Monday, November 28, 2016


So not much has happened within the past couple weeks. I guess. Nothing memorable at least. As the temperature drops, I feel as though my excitable plans do too.
That's besides the point however. I've been getting more so into my junior year and just like the previously mentioned tempuratures, my grades, free time, and motivation are dropping. The only thing that seems to be increasing is my horrible habit of procrastination. I'm very stressed and on edge to say the least.
I've be delving back into the songs and bands I listened to in middle school for the lols recently and it's honestly not a healthy habit. Not to say my emo phase wasn't my peak, but I don't think it's healthy to revisit the past like this. I just wanted to put that out there to clear up I haven't been listening to All Time Low seriously.
I don't know if this is the right word to use or not, but I feel very obsolete within my position as a writer. It seems like the only things I can create revolve around my exes or bitterness or depression or a cocktail of all three. Instead of composing, it seems like all I'm doing is sitting in skype meetings and receiving emails reminding me I have due dates I completely forgot.
I'm sorry this was so rambly and aimless. I more so just wanted to share some photos I took in St. Marks and Union Sq. a couple weeks ago. As I said earlier, not much has been published lately aside from this piece I wrote on the recent election. Later.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

(Room Tour 4.0)

So I'm realizing it's been quite awhile since I showed off my bedroom... thank god it no longer looks the way it did last time (or the time before) (or the time before before) but it's definitely within the same sect of teenage wasteland mixed with alcove.
Bottles across the widow (which leads to the roof) along with bits from Nylon's glitter goth and poolside spread. 
Various photos, magazine cut outs, and posters (my pride and joy being my signed Lights one duh) on the low ceiling above my bed. 
My (far too large) jacket collection strewn across my door and closet along with my main purses (at the moment being my leather backpack). 
My bed in its natural form.
A little look at my shoe collection along with the nickel board I stole from a friend in freshman year, and of course my "I'm a Belieber" magnet (a prized possession). 
My guitars carefully yet carelessly placed next to my keyboard and bookshelf.
My DVD collection next along with the TV I picked off the side of the road over the summer, and a bouquet of dollar store plastic flowers. 
Closer look into the true center of my room (my bed).
A couple of posters I stole from a pop up during Fashion Week over my dresser and bookshelf
I never fully bothered to organize my makeup resulting in this chaos. 
My favorite images over my bed (left to right: A Front Bottoms poster, This Is Our Youth, an editorial about School of American Ballet, a sticker from High Schoolers for Bernie, a Central Park Zoo ticket from a date, my train pass from 2 summers ago, a photo of my grandmother, a portrait from a friend, a postcard given to me by Tenn from The Deep End Club [RIP], a photo from a flee market in Williamsburg, this ridiculous essay my friend wrote, a postcard saying "My Outfit is NOT an invitation", a ticket to the Whitney from the first date with my ex boyfriend, "Happy Birthday to My Best Gay" card from my 16th, a photo Ben took, 2 post cards from Leslie Lohman, a photo from the Whitney rooftop, and a letter my friend Jurnee wrote me)

Bodega flowers paired with my various art history binders and folding maps.
One of the last standing collages in my bedroom over my makeup.
A One Direction shrine because?? 
Bits and bobs next to my bed (highlights include: multiple photos of Zayn, a dollar store "Feliz Cumpleanos" banner, and a Stop Slut poster from 2013).

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Say to Me "Can You Feel It?"

-"Dads Against Daughters Dating" Top: thrift
-Leopard print skirt: thrift
-Mary Janes: Doc Martens