Monday, September 23, 2013



Monday was pretty cold (Ahh its getting cold outside!) so I went with a long, black skirt I got from a hospital charity shop to pair with my Never Shout Never shirt that I rather proud of getting for two bucks from a thrift store in the boys section. I didn't want to have to deal with my fringe that morning so I just went with pushing it out of my face with a black, studded, bow that my cousin, Maggie gave to me.
It was chilly yet again so I wore a baggy sweater that Maggie gave to me (I have so idea where she bought it) and a short, floral print, skirt that I got from a thrift shop. Since I walk to school, I ended up wearing skin colored tights.

The weather stopped being all that terrible so it was warm enough to wear my Blink182 tee shirt and one of my favorite black skirts ever that I got when I acted in a play in fifth grade.
I totally forgot to take a picture but on Thursday I wore the same skirt (What? I really like it.) and my black Bettie Page shirt with red, patterned, tights.
This week's post could easily be titled "Ann Repeats Outfits" being the ever so lazy person I am, I ended up wearing the same skirt that I
wore on Tuesday and a tight fitting black shirt that my aunt made.

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