Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Extra: A Guide For Starter Bloggers

Well hello there! I kind of lied to you all in my last Friday Extra saying that I was not going to do a "Friday Extra" but here we are! I found a way to work around this by working extra hard last week and writing up ALL of the posts for this week last week (well in my terms it is May 9 at the moment that I'm writing this) OK OK lets not get complicated. For this post, I decided on talking about something that I had to deal with almost three months ago: Starting A Blog. I made this blog into a couple steps that I suggest you follow in order
Part One: Get The Outline
First impressions are always important! Even though not many people will be looking at your first post at the moment, you have to draw those readers in! Think of what your topic is about. Do you want to become a fashion blogger? Wanna write about pets? Or how about life advice? You can write about whatever you want but you have to decide before you even think about making your blog. If you want to blog about multiple topics you always have to start with one. Think of me as an example. I started off with only beauty and fashion but look where we are now! Start small and then expand!
Part Two: Set Up An Account
Where do you want to blog? I suggest you create a blogger account for it is simple and easy to create for beginner. You now have a HUGE decision to make. What are you going to call your blog? Make sure the name you choose is unique and memorable. I chose the name "How Fitting" for it has two meanings:
1. It can be interpreted as clothing fitting (fashion!)
2) How Fitting is a phrase I use 24/7 so it has a personal touch to it
I love my name and when I saw that was taken, I was so upset! To get around this problem, I changed my URL to There are always to work around taken URLs!
Part Three: Make Your Blog GORGEOUS!
When you enter a website the first thing a person looks for is display. If your blog is boring than it clearly will not stand out to your viewers. When designing your page, make sure your design has something to do with the topic of your blog and looks like YOU designed it. This is your blog and it has to look like it. My blog background and coloring was all done by me and I made sure that it looked like it.
Part Four: Get Writing!
Your first post can be almost anything. You can jump right in and get writing about your topic like I did or say a hello to your potential viewers. Either way it perfect. Double check your writing and make sure there are no mistakes. You don't want to make a stupid typo on your first impression!
Part Five: Get Your Blog Spreading!
At first, I was afraid to show my blog to my Google+ followers but I quickly realized that the only way to get "How Fitting" spreading was to share it with my friends. My decision on posting the link to my March Fashion Bible was an amazing one! Not only did people read it but I got a lot of positive feedback on it! I love it when people at my school talk about how much they like the little blog that I thought up after seeing Tavi Gevinson's success. The compliments are amazing! If you do get criticism, don't give up! Check the post and see what's wrong with it. There probably will be a couple things that the public doesn't like and this is your chance to change them!
Part Six: Keep Going!
Now that you've gotten past the first post, keep writing! I suggest you create some sort of schedule so your viewers know when to check your blog. Make sure YOU love your writing and what your doing. Don't become obsessed with views. Starting a blog is the hardest part and obsessing over how many people read your blog is just a drain that you don't want to get sucked into.

"How Fitting" has given me an outlet to tell people about the things I love and I can't ask for anything better. Yes, I'd LOVE if more people read it but I try not to pay attention to that and just have fun with my writing. I hope this helped all those beginner bloggers out there!

p.s I made a playlist for the music that I listen to when blogging! This isn't even half of it but I added some of the best:
Ann's Blogging Playlist
revision artwork taken from

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