Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beauty Product Reviews 2

    This weekend, I ended up at Harmon and bought a couple new beauty products to try out!

Bastite Dry Shampoo: Cherry
   I have tried tons of different hair sprays just to get my hair to have a bit more volume and not look as dried out and I have to say, Bastite is my overall favorite. Unlike a lot of other dry shampoos, it doesn't make my hair feel sticky or smell gross and really does the trick to get healthy looking (at least), silky, hair. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with dry and straightened hair.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser 
   I am rather obsessive over my foundation and "skin makeup" (I don't know what else to call it...) and have been looking for something for my pores so when I found the pore eraser, I decided "why not?". I can't exactly compare it to any other pore cosmetic since this is my first time using one but I love love love it. The name "Baby Skin" is a perfect way to describe it for not only does it make my pores much less obvious, but makes my face feel pretty great. 

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick: "Pinched Pink"
    I have been using a Loreal blush for a couple months now and though I loved it, my foundation is extremely pale and the texture was so thick it was starting to look a little over done. I liked the idea of the stick for when I was applying blush with my finger, I would always take way too much and end up looking pretty stupid. The blush stick is pretty great for applying because I just swipe a bit across my cheeks, rub in, and then I'm done! The color is also perfect for it is a very subtle pink that doesn't make my entire face look to done up.

Rimmel Stay Matte
    As I said earlier on, I have a pretty huge obsession with having a matte look to my makeup so when I found a foundation called "Stay Matte" I thought it was pretty perfect. The texture is a little thick though so I have to mix it with Loreal True Match which almost waters it down a bit so it doesn't look caked on. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Give Me Disaster, Give Me Emergency

Since I spent most my spring break in my pajamas, I only have a few outfits to share this week.
♥Top: vintage from a bag my mom's co worker gave me of his mother's old clothing
♥Skirt: H&M

♥Pink Floyd tee: thrift
♥Overall shorts: Vivi (she got them from Forever21)
♥Flower crown: DIY
♥Glasses: prescription 

Nordstrom BP Fashion Board Interview (same day)
Sweater: BP
Bandeu: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21

*Title from "Lions" by Lights

Sunday, April 27, 2014

BP Fashion Board and Crime Shows

   Hey babes! The past couple weeks have been pretty busy for two weeks ago was Passover and then last week was spring break and I was spending most of my time working on my Nordstrom BP Fashion Board fashion project and binge watching crime shows. In other words, no I have not died.
   My Nordstrom fashion project was a pretty rushed one since I got an email saying I had an interview in four days! In the end though, my look book actually turned out a hundred times better than I expected and I was real satisfied with it (thanks to Vivi and her mom, Sandra). My interview was on Friday and let me start this story by telling you I looked pretty adorable in a BP sweater, Forever21 plaid skirt, and white knee socks (there will be a picture of it in my outfits post). I was pretty anxious walking in but in the end, I think I did pretty well and can't wait to hear back next week.
   Another thing I blame my absence on is the fact that "White Collar" and "Criminal Minds" exist. OK I realize how extraordinarily stupid it must sound, but crime shows are my new favorite thing. I have been sticking to only two different ones so far but I think it has gotten to the point of this obsession being a problem. "White Collar" has left me with a new found love for Matt Bomer (seriously who DOESN'T have a love for Matt Bomer) and the entire show makes me feel uncomfortable in a way for whenever they make a joke I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cringe at how bad it is. I think the main word to describe my feelings towards "White Collar" is serious confusion for I can't exactly tell if the show is really really good or extremely terrible (it probably is awful but Neal Caffrey has gotten me hypnotised into becoming obsessed with it). Then there's "Criminal Minds" which I have only been watching for a couple weeks and I am more than half way caught up. I no doubt prefer CM over "White Collar" any day just because the crimes are so much more interesting. I am a person who is scared by about everything yet I somehow find a great amount of interest in the rather disturbing murders the BAU handle while it can only get SO interesting dealing with forgery and theft in WC
. And don't get me started on Spencer Reid. I have not only in a passionate one sided relationship with the profiler but with Matthew Gray Gubler. There is just something about this man that makes me so happy.
    To wrap this up, I shall be posting regularly again and have missed this blog loads!

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Your Loss If You Want To Love Me

♥Kellin Quinn skirt: Hot Topic
♥Cardigan: thrift
(OK so I felt really gorgeous that day and have like fifty pictures of myself on my laptop now)

Passover (same night)
♥Top: consignment
♥Leggings: thrift
♥Socks: Target

♥Harry Potter tee: Hand me down (Maggie)
♥Peter Pan collar necklace: consignment
♥Socks: Target
Shoes: Doc Martens
♥Earrings: Xcessory

♥Top: Zumiez
♥Skirt: Love Couture
♥Socks: Target (I wear like the same pair of socks everyday.)
♥Shoes: The same Doc Martens I literally wear everyday

Monday, April 14, 2014

Homesick At Space Camp

Red Hot Chili Peppers tee- Thrift
♥ Collar Necklace- consignment

GLMR KLLS tee: thrift

♥ Shorts: hand me down from my cousin
♥ Polka dot tights: Target
♥ Collar necklace: Consignment (same as Monday because I am horribly unoriginal)

 Nirvana tank: Hot Topic (I cut it)
♥Skirt: Forever21

♥Top: thrift
♥Sex Pistols leggings: Hot Topic
♥ Birdcage necklace: Pier One (I wear it at least twice a week to be honest)
♥ "Therapy" necklace: Etsy

♥ Blink-182 tank: Hot Topic (I cut it)
♥ Leggings: thrift
♥ Beanie: Target

♥ Sweater: hand me down (at least I think...)
♥ Leggings: thrift
♥ Socks: Vivi's
♥ w0w I wasn't wearing any makeup for I was just going to voice

*Title from Fall Out Boy song

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Think The Universe Is On My Side

I'm just really happy at the moment. I mean this came out of nowhere and all of a sudden, everything is wonderful. My hair has gotten down to a decent length and I have decided to keep it short. The past couple months have consisted with being horribly upset over my hair length to the point where I can't think of anything else and sometimes, I just have to back away. 
My friends are some of the best people ever. The days we hang out consist of mostly sitting in the field by a playground by the school. We sometimes run around and play games and just feel weightless. On Friday, we went to Emma's and baked cookies. John, Sam, Emma, and I sat in in her backyard and swing on the creaky play set and everything just felt like it was coming together really really perfectly.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm Not Synthetica

I realize this is an outfits post that is not titled with the normal name. From now on, I've decided to name these posts after song lyrics of songs that I either really identify with that week or just have been listening to a lot!
Shirt: Wild Fox (hand me down from Maggie)

Tank top: Forever21 Basics
Flannel: My grandfather's closet
Bird cage necklace: Pier One

Batman shirt: Vintage from my mom's coworker's mother
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Target
Socks: Taken from my mom
Shoes: Doc Martens

Top: Forever21 (stolen from Viv)
Leggings: Buffalo Exchange (also Vivi's)

"Therapy" necklace: Etsy (custom made)
Skirt: H&M
Sweater: from Maggie
Bird cage necklace: Pier One
Shoes: Doc Martens
(Can I just talk about how gorgeous I felt this day k thx)