Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Austin Mahone? Mmh No

I'm going to start out with saying this is not in fact a recent song and I realize that-and though I'd hate to bring back old drama, people are still worshipping Austin Mahone and I feel as though it's important to share my own reasons on why this guy and his song are icky.
   Lets just get right into it and begin with the first couple lines of the song.
"I tell these women that it's all about a team
Jordan and Pippen man
So do you want to join the team
Now tell me little miss thang

   Can I talk about how PROUD I am of Pit Bull? I mean wow good job sir you used words other than party and Miami! I didn't even know you knew that many words! Seriously though, what does this even mean? It kind of looks like he put a cluster of random words together and came up with this rap about telling woman "it's all about a team" and addresses a female as "little miss thang". Though this piece of the song isn't nearly as bad as the rest (believe it or not, it gets worse), it's flat out creepy. I really don't like how this man tells "these women" (meaning he's done this more than once) and calls a human being "little miss thang" which if you haven't actually realized, is a gross thing to say to someone. I mean he could call her "little miss boobs" or "little miss woman that I don't actually care about and will probably try and and sleep with and then move onto the next girl and tell her it's all about some fucking team." but I don't think that's the catchiest name and I don't know much about flirting and relationships but I don't think that's exactly what I, myself, would like to be addressed as. 

   Moving onto where it gets the actual point of the song, Austin comes in with 
"When I saw her
Walking down the street
She looked so fine
I just had to speak
I asked her name
But she turned away
As she walked
All that I could say was"
Wow I see that we're already going full speed ahead on the stupid train, Austin. To sum up what just happened (because apparently his fans aren't capable of reading lyrics and seeing the flaws in them), Mr. Austin Mahone saw a lady he thought was looking pretty nice and he apparently just had to speak. He then continued onto asking her name which is a pretty good way to start off a conversation. But seeing that this girl had the actual sense not to talk to gross strangers on the street, she walked away like a smart person. And then Austin left her alone because he saw that she wasn't interested and he respects her for choosing not to talk to him. Right? Nope. Our friend Austin, has to go into an extraordinarily idiotic chorus about how he said "mmh yeah" out loud to this poor woman. Before I go into all the shit that goes on with the refrain, let's just stay on these lines for a second. It's perfectly OK to think that someone that you see on the street looks nice. Just did he have to call her "fine"? There are so many words to describe some one's beauty and he just had to choose one of the most misogynistic ones. Then he goes up to the girl. I don't know about you but if a random guy came up to me and asked for my name I would no doubt do the same as the girl in the song and walk away because I listened in kindergarten when they said don't talk to strangers-especially trash like Austin Mahone. This girl did NOTHING wrong for leaving him. Obviously he was putting her in a very uncomfortable situation and she had the power to turn away from it. If the song could get any more misogynistic, the chorus happens.
"Mmm Mmm yeah yeah
Mmm Mmm yeah yeah
Mmm Mmm yeah yeah
All that I could say was"

OK who wrote these lyrics? A five year old? How many times will people have to tell men that cat calling is NOT and will NEVER be a compliment? Cat calling is not a term of endearment. Cat calling is not sexy. It is not something attractive and sure doesn't make me feel better about myself or the person doing it. No matter how you do it, CAT CALLING IS NOT A COMPLIMENT. It disgusts me that someone would ever dedicate a top 40 song to something as repulsive as cat calling. Why couldn't he write another one of those stupid party songs? It's not as if his fans actually listen to his music. I mean why would you when you can just stare at his face? Amiright?
   Things get even dumber as we get into yet another GREAT verse.
"Six inch heels clickin up and down the street
You know she's comin and then she walks away way way way
I'm a big big deal, a little fun's all I need
But I can tell she don't believe what I said said said said said"

   I love how this song is basically made up of Austin getting rejected but wait! Austin is a "big big deal" and "a little fun" is all he needs so it's TOTALLY fine to talk about a girl as though she is an object. Dear Mr. Mahone, I don't care about how big a deal you are. I seriously couldn't care less about you joke of a singing career or how many twelve year old fans you have. If I am not attarcted to you (or anyone for that matter), I have every single right to leave you.
Skipping over the chorus, we get here:
"Rock' n' roll one time, we'll make it up as we go

I know you feel it cus I mean what I said said said said
We can do whatever, do whatever we want
When she walk past me I say hey hey hey hey..."
  The part that really got me angry was when he claims that he knows she feels it because he means what he says. Haven't we heard that line before? Oh wait I know where it's from! Robin Thicke's lovely song about date rape! 
"I know you want it...". Yet another important point here: JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE "FEELING IT" DOES NOT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MEAN THAT SHE DOES TOO. Unless this poor girl gave you a verbal indication such as I don't know maybe 
"I like you." or "Wow I'm feeling it." you have no reason and I mean NONE to assume she likes what you are doing to her. My favorite part is that going back to the pre chorus SHE WALKED AWAY. I don't think there is any better way to show you really aren't into someone other than leaving them without a word. I mean I knew Austin was stupid but is he really that dumb he can't take a hint? 
"So tell me where you're from, where you wanna go
She walked pass me like I ain't say a word
Stood there like man
Girl I don't usually feel some type of way
But this one hit me hard in some kind of place
Like man.."

  This girl just walked away from him why does he continue to talk to her? The worst thing mentioned here is line four and five. I understand that you were attracted to someone on the street. We get it. But just because you feel a type of way NEVER means that she has to like you back and telling her it "hit you hard in some kind of place" antagonizes her and really pressures her into having to like you back. If someone is not interested, LEAVE THEM ALONE. It really isn't that hard. 
   Skipping over that icky chorus, our good friend, Pit Bull, returns with yet another beautiful rap.
"Mmm Mmm yeah yeah
She looks so good but she bad bad
You can see that back from the front front
booty like kriss kross, jump jump
Meet me in the middle of the ocean, we can find ourselves and lose minds.. rewind
Wawawawa play
Find ourselves and lose our minds today
Austin M, Armando, acabando latinos y gringos gozando me entiendes
For those that thought that we would stop
definitely don't have a mind to think with, brainless
Most of them broke but they're famous
Some got hitched but they're nameless
But mammita, forget about that
When I see you
All that I could say was"

   I think there is too much stupidity to not go line by line with this one. So first line is yet another repeat of that ever so meaningful refrain and as we get into the second line, we learn that wow this girl is very attractive but is bad somehow. The next two lines consist of this wonderful description of this woman's butt and I don't think I need to go into how disrespectful that is. Things get extraordinarily terrible as Pit Bull claims that for those with actual sense who say that cat calling is unacceptable, are apparently brainless which I think is just plain hilarious coming from Pit Bull of all people. 
    There are so many things wrong with this whole thing. Not only was yet another misogynistic song that objectifies women added to the top 40 countdown but Austin's fan base is basically made up of all young teenagers my age (and younger) and this is brainwashing them into accepting cat calling as something that they should take as a compliment. It teaches girls that they have no power in a situation where they aren't attracted to a guy and antagonizes those who actually get their feelings across. No matter how many flimsy and stupid points onto why she should like him, it will ever make it OK to cat call. On the topic of Top 40, we should really be listening to lyrics of songs that are this popular instead of letting the catchy beat trick us. Would you really want to dance to something like this now knowing what it's actually about? And why are we idolizing people like this? There are artists out there such as Bribry O'Reilly and Kate Nash who not only have 500000x more talent than Sir Mahone, but actually add positive and empowering themes to their songs that actually make yourself not feel like shit. Why do so many people feel as though misogynistic, douche bag, guys like Austin and our friends from "What Guys Look For In Girls", Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier (who by the way are in the lyric video), are good role models? 
   All in all, to sum up what I'm saying, the song is trash, Austin Mahone is complete trash, and we need better songs on the radio.

Monday, May 26, 2014

I'll Take You For a Ride On My Garbage Truck

    I have been pretty anxious on how to write up one of these for I feel as though the things I have to say regarding this week are pretty boring and unimportant and I just couldn't manage to scrap up something actually good to write about. The past couple days have been average and rather unproductive. They consist of watching "Hannibal" and my favorite movie ever, "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" (for like the 50th time) quite a lot and looking for things in my room to clean. I spend hours and hours alone and seem to be pushing away my friends and their requests to hang out. I like the solitude for when I'm around my group of friends, I tend to think bad, unrealistic, thoughts about how much they must hate me and how annoying I am.
   But those thoughts and feelings aren't killing me and messing with my head like they used to. I love the close knit group of people I hang out with and from what they've told me, the feeling is mutual. On another note, I was looking through old photos on my laptop the other day and found a cluster of pretty great ones from the night Emma, John, Nate, and I all went to the playground on a Friday night when it was freezing cold and there was snow and everything was magical for some reason. And just to add onto the positive feelings, I have been looking forward to a couple events like me and my friend, Annabel, seeing each other for the first time in two years in only a couple weeks and the dinner dance and how me and John are going as friends and dying my hair new colors for the summer because those are the thoughts that reassure me that everything is OK and more importantly, I am fine.

I'm A Lifeless Face That You'll Soon Forget

♥Flannel: My grandpa
♥Nirvana tank (DIY cut): Hot Topic
♥Shorts: Forever21

♥Overalls: Forever21 (given to me by Vivi)
♥Buffy The Vampire Slayer tee: Hand me down from Maggie
♥Polka dot tights: Macy's
♥Necklace: DIY

♥Paramore tee: Hot Topic
♥Shorts: Forever21
♥Pearls: Forever21

♥Jeans: Vivi
♥Tank: thrift
♥Pearls: Forever21

♥Top: Maggie
♥Skirt: H&M
♥Collar necklace: consignment
♥Shoes: Superga by the Man Repeller

♥Governors Ball tee: Vivi
♥Leggings: thrift
♥Fuzzy hair because humidity

♥Title from "Youth" by Daughter

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Favorite Shows

    I consider myself to be much more of an internet person than I will be a TV lover but I do have a fairly long list of shows that I enjoy and usually just watch on my laptop (this is in no particular order).

   This horror drama has been my favorite show since last Summer and I continue to love it (and be rather protective over it) even as their ninth season came to a close with an ending I don't particularly agree with. "Supernatural" follows brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they hunt down demons, angels, and about everything else supernatural (hence the title). Over the seasons, not only does Dean's voice get deeper and Sam's hair becomes a flowing mane but there is actually some really rad character development between the relationship the siblings have and how they act towards each other. Though their latest season was pretty iffy, the series is just so interesting and I just can't put into words how much I love this show and how excited I am for season ten. 
Criminal Minds
    OK I realize how tacky and stupid yet another crime show where everyone is attractive must sound but I can assure you it is so much more (OK maybe it isn't but we're not going to go into that). "Criminal Minds" is set in Quantico, Virginia at the behavioral analysis unit with the ever so interesting team of profilers. The show for some reason fascinates me and I was hooked by the first episode. The characters are also so well written and they could all seriously sit in a room for an hour, talking about paperclips and they would somehow find a way to make the entire conversation seem like something great. There's also Matthew Gray Gubler and I think that's enough reason to watch the show.


White Collar
    Though I have spent more time than I should watching this, I think I am at the point where I am really questioning wether or not it's  actually a decent show or if I just really like Matt Bomer. "White Collar" is about famous painting forger, Neal Caffrey, and how he has been released from prison by agent Peter Burke (who's the one who put him in there in the first place) to help him solve white collar crimes- meaning paintings being stolen. I don't think I have to explain to you the lack of action. Though the plot is pretty flimsy and I'd consider this more of a guilty pleasure, the acting is A+ and you will no doubt fall in love with Neal Caffrey.

    About a week ago, I began watching this NBC horror crime show  after I'd caught myself up with "Criminal Minds" (it's not coming back until September) and I'm already in love. I am a very easily scared person so I was rather surprised when I began to love the show so much. To be honest, I don't believe "Hannibal" is nearly as scary as NBC makes it out to be. I am a person who is pretty fine with the whole blood and "scary" crime type thing (I thank "Criminal Minds" for that) so the graphic recreations of the murders that Will goes through don't disturb me at all and you know this show can't be even a bit scary if I say that I am fine with watching it. "Hannibal" follows Will Grahm, a profiler (as you can tell I'm big on shows about the BAU) who over the years, has become more and more disturbed by the crimes he has had to go through and the way he can get into a murder's mind has been driving him crazy so he is sent to a psychiatrist who just so happens to be Will's biggest case, The Ripper (a killer who rips out his victim's organs to consume them). Otherwise known as Hannibal Lector. Throughout the show, Hannibal plays countless mind games with Will to get him farther and farther away from being right about his case and it is actually a pretty frustrating show to watch since the killer is right in front of him. Everything in it is so well written and thrilling and I'd recommend this 100% for anyone into crime television. 


   Most of the shows I watch are pretty intense so it's nice to watch a simple cartoon like "Daria". I am not usually the type of person who really laughs out loud at anything yet this former MTV show has got me to the point of tears. The characters in "Daria" all have their own unique personalities and the form of comedy is so original.

    I have quite a thing for crime shows and "Sherlock" is no doubt the most unique one I have watched. Just like the original novels, the show takes place in England and follows Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as they solve mysteries together but the way BBC put a twist on it is A+. Everything is in modern times and unlike the books, Sherlock and John live together on Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes reminds me in a way of the less annoying and british Sheldon Cooper with how brilliant he is yet lacks social skills whereas John is left to be the Leonard (I may or may not have had a "Big Bang Theory" phase last year) and him, along with the audience, make fun of how clueless Sherlock can be. Needless to say, this BBC show is witty, thrilling, and on my top five list of favorite shows.

    Though this Comedy Central show isn't the most well written thing I watch, it is pretty damn funny. "Workaholics" follows three telemarketers and the strange and hilarious things they get up to after work. It's overall extremely well acted and one of my favorite things to watch whenever I'm not feeling of really needing to pay my full attention to something.

Flight Of The Concords
     One of my favorite things ever are mockumentaries and when my best friend, Vivi, showed me this HBO comedy, it was instant love. "Flight Of The Concords" is all about a rather unconventional band from New Zealand and how they come to America to build an audience though fail pretty badly, getting a gig here and there at a libraries and other strange venues. The entire series is very "Spinal Tap"-eque, extremely creative, and hilarious.
Freaks and Geeks
    This 90s teen comedy is one of my all time favorites and continues to be timeless. "Freaks and Geeks" follows Lindsay and her experience through high school as she begins to grow out of her friend group and begins hanging out with the "freaks" of the school. Throughout the eighteen episodes, Lindsay is opened up to a world of drugs, drinking, and just getting to be more free than she was before with her unforgettable group of new friends made up of James Franko as Danny Desario, Ken Miller played by Seth Rogan, Nick Andopolis portrayed by Jason Segal, and my personal favorite, Busy Phillips as Kim Kelly. There is also the side plot of the geeks led by Lindsay's younger brother, Sam, and his two friends, Neal and Bill as they figure out girls, face being bullied, and get into Neal's dad's affair. Though there are only eighteen episodes the series is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lets Talk the "This Is Gospel" Piano Version

  On May 14, Fueled By Ramen surprised us with the rather ambiguous video of Panic At The Disco's Brendan Urie performing a piano cover of "This Is Gospel". The first time I clicked on the video I was unsure how to react. Like what was going on? For those of you who haven't seen it, (it's at the bottom of this post-I would highly recommend watching it) it begins like any other solo piano cover would. Brendan walks into what looks like an empty alley with a large, gorgeous, white piano in the middle. Before I go on, I'd just like to mention how beautiful the vocals are in this video. Don't get me wrong, I love how fun Panic's techno feel is but hearing this lead singer's pure voice was pretty magical and the piano made everything more authentic.
   As we reach the chorus though, things begin to get a little more exciting. Confetti, fruit loops, and puff balls begin to fall out of nowhere to make a more Panic At The Disco vibe to it and everything is just really pretty and fun to look at but I think the part where I, myself questioned the video was around the second chorus line where a glass bottle breaks. Brendan's sunglasses fly off and there are eggs and milk flooding all over the once clean piano. Fried chicken is now falling from the sky too and purple paint is everywhere. Spaghetti tops it all off in the end and we can barely see the white from the piano. Brendan's fancy suit is covered in bits of food and his hair has come out of the nice quiff that must have taken forever to style. As the song comes to a close, Brendan walks off while getting blue and purple paint to finish off the job of ruining the suit.

    Yeah the entire thing is pretty ridiculous and terribly funny to watch but when I really looked into it, this representation fit the song perfectly and got me thinking what "This Is Gospel" is really about. The hit has a theme of falling apart and deteriorating. I mean it pretty obvious (they say "the fear of falling apart" about eight times). And as the video goes on, not only does the set begin to get grosser and grosser but Brendan himself begins to almost fall apart. His movements are much quicker and less carefully planned out and his psychical appearance changes drastically too. The clean suit and hairstyle he had when he walked in is gone by the end and covered in bits of what was thrown on him. Everything gets weirder as Brendan's mind begins to deteriorate and he just seems to want to hold onto some of his sanity as he bangs on the piano keys.

   And then there is the end. As Brendan walks off, he begins to fix the cuffs of his jacket as if to just try and stop what has already happened and the final strike hits as he it covered in paint.
    I found the entire video to be so beautiful and well done and I would recommend watching it 100%.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Prettier and Younger But Not Any Better Off

♥Shoes: Vans
♥Pierce the Veil tee: Hot Topic
♥Shorts: Forever21

♥Fall Out Boy tee: Hot Topic
♥Shorts: Forever21
♥Necklace: Nordstrom BP

♥Bring Me The Horizon tank: Hot Topic
♥"Therapy" necklace: Etsy
♥Bird cage necklace: Pier One
*my friend, Emma, did my hair

♥Sweater: Nordstrom BP
♥Ramones leggings: Hot Topic
♥Same necklaces as Tuesday 

The Man Repeller Meet Up (same day)
♥Shorts: Forever21
♥The same bird cage necklace I wear like everyday 
♥Jacket: Perch
So Leandra was having a whole meet up type thing and me and Vivi went and wow it was amazing.

♥Shoes: Superga (I won a raffle at the man repeller meet up and they are really lovely)
♥Sweater: Urban Outfitters (Vivi gave it to me)
♥Shorts: Forever21

♥Tank: Target
♥Cardigan: Consignment
♥Shorts: thrift
♥Blue choker: my great grandma's
♥Earth necklace: consignment

♥Tank: thrift
♥Shorts: Forever21
♥My hair did this really cool thing because it was getting over the humidity and wow it looked so nice