Monday, September 9, 2013

I Don't Even Know What I'm Like Anymore (the last day of Summer)

 I don't even know if I am at an all time high or low
  or if I am happy or sad
  I don't even know what personality is
 or what I like to do or what I think about myself anymore
 I can't figure out why but people around me hate what I'm doing when I love it.
 I don't know if I am building myself up from nothing or breaking myself down from everything
 I find myself to be the most boring human yet I constantly find myself endlessly fascinating
 I make these promises that I don't mean and I'm slowly realizing what terrible a person I can be.
 I want to be alone so I can get lost in my own thoughts for that is where I am most happy
 I am indecisive and don't even know if I love or hate myself
 I want to smile for this has been the best Summer yet to everyone else, is the worst summer for all of the things I've done.
 I don't want to leave my bed yet I just want to go outside and climb a tree
 What makes me happy is the thing that makes everyone else hurt
 So just leave me alone and allow me to get lost in my head

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