Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello darlings! I am so sorry that I never wrote up an outfits post the other week! I didn't get off the train from the Hamptons until later and Supernatural got in the way of everything and this week I just kind of stayed in pajamas so I went with doing my outfits from last week and two from this week!
Two Weeks Ago
I ended up going into town with Emma and I wore a brown Forever21 tank a pair of badge striped shorts (I dyed them) also from Forever21 and a hand me down knitted vest that my best friend Vivi gave to me. I just wore my regular makeup but I had just started using liquid eyeliner so the line is a little off! I then just braided my hair to the side for that looks simple and sweet to me.
I didn't exactly feel like putting an outfit together so I just wore regular makeup, left my hair down, and put on a striped sundress I got from a garage sale a year ago.
This could possibly one of my new favorite outfits. I went out to breakfast with my sister and mom wearing a knee length skirt that I wore in a fifth grade school play and a cropped Forever21 top that I borrowed from my little sister.

Last Week
Vivi called and ask if I wanted to go to the beach for the weekend with her and we had to get ready in an hour to catch our train! I wore a tribal print floppy top that I got from consignment and my favorite Forever21 floral shorts.
I went out wearing a long Forever21 skirt and a tight fitting tee shirt that I got thrift.

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