Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monthly Fashion Bible: June

We hit June! You know what that means! Sunny days, warm nights, and lightweight clothing! With me going off camp in a few weeks, most of my clothing for June is more causal and durable than the more high maintenance pieces I usually wear. So lets jump right into the third installment of "Monthly Fashion Bibles". You could also title this blog post "Ann Gets Lazy With Fashion"
Yes, I think we all know about my deep hatred for T-shirts but I've been dealing with them for the past couple days. Even though I can't stand wearing Ts I have been finding a couple pretty decent ones such as an old Ed Hardy I found in my closet. It's not the name written across the chest that I like. It;s the design. Even though it's hard, I like to find personality in the simple tops I wear and hope that somehow that'll make them interesting. To add some fun to this otherwise simple top, I'd tuck into a cute pair of shorts and add a cute pair of sneakers. It's casual and cute!
I have cleaned out my drawers of most of my jeans and stocked up on more shorts. My favorites are fun solid colors or just plain jean shorts. As cute as patterned ones are, they are a bitch to pair up with tops. I mean how many solid tops to do you own?
My cat flats are still my go to shoes even though I am pretty exited about my new converse! As much as I hate wearing sneakers I am pretty freaking exited to walk around in these "Wonder Woman" sneakers. I prefer converse over other sneakers and running shoes for all though they aren't the most athletic shoes, they are way most unique and fun!
Accessories and Dresses
I didn't add in these two sections for this month I've been wanting to go for a more casual look now that slouchy summer is coming up. Even though these two are my favorite sections,I won't be wearing much of them.
Hope you have an awesome June!

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