Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best of Fashion in 2015 Awards

  I feel as about obligated as every other blogger around this time to create a "2015 favorites" of some sort and obviously as you can tell by this wonderful banner I created for myself, (I hate this phase where I have to make everything ironic or sarcastic I'm sorry) I have created the ultimate How Fitting awards ceremony for my personal favorite fashion icons/inspirations of 2015:

OK this is not yet another excuse for me to discuss my love, Harry Styles, but he honestly was one of my biggest style inspirations this year- he took a very vintage and 70s angle this year and oh my don't even get me started on his hair. Overall, I'm head over heels for the loose patterned button downs and (usually ripped) jeans he's been sporting over 2015. 
Also, if we're going to be on the topic of One Direction (or former) members, I'd like to give a shoutout to Zayn Malik for looking extremely high fashion this year- his red carpet looks have been killing it. 
Though her gorgeous outfits and looks are definitely not what Amandla Stenberg should be most recognized for this year, (look up any of the social justice arguments she's made), she was killing it in the red carpet and casual look game, her prom photo being one of my favorite instagram posts of 2015. She's got this awesome unique and elegant aura to her and just looked exquisite, probably one of my favorite people overall 2015. 
Speaking of Jaden Smith, I've been in love with his recent androgynous looks and immediately thought of him when writing this up. He's completely got the tee shirt dress down and how to style it along with how to accessorize all black outfits; his looks have been so interesting and my recent favorite person to look out for on the red carpet. 
I think we all saw this one coming. How could I not write up a fashion favorites and not include my biggest inspiration possible, Tavi Gevinson? Though she's been killing the game since 2009, her style has really developed over the years and her 2015 looks were much more mature and still interesting as always. She's been wearing a lot of mock and high turtlenecks recently which are a perfect compliment for her body type and looks just gorgeous oh my. 

Happy new years!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

love is a losing hand

    Wow. Lots of time spent away. Over the past (almost) two months, I've been up to some pretty wild things definitely though:

I saw Lights!! After two years of waiting, I finally ended up in Philly seeing her and ugh it lived up to every expectation of mine. 

♥ I'm working at multiple online publications!! You can find me at Mimp, Babytwigs, and Ando now! 

I'm really horribly sorry about this completely shitty post and even though that's really against my "blogging style" (ugh how pretentious) I felt the need to just get back into it with this. Will see you much more in the new year.