My name is Annie (/Ann/Lou). I'm told my mundane title derives from my Aunt Anna who lived in California, but have a feeling it actually stems from my mother's obsession with Anne Boleyn as a teenager and my grandfather's favorite film, Annie Hall. 
 Some basic info: I’m a seventeen year old, queer, freelance writer residing in a town in Jersey right outside New York City. I've been running How Fitting since I was thirteen and have kind of fallen in love with talking about myself, fashion, feminism and the various things I have large obsessions for. 
   The way I dress myself has ranged pretty greatly (and this blog undoubtedly proves it) but if I had to, I'd describe my style as eclectic since all of my clothing derives out of various thrift shops (I shop exclusively secondhand due to unethical fashion).  In all honesty, the way I dress can be compared to a child playing dress up; floral button downs, doc martens, and vintage sundresses being huge staple pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. I revel in looking like an Arizona desert florist grandmother.    
  Aside from the topics HF gravitates around, irrelevant things I'm a fan of include: Harry Styles, empty glass bottles, cats (I've got a black siamese named Nova who is the light of my life), when the F train isn't broken down, crystals, Scott Pilgrim, and feeling bad for myself. 
Along with this nook of the internet, I also am the fashion editor of Mimp Magazine and a staff writer for Mad SoundsWritten Citizen, and write poetry/personal essays for Crybaby Zine
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