My name is Annie (/Ann/Lou) and I’m a seventeen year old, queer, freelance writer residing in a town in Jersey right outside New York City. I've been running How Fitting since I was thirteen and have kind of fallen in love with talking about myself, fashion, feminism and the various things I have large obsessions for. Along with this nook of the Internet I run, I'm also a contributor to Written Citizen, Mad Sounds, Crybaby Zine and the fashion editor for Mimp Magazine (where I also write a fashion and diary column monthly). 
   I'd describe my style as eclectic since mainly all my clothing is from various thrift shops and I tend to dress rather androgynous with solid pieces, adding in my own unique statements (one of my favorites being a pair of Marge Simpson sneakers I found for $10 at Buffalo Exchange). Some of my favorite shops are Buffalo Exchange, L Train Vintage, Monk Vintage, No Relation, and Beacon's Closet. 
   Just a list of various things I'm a fan of include: Harry Styles, empty glass bottles, cats (I've got a black ball of fluff named Nova), when the F train isn't broken down, going to shows, Zayn, Scott Pilgrim, and feeling bad for myself. 
Much love,

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