Monday, September 9, 2013


Holy crappy tomorrow is my first day of eighth grade and I am absolutely not excited in any way possible.
On Monday, my mom and I went out to get some new stuff for my room since that I just moved up to the attic (yes I have become that antisocial) so I just went with my Bring Me The Horizon tank and a black skirt with elastic at the top that I got from being in a play in fifth grade. I then put an Icing flower crown in my hair.
To high holiday services, I wore a thrift dress and straightened my hair. After services though, I wore a Paramore shirt that I got from Hot Topic and a skirt I got from Urban Outfitters. I put yet another headbandI got from Icing in my hair to add more interest to it. I then just wore average makeup for since my hair was straight, I didn't want to look too fake. 
I got my hair cut that day! Since I would just be sitting in a chair, I wore a pair of Abbey Dawn checker board pants and a Blink 182 shirt I got from Forever21. My hair was still straight (
before I got it cut) from the day before though once the hairdresser washed it, I ended up with my natural hair for the rest of the day.

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