Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Diary: Hair Diary

I have big hair. Like seriously giant hair like take about six girls and all their hair added together will still not be nearly as much hair I have on my head. For the past 13 years, I have absolutly hated myself for it and have put myself under the label as “forever alone” and “ugly” just becuase my hair wasn’t as thin as the other girls at school. A lot of people made fun of me at school and would regularly ask me “Ann do you brush your hair” just because my hair is so wild that it looks like I do not take care of it. Even my best friend told me I looked ugly (we aren’t friends anymore!). I listened to them and presumed myself as just an ugly person because my hair was so wild. In sixth grade, I would cry myself to sleep about every night for the kids at school had bullied me so much and that every single time I looked in a mirror, I just felt like total crap. My mom finally gave in and let me get a treatment called Caretin which of course, could not calm my hair. I was miserable and just really hated myself in every way possible. Then I came across a magical girl. I mean she was gorgeous and the best part was she was friends with one of my favorite singers Alex Day! I stalked her online and just fell in love with her. She has called me her “friend” and was exactly like how I wanted to be. She was so sweet and accepting and was just plain gorgeous. I stopped straightening my hair after it and I have never been happier. I can not thank Carrie Hope Fletcher more. This one girl has done so much for me and seriously, I have no way to repay her.

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