Monday, September 30, 2013


The weather wasn't all that awful so I went with a skirt that goes a little above my ankles that I got from my favorite thrift store. I then put on a muscle shirt I got from Brandy Melville in New York City. Though Brandy Melville isn't my favorite store, I really like this shirt because of how grunge it looks. For the reason that I take this pictures on Photo Booth, the letters are backwards but it says "Radical".
Outside, it was pretty chilly so I became rather cozy in a striped sweater I got thrift and black leggings from Marshalls. Though such a simple outfit is rather rare for me to wear, I really just felt comfortable and warm in it. I even pulled an old pair of fake Uggs (I really actually hate how Uggs look but they're cozy).
I just felt in a serious leggings mood yet again so I went with floral bottoms that I got from a store in New York City called Strawberry. On top, I wore a sheer top that my aunt designed and put on a necklace that I made a couple Summers ago.
The weather got a little warmer for me to wear one of my favorite black skirts ever that I got from a play and a Paramore shirt (can't wait to see them in November!) I got from Hot Topic. Since it was a little chilly and I walk to school, I wore a pair of black tights I believe I got at Macy's.


Though I normally don't care for picture day, I decided why the hell not look wear an outfit that could sum up what eighth grade is. I put on a shirt that I got thrift and a long black skirt I got on sale at Forever21. In my hair, I wore a bright pink flower crown that I got at Forever21

I went to my camp friend, Lily's bat mitzvah so to the service, I wore a long, black, skirt I got from a hospital charity shop and a sheer black top that my aunt designed. I then put on a silver chain like necklace. To the party (which was at night) I wore a high low dress that my friend Danielle gave me. It really isn't something I normally wear but I don't own all that many party dresses.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Adventure 1: Climb A Tree

I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania at my friend Lily's house for her bat mitzvah and when my camp friends, Talia, Talia P., Kerren, and Penn and I saw the low yet sturdy tree in her backyard, we couldn't help but climb up it.

trying to figure out how to get up could have possibly been the hardest part

Me, Kerren, Talia P., and Penn. I was kind of out of my mind excited.

Talia, Talia P., Me, and Penn. 


Sunday Diary: Picture Day And Other Things That Are Absolutely Pointless

I don't understand why we still have picture day here at school. In this day and age, don't we already take enough selfies that picture day is obsolete? Why must schools have a day in which everyone gets all dressed up to have some shitty photograph where they're either A) blinking or B) Over smiling? On about the second day of school, our principal gave us a long lecture on how much eighth grade picture day means. One of his main points was that we are the main focus of the yearbook. Our pictures are the largest therefor we should prep for this legendary picture. If I could say the least, his point was complete bullshit. This post is partially bullshit too. I mean I am going on a rant about picture day...
Anyways, I decided why the hell not take the fact that Friday, Sepetember 27 was picture day. I mean I dress rather nice every single day but I went with my Jagk tee just so I could look back and either A) cringe about how terrible my music taste was or B) high five myself because my music taste was amazing back in eighth grade. I believe the second one will end up happening. As the tired photographer snapped my picture for the pointless yearbook, I tried to conjure up the most angst filled face possible. Basically, I wanted to look exactly like this:
P.S Somehow Sinead of the online magazine, Creepy Gurl, thought that my poetry was actually good so if you want to see my piece, here is the link: My Last Memory

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Extra: I Used To Think Dark Was What You Should Be Afraid Of But Actually, It Makes Everything More Exciting

One of my favorite YouTube videos ever created was titled "My Missing Letter" by Christian Novelli in which he talks about all the things he did during the Summer. From going to Warped Tour to visiting his friends in England and exploring abandoned houses, to jamming out with Bribry, Christian had an adventure. He ends the video with saying
"I don't believe in putting an address on where you live. Never stay still." I took that quote into way too much consideration. Think about it, why sit on my bed up in my room instead of going on an adventure? So that right there is my new mission in life. I don't want to stay in the same place. I want to just go on an adventure and that is kinda sorta exactly what I am going to do. I'm going to climb trees and run places and some other stuff that I have no idea what they are but trust me, I will figure it out. To figure out what I wanted to do in the small time called the human life span, I wrote up a list of verbs I want to accomplish. OK OK you could call it a bucket list but I am going to go with "Adventure List" so oh well.
Read. Draw. Go to that park in town that I always say I will go to but never do. Start a blog based off of tea parties I have. Have tea parties. Ride a bike. Go rollerskating. Take a really long train and meet Fiona. Get over old friends. Get over everything. Go somewhere really cool. At night. Do everything at night. Run. Skip. Video chat more with Pietro. Make music with all my talented friends who make music. Be in a really kick ass band. Learn how to knit.
That is all for now. Over and out.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ann Had An Existential Crisis

Hey. So as you may have seen, this little blob has been mostly pictures lately and I apolagize for that. I have been basically having the biggest existential crisis I've ever had and well here is what was swimming through my head over the past to weeks:
-What am I doing with my life right now?
I should invest in my future
I'm going to fail at school and end up living in a cardboard box
Whoa I'm going to die and probably not even leave a mark on this world
Whoa I'm going to die
Whoa I only get one life
I need to be productive
I must be Tavi Gevinson
Does anyone even like me?
Does anyone even read this? 
What if this is all a dream?
I don't even know why I exist
Yeah... I'm sorry. I promise posts will be long and actual writing for thats what I love doing. To make it up to you, I give you a lovely conversation my friend John and I had (mostly John) on Instagram and a snapchat Vivi sent me


Monday, September 23, 2013



Monday was pretty cold (Ahh its getting cold outside!) so I went with a long, black skirt I got from a hospital charity shop to pair with my Never Shout Never shirt that I rather proud of getting for two bucks from a thrift store in the boys section. I didn't want to have to deal with my fringe that morning so I just went with pushing it out of my face with a black, studded, bow that my cousin, Maggie gave to me.
It was chilly yet again so I wore a baggy sweater that Maggie gave to me (I have so idea where she bought it) and a short, floral print, skirt that I got from a thrift shop. Since I walk to school, I ended up wearing skin colored tights.

The weather stopped being all that terrible so it was warm enough to wear my Blink182 tee shirt and one of my favorite black skirts ever that I got when I acted in a play in fifth grade.
I totally forgot to take a picture but on Thursday I wore the same skirt (What? I really like it.) and my black Bettie Page shirt with red, patterned, tights.
This week's post could easily be titled "Ann Repeats Outfits" being the ever so lazy person I am, I ended up wearing the same skirt that I
wore on Tuesday and a tight fitting black shirt that my aunt made.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photographic Fantasy

I just love the look of this photograph. The room she is in is so plain except for a small collection of framed pictures. Not only is the setting simple, so is the model. She isn't wearing fancy makeup or a special outfit. She's not even wearing a shirt. I just find it to be so mysterious and somewhat heart braking if you look closely on the girl's expression.

This one is a bit more interesting setting wise yet I find the facial expression of the model to be the most attracting. She seems in such deep thought. I have assumed she is reminiscing on past mistakes. The entire picture is so serene ad almost calming that I can't help but love it.
Hands down, this is my new favorite photograph of all time. I can't exactly pinpoint why but it just is. One reason why I took such a liking towards it is for I have always wanted to be in a band or maybe it is just because that pink electric guitar is rad.
I like the story of this one. The facial expression is hidden therefor, the viewer isn't able to assume the feelings this model has about these photographs. I find love it.
All pictures taken from Weheartit