Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

It's those things that are just so embarrassing that telling people that you have actually listened to or worse enjoyed is just so nerve wracking. We all have guilty pleasures. I have guilty pleasures. Why the hell do you think they made that handy "Private Session" on Spotify? Yes, I am guilty of pressing the private session button a couple times a week for my Jedward, Austin Mahone, The Ready Set, Avril Lavigne, and R5 needs.
Instead of describing my true embarrassment for the music I listen to once in a while, I tried to go more in dept on why people find their own guilty pleasures embarrassing.
Many people think about image. The clothes they wear, the things they do, the music they listen to. Its all a character. So how could you break a character like that if you are caught listening to something that is considered embarrassing for your image? Yes most of the music that I listen to breaks the character I portray. How can the sweet, nerdy girl listen to punk bands? Even though the bands I listen to aren't much of a secret, it can be embarrassing or just strange for someone to share the more alternative music they listen to. It's all inside of some one's comfort zone.
I have to admit, I don't find Austin Mahone's song "Say Something" to be total perfect music nor could I say that I actually think R5's "Want You Bad"'s lyrics are the best. Music like this is just plain catchy and I can't help but want to listen to it. I consider these people and bands to be my own guilty pleasures for I don't want my blog viewers or the people I know and see everyday to get the wrong idea of the music I listen to and enjoy. I exaggerate the thick line between the bands I listen to regularly and guilty pleasures for I find that bands like ALL CAPS and people like Alex Day to be a small part of me and make up a piece of who I am and describe my personality while The Ready Set is just something that I will listen to once and a while and embarrassingly dance to and I don't want others to be confused by that. \
I know this whole thing must be confusing. Why would I listen to music that I don't truly think is quality? Some songs and artists are just fun and even though I will cringe once and a while at an Austin Mahone song, I still dance along because the beat is catchy and the lyrics are easy to follow along with. I find that most people's guilty pleasures are guilty pleasures because it's out of their character and they don't want other's to get the wrong idea. Keep them.
Play List
Yes, I did create a guilty pleasure play list. On this one, I included my own guilty pleasure bands and singers such as Austin Mahone, The Wanted, The Ready Set, R5, Jedward, The Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber. Who knows? Maybe they will become your new guilty pleasures or even your new favorite music.
Ann's Guilty Pleasures

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  1. You're too awesome.

    I definitely feel the same, about it being like playing a character. When I pay too much attention to what other people think of me, I always feel like I'm acting a certain way around everyone I interact with, because either I'm trying to blend or I'm not sure what they're into and don't want to say something that they'll reject. Something that's cool about getting older is that the more you live inside your own skin, the easier it gets to just let that shit go and stop caring... though some people never do, and I have to admit that though I don't spend my time preoccupied with it, I haven't yet blown off caring about what others think of me. I'm pretty sure that complete abandonment in that regard is no good, either--but certainly the opposite, in its extreme, can get kind of surreal... "who am I today? oh yeah, not entirely myself; right..."

    I think it's great that you blog. You should blog at camp, too, and if you'd like I'll publish them for you. So there's no long break for your readers.