Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Extra: What Would Daria Do?

I actually used to not watch much television and I still don't watch much but one of the few shows I watch is Daria. The show follows an unpopular, angst filled, teenage girl who basically just makes fun of the entire world in a witty, sarcastic, way that you cannot help but love. Daria has such an attitude that is so awesome and bitchy at the same time and therefor, you cannot help but love her. I find Daria to be such a great character for those she is cynical and rude and just such a big smart ass, she still has some teenage girl inside of her. She has her moments in which she makes stupid decisions such as getting a belly button ring for her crush, Trent Lane. I like how unrealistic yet realistic Daria is for it makes the show interesting yet not too crazy.
The one problem I have with the show could be how they portray the girls who like fashion. These four girls are stupid and self centered. I have learned to just find it funny for it is just a cartoon and you really cannot get angry or offended by these four characters for you really cannot take a television show so seriously. All in all, Daria is an amazing show and probably my favorite character ever.

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