Monday, September 2, 2013

Things You Must See: September

Well here we are and the Summer is soon coming to a close hopefully, the things I have put together will somehow cheer you up! 
I have about three friends who are into the whole punk pop and screamo genres of music and after having my friend Elana basically tell me "Ann, if you don;t listen to Fall Out Boy then I will never talk to you again", I caved in and had a listen to their latest album, "Save Rock And Roll" I kind of sort of got addicted. I really love the intensity of Fall Out Boy and trust me, about all of their songs will get stuck in your head. 
I have recently discovered one of my new favorite blogs written by a ninth grader in my town. Crazerluzer is absolutely adorable and I love Luz's fashion taste. Her writing is amazing and just the entire website it so cute! 
Television and Videos
I have two this month for I couldn't decide which one I wanted to blog more about! One day, while I was scrolling through YouTube, I came across one of my new favorite vloggers ever. Christian Novelli has this adorable personality and can just make me laugh how cute he is. Christian has this shy, clever, and really cute personality and just does so well in front of a camera. Only in a Christian Novelli video could someone write a One Direction fanfiction in which Harry Styles and Louis Tomilson play Scrabble and get into a fight or Chris could paint a wooden penguin statue and just simply say "I believe he is planning to overthrow the government." Next, I must talk about the thing that has been taking over my life. Supernatural. Though at first, I wasn't really sure if it my thing since I am terrified of everything, but once watching it, I was hooked. The plot of each episode is so thrilling and the character development is incredible. I mean it gets to the kind of addiction where I seriously finished an entire season in a day. A DAY. Expect a full out post about this show later on.
This month, my friend Vivi called me up telling me there was a documentary about our favorite movie ever, "Trolls 2" and I had to see it. Best Worst Movie follows the lives of the actors after what was voted to be the worst movie of all time and their lives now. Not only do you see how the main characters from "Trolls 2" are doing but see the full out fandom made around this terrible horror film. Though I could talk and laugh about this for hours, I don't want to spoil anything for you! 

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