Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Boxes Made Of Ticky Tacky

I guess this needs an explanation. As you may have been able to tell, this story refers to the song "Little Boxes" in which the writer talks about a cluster of little boxes made of ticky tacky on the hillside where everyone is the same. This story is a little different as you may be able to tell. One of the most memorable YouTube videos I have ever seen was by a boy my age named Stoney. He talked about these figurative boxes that people put each other into. For an example, since he is Polish, society would put him in the polish box and therefor that is who he is. That really got me thinking about society and how I myself put others into boxes and what boxes I am in. Though these figurative social barriers can be nice, how can we be individuals if we are under the label? I cannot be angry at the people who have used their figurative label maker on me for I do it myself. I label my peers almost all the time without even trying. I am not going to go into the actual story in more depth for I want the pictures to speak for themselves but I do want to touch on the media I used. As you may have noticed, I have been doing a lot of collages lately and this seemed like the perfect way to tell a story. I probably wouldn't even have been able to come up with the idea if it weren't for my friend ARo. ARo ran what we call a "chug" (club in Hebrew) every weeknight at my camp called Story Shop in which she talked about different ways to tell a story and well here is my way. Thanks ARo. 

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