Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Panic! Its Longer Now!

Its finally out! After spending about a full month of waiting, All Time Low's album, "Don't Panic!", has been extended to become "Don't Panic! Its Longer Now!" was released just yesterday. The album contains all twelve of the songs off of the original but includes four new songs and four gorgeous acoustic covers of the songs Reckless and The Brave, Somewhere In Neverland, For Baltimore and Backseat Serenade.
I have said before multiple times that I truly do believe the band sounds best when live and acoustic. Trust me, the acoustic versions are just plain gorgeous. Alex's voice is extraordinary and they worked the instruments in so well. The best by far is belivably, Somewhere In Neverland in which they incorporate a violin into the mix. Though this may seem unusual for a punk pop band, it worked so well.
The new original songs to say the least, are amazing. My favorite would have to be "Oh Calamity!" for I find that the notes compliment Alex's voice and Zack's bass. Also, how could you forget "Love Like War" which they released in the beginning of September. Not only was the song extremely fun to listen and sing along to but the fact that they did a collaboration with Vic Fuentes, lead singer of Pierce The Veil, is just beyond awesome. All in all, the extended album was just plain amazing in every way possible.

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