- Spooky Scary
Happy Halloween from Matthew and I! (oh and did you hear he won best actor at Screamfest because that happened…)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hail The New Teen Witch

♥Sweater: Buffalo Exchange
♥Skirt: H&M

♥Sweater: hand me down
♥Leggings: Boscov's (one of the most depressing stores I have ever been inside of)
♥Flower crown: Vivi
♥Blue crystal necklace: Adison
♥Alice In Wonderland necklace: Ava

♥MTV tee: Buffalo Exchange
♥Leggings: thrift
♥Cardigan: hand me down
♥Peter Pan collar necklace: consignment

♥Varsity jacket: thrift
♥Cami: Forever21 basics
♥Pleated skirt: thrift

♥Sweater: Forever21
♥Skirt: H&M
♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One

*The title comes from something Shin said about me the other day and I continue to take it as the best compliment I've ever gotten so yeah he's cool. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

There's Just A Lot Of Needles

   Hello! My apologies for skipping last week- there was just too much going on and these posts are usually the ones that take the most effort and the longest. Anyways, did you hear White Collar is coming back for a final season? Because I'm totally all over that- no doubt will that be added so now you can hear more about my awful crime shows. This week was pretty great for both Supernatural and Criminal Minds so without further a due…

This episode was one the most painful to watch (not just because of all the shots), It starts off with Sam inside a hospital pretending to be a doctor as a priest makes blood holy

-he then leaves and goes into a secret location where Dean is being kept tied up. There is a demon's trap drawn around his chair and Sam is trying to crucify him by throwing holy water but Dean keeps countering his attempts and just being a jerk. Wow I really don't like demon Dean. Sam gives up on the water and goes onto injections of holy human blood (I HATE shots of any kind so this sucked for me) when he shoots the needle in, Dean's eyes go black and he begins doing this weird growling/screaming thing- it's overall just scary and strange. The scene ends with him doing these odd spasms in his chair. We are cut to Castiel and Hannah sitting in a car together as they drive to help Sam. Hannah asks Cas how he's doing and he answers that he's fine but Hannah knows that isn't true and questions why he lied to which he says, 
"That's what humans do.". Though I'm not very happy with the season so far, I love all these human moments of Cas. She thens asks why Sam wanted them to come down when Castiel is in bad condition which is where she realizes that Sam doesn't know how hurt Cas is. OK in my notes of this episode (yes I wrote notes because I can't remember things ever) there is literally just a piece that says 
-lots of shots
-Dean keeps gasping 
so yeah that happens too. After more injections, Dean becomes a bitch yet again telling Sam this isn't going to work and goes onto saying that hunters and men of letters are just a load of crap and Sam looks like he is legitimately about to cry. He respondes though to Dean with,
"This isn't even the real you I'm talking to." and we get into a whole thing about how Dean now sees things for how they are and a bunch of other weird demon shit. Her continues onto talking about what Sam did to find him in the first places and asks, 
"Which one of us is really the monster?" We are sent into a flashback of Sam at a bar talking to a guy who's had a rough time for his wife cheated on him with another man and how he wants revenge. Sam then gets real shady and says that it's totally realistic and he can help him. The two guys are then seen in a field where Sam has drawn a devil's trap and given the guy a piece of paper with the chant to summon demons. 

Once one has shown up, he tells her that if she kills his wife, he'll give up his soul. They kiss (in Supernatural terms, it means they made the deal) and Sam comes out of the bush he was hiding in to torture the demon into giving details on where his brother is (where she has none). The scene comes to a close with Dean telling Sam that if this doesn't work, he'll have to kill him and yells out, 
"Do you have the stomach for that Sammy?" 
After a set on FUN commercials we are see Cas and Hannah on the side of a road (Hannah got them lost) and Castiel begins to lean against the car in pain. When Hannah tells him how he can fix himself, he refuses to kill another angel for power or beg to Metatron. He replies that she is enough to keep things balanced. She counters with saying that is she only just enough and Castiel says one of the worst lines in all of Supernatural history.

 Their conversation is interrupted when Cas gets a call from a panicky Sam saying that unlike Crowley, Dean is in actual pain and he is afraid that he may be killing him. Castiel tells him he needs to continue even if he does kill Dean- Sam sounds in tears as he says he can't kill his brother even if it's the right thing to do. Dean then becomes conscious and Sam hangs up. OK over the past couple seasons, I have been able to put up with the demons- I actually really liked them (Ruby was awesome) but demon Dean just kind of sucks. He begins ranting on how he tried to get as far away from Sam as possible and that he's tired of babysitting him and "yanking your lame ass out of the fire." he then goes way too far saying that Sam's mere existence is the reason why his mother is dead (OK it kind of is…) and that he is the reason their father brainwashed them into hunting. Sam gets his teary eyed face out all over again and says that family is all they've had. Dean, being a jerk, says
"You've never had a brother. I quit." before anything else can happen, Sam grabs a needle and claims he's yanking Dean's lame ass out of the fire. We then see Dean screaming and the screen goes blank. 
As the show comes back, we see Crowley on his throne killing innocent demons (is there really any?) for no apparent reason. He's confronted by a mysterious man who says he can't control hell and therefor the only way to get out of it is die. He pours gasoline on himself and then gets set on fire, dying. 

   Back to the whole Cas and Hannah situation, the two of them are still on the side of the road when Hannah brings up the possibility of them becoming "a thing". Cas replies that he can't have "distractions" and he needs to keep his priorities straight- she gets upset with this and goes into a roadside shop to clear her head. Whilst she's in there, she sees spilled coffee on the counter and behind it is a man with his eyes burnt out of his skull. When Castiel goes into the shop to check on Hannah, he finds her with a knife to her throat, held by Adeena. After a lot of yelling, they get into a very Supernatural-esque fight (basically flipping over every single piece of furniture possible). He then yells out,
"Just kill me but let her go!"- The screen goes blank for awhile and we see Cas lying in a pool of broken glass as Crowley looks down at him.
before we can figure out the rest, we are sent into the whole Sam and Dean situation. Sam is searching through his brother's old room where he finds a collection of old photographs- most of them are from the second and third season. I cry an embarrassing amount over Supernatural but this scene was worse than others because you realize how much simpler everything was for them in those seasons.
The scene then ends with Sam going to check on Dean and finding the binds are broken and he is nowhere to be found. 
Remember that whole Crowley, Castiel, Adeena situation? Well that's right back as Adeena threatens Crowley- instead of fighting back, he just slits her throat in a fluid motion and catches her grace into a vile. He then goes to Cas and puts it inside of him claiming he's useless dead. The vile heals him completely and Crowley says he knows that Cas is going to save Dean and he better do whatever it takes to make him human again. When Cas tells him that it may involve killing him, Crowley answers with,
"I'm not a sentimental person."
Back at the ranch, Sam hears Dean walking around the house and runs into the electrical closet as he hears Dean (who has picked out a hammer) scream, 
"Come on Sammy!" Sam puts the place on lock down so Dean can't escape but realizes his brother doesn't want to leave but find him. As Dean is walking around, he talks about how when Sam injected the blood into him, he became more human than demon so could escape the binds and demon trap. When he finds the closet, he turns the lock down off and we hear Sam beg Dean to just let him finish as he runs into another room. Dean yells back that he doesn't want to be cured and proceeds to beat the door down where Sam says one of the best lines in the episode, 
"Don't make me use this blade on you!" Dean just chuckles and keeps breaking down the door. The brothers are finally face to face as Sam gets the hammer front Dean- he is just about to slit his throat and realizes he can't do it just as he drops the blade, Cas comes in and grabs Dean from behind. Dean's eyes go black and he makes that weird growl and collapses. They take him into the room Sam had kept him in before and inject him with the last shot. When Dean wakes up, his eyes go black but all of a sudden, they are cleaned out and fresh- just to make sure, Sam throws holy water at him and nothing happens. To this Sam says,
"Welcome back Dean." We then have a moment between Cas and Sam alone as Sam wants to go out and grab some food for his brother whereas Castiel brings up the point we were all thinking of- IS THIS IT??? Though Dean is no longer a demon he still does have the mark of Cain and that obviously is coming back. Sam counters that they just fixed this issue and therefor he'd just rather get his brother some carbs then get drunk (I know 100% he is going to regret that!) and asks if Cas could just watch Dean whilst he's gone. When Castiel walks in to check on the older Winchester, he finds Dean looking through the same photographs from earlier- Dean thanks him for helping him become human again and says he probably just destroyed his relationship with his brother. Cas reasons that Sam knew this wasn't the real Dean and that the two of them have been through so much and 
"It takes more than trying to kill him with a hammer to destroy your relationship" (best line from the episode) and that he should just take a break from hunting to heal since hell and heaven have been quiet. The episode then ends quite oddly with a woman sitting on a chair, reading as something (it turns out to be blood) falls onto her. She smears it off and then the camera pans to the ceiling whee two doormen are stuck. All in all, "Soul Survivor" solved multiple problems and I'm excited to learn more about this woman because she seems fab. 

♥Criminal Minds
   This could possibly be one of the grossest episodes of Criminal Minds because not only did they need to add an over use of needles, there was this disgusting skin thing going on- even though I really didn't like the gross pieces, the case overall was interesting this week. "The Itch" starts off in Atlanta with a man in his car trying to get Siri to send a message to his friend. No matter how hard he tries, she can't it right and therefor makes the stupidest decision to just text this Jessica girl. Of course, he almost hits a man and then runs out of his car to see if he's alright- the rugged man runs away and as the siri man tries to reason with him about running in the middle of the road, rugged guy is hit by a car. We are then sent into Quantico where the team is going over a case of a missing reporter (rugged guy) and how he was on his way to an interview. Kate brings up the point that this could easily be a suicide or a mental breakdown but Garcia counters there is no history of mental illness with him and therefor someone or thing could have made him snap. We are then sent to one of the worst scenes in the episode where a tape of rugged guy being tortured plays while the unsub is fiddling with a medical instrument of some sort. Out of nowhere, his skin begins to crawl and he takes a pair of prongs and stick a needle in the spot- it was so gross I had to look away. Before the screen goes blank for the opening credits, the camera zooms back to the TV where rugged man is screaming something incoherent. As the team is on the plane they begin to go over how that rugged guy's stories were rather controversial and could've gotten him killed when Garcia calls in with an update on the throw away cell phone; the editor of the magazine RG (rugged guy- he has a real name I just never caught it) worked at and said he doesn't want officials to see the autopsy. We are then sent into a scene where Siri man is being interviewed on the events of the night RG was killed. He thought RG was schizophrenic and said he kept screaming things over and over and was hitting the air as though he was fighting something. He also mentioned that before he was killed, RG screamed, 
"Get them off me!"
We then see Kate and Hotch in the editor's office as they fight that they need to see the body. The editor claims RG should have his privacy and that he refuses to let them look. They then figure out RG was a heroin addict and the reason the editor didn't want them seeing the body was for he figured they'd treat him like any other drug junkie. Kate then asks him what RG was writing at the time he was killed and apparently he was doing an article on vaccinations but there is no evidence of it since RG said the brain was the best hard-drive. The team then gets yet another update on that cell phone. This time it had called a professor at a college where there'd been a fight that day. When they go to the classroom, they find out the professor had invited the man in and it had been an adduction not an assault. Also, just like RG, he'd written very controversial papers on bugs. From these clues, the BAU figures out the unsub is a serial killer.
The screen cuts to an unknown location where the professor is beaten badly. The unsub approaches him with a vial of blood and tells him to look at since it's black (when it obviously isn't). He then gets frustrated with the answer he gets and throws the blood claiming the professor corrupted it. TP (The professor) then yells out that he listened to everything the ubsub had to say bur he's sick and needs help.  We then see inside a metal box as a bunch of really gross bugs are put into it- ew. 

Back to the autopsy, Reid and JJ find out that there was duct tape on his wrists, ankles, and neck and the only skin under his fingernails is his own. JJ brings up that an effect of withdrawal is feeling as though your skin is on fire and that probably caused the itching. Spencer also begins to go on the idea that these victims are an expression of the unsub's own pain since there are lacerations everywhere and a bite mark behind his ear.

Our next victim is found in a dumpster and from the body, the team finds that the unsub wants an itch and this isn't torture but a delusion. A cop then pulls a big out of the victim's nose and they figure out the killer believes he's being attacked by bugs and tries to find people who will believe him. The BAU then goes onto making their profile saying this man believes the government is plotting against him and he will most likely have marks from self harm.
The scene then cuts to a support group where a woman claims 
"They want me to be sick" The unsub whispers to her at the ending prayer and takes her to dinner where they talk about how "they" put "it" in the drinking water. You can see him become happier with this connection he's made and takes her back to his house where she stands with her stomach is exposed and after the count of three from both of them, he cuts her with a knife and she puts her blood on a slide which goes under a microscope. 
Back at the BAU, Spencer has Garcia look up support groups in the area for a number of disorders that are close to the unsub's until she finds one for a group of people who believe have certain things under their skin when they don't. They go down to where the group was held and speak to the leader who claims they are only there to get them scared until Spencer explains that this man is quiet but confident in private and that they need to find him. She has no information on the unsub and they leave. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Birthdays Are Fun Fun Fun

So two weeks ago I turned fifteen! Last Friday, I hosted a fairy princess party and got some wonderful gifts from my lovely friends that I'd like to share with you guys!
   Ok so I am very very very obsessed with the Scott Pilgrim series and have had my eye on the color editions for months because they are the most gorgeous things ever so for my birthday, Sam bought me Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life and Scott Pilgrim vs The World  which was the nicest thing ever and made me so happy because reading the books in color is a much better experience and wow I love them so much. I also believe the best line was Sam's mom who asked "So Ann is turning 15 right?" when buying these.
   My friends, Caroline and Monica, got me these and the immediate thing I said when opening these was "you know me so well!" I am such a huge fan of Parks and Recreation and getting me Nick Offerman's book was so awesome of them- Zombies Have Issues was also a rather great read.

   My grandma got me this one (there is a common theme of books) and so far, I'm loving this. It's a collection of women who talk about special pieces of clothing they own and I think it's just so interesting.

  My friend, Clara got me these (both from Lush) along with my favorite bath bomb ever, the dragon's egg, (I forgot to take a picture). So far, I've used the bath bomb pictured below which is super duper awesome and sparkly so what more could you ask for? I'm yet to use the shower gel though because I want to save that but it smells like wonderfulness.

Ava gave me an Alice In Wonderland watch necklace which is so lovely because I love love love big necklaces and a shirt of my favorite band, All Time Low (I had my eye on this one in Hot Topic). I've worn the necklace twice now and am yet to wear the tee but I'm excited to find an outfit for this.

I got this gorgeous necklace from Adison- it is so pretty and I love pairing it with bigger necklace on top. I don't own nearly enough tiny pieces like this and really love it. 

Jules gave me this card and wow it is just so awesome- the back and front are covered in tumblr valentines and pictures of Matthew Gray Gubler (including a huge "not shrine" to him on the inside). This was beyond sweet of her to make!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   Finally, YouTube vlogger and singer, Bryarly Bishop, released her first ever album, Bryarly, on Friday and wow I'm so happy with it. It opens up with "Daedelus" which started off pretty cute of her talking and then going into the upbeat song. It has a steady beat in the verses that's catchy and I overall liked it. The pre choruses were more fast paced than everything else and I thought that was fun too. "Find Your Love" is next up and I think this was more like her previous work- it has a soft guitar pluck in the beginning and there is a pretty call and answer in the chorus line. I wasn't that into this one since I just thought the lyrics weren't nearly as good as they could be- the bridge also kind of annoyed me (I have no idea why). Though the second track wasn't what I was hoping for (you can never have an album full of amazing songs), "Working Steady" definitely redeemed it. I believe this is one of my favorites since it has such a nice piano and poppy beat in the background. Her vocals are also just awesome- she riffs her voice in the pre-chorus also I thought the "I never know what to say, I never know what to do." part was real fun to unconsciously sing along to. Bryarly also added some jazz within the bridge which was unexpected and the last chorus was angelic- she is insane. Onto my favorite song off the entire album, "Trigger Warning", I didn't really understand it's beauty at first but once you hear it again, it definitely clicks. There is this soothing jazzy instrumental going on that makes everything more powerful as she sings about being taken advantage of "did you imagine that a kiss contains a promise I caress and I owe you? Did you imagine that to stop was a suggestion…" Also, the ending of the song is just so perfect- her voice gets so thick as she belts it out and put me in awe. "In The Bright Daylight" was next and I just need to comment on how she didn't do the cliche rhymes she could have done and instead put more complex lyrics and talks about missing someone though she's trying to get over it. The song is calm and only has a guitar and a steady drum beat and God damn her voice has so much emotion. You can actually make out pain in there and it made a simple song so much more. The sixth track was "Making A Break" which is another one I really enjoyed. It starts out calm but builds up at the pre chorus and the refrain is awesome as she almost growls out some of the lines- I don't understand how she does these things while still sounding like a goddess. "Sleepless" comes on next and though I wasn't all that big on the sound itself I do give it to Bryarly for showing off how high her voice can go- I didn't like it very much for I thought it sounded more like a lullaby than anything and got sort of boring since it is literally the same plucking pattern the entire way through. "Oxygen" starts off with a synth like beat as she gets into it and I like how Bryarly just kind of appeared into the song out of nowhere- her voice gets low and high and higher and wow even higher and has operatic pieces that you wouldn't think work but somehow, she pulls it off. It's really weird how well it fit in actually. Another one I really really liked was "What We Want" since it sounded slightly like "Get Your Head In The Game" from High School Musical for some reason but then her voice gets really high and then what where did Watsky come from. OK I do have to take some time to admit to my Watsky phase which is really awful and embarrassing and though I think he is slight sad trash, he did fit in with the song and I'm not going to hold it against her since it was a really catchy and fun song. The album finishes off with the soft "Dear John". The song is pretty and just soft and lovely- it wasn't my favorite but I thought it was a good ending song.
   All in all, I am SO proud of Bryarly Bishop for this album! The one thing I am disappointed of is that she didn't add "Eros" since it was one of my overall favorite songs for months and I wanted to hear it nicely produced (though it will be on the EP).
Update: So the queen herself, Bryarly Bishop, tweeted me! I was reminded that I'm a total dingus and didn't add links to her music 
*You can also get it on iTunes under "Bryarly" I just was too lazy to add that one in

Monday, October 20, 2014

Impressed By Another Guitar Hero

♥Sweater: H&M
♥Skirt: thrift
♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One

I know I look mildly terrifying but my sweater paws were so cute.

♥Cardigan: hand-me-down (it has rips in the back which shows how awful I am)
♥Cat tank: Vivi
♥Leggings: thrift

$uper @ngst