Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thrift Haul #1: Camp Edition

With camp in 28 days at the moment, I need to trade my dresses, skirts, and silk tops in for t-shirt, durable tops, and shorts. Don't take me wrong. I love camp more than anything I just HATE the clothing that I have to wear there! I decided on going to my favorite thrift store "Unique" for some durable clothing for the Summer! With having found a couple cute pieces, I made a haul blog for you guys!
My Blue Tank
Most of the stuff I found at "Unique" were cropped. I don't usually like short clothing for I believe some things are meant to be covered but even though this tank is shorter than most of my tops, it was unique and would look good with a pair of jean shorts. The back is also a fun and summery touch that I like.

Cropped Floral Top
I'm not sure about camp and this one but how could I resist? I am absolutely in love with the vintage look of the tiny green and blue flowers that decorate this halter top. It goes down to about my belly button and I will probably end up wearing a cami under this top.

Basket Ball Shirt
Is it weird that I have an obsession with clothing with other people name's? So far I own a bracelet that my cousin gave me that says "Claudia", have my eye on a cheerleader jacket that used to belong to someone named Lydia, and now have a basketball jersey of some guy with the last name "Cifuni" and played on the New England "Firebirds". This shirt is way more sporty than I usually wear but how could I resist? Perk of thrift shopping: TONS of clothing with random names. Now that I really think of it, maybe it IS a little strange... just a little...

Fringe Eagle Shirt
I like this shirt for even though it is durable and easy to pair up with a junkie pair of jean shorts and still is interesting enough. I like the fun touch the fringe at the bottom adds and has a careless summer look. The design is also cute. This Summer, I have decided on living in jean shorts for patterned and multicolored bottoms are WAY too hard to find tops to go with! I mean, what is worst that a patterned shirt and patterned shorts?

Mountain Dew Shirt
This top is a bit of an irony. I absolutely hate Mountain Dew more than anything in the world and am instantly grossed out whenever I see someone drinking it! So why the hell not wear it across my chest? This has to be the junkiest shirt I own and am pretty OK with that. It's a perfect camp shirt for when I seriously do not feel like trying.
Floral Tank
More floral prints! Even though the picture to the side says something else, I plan on wearing this tank top tucked into a pair of jean shorts!  The blue and white print is cute and looks like something I'd like to make more clothing out of!
Ivy Romper
Another piece of clothing that I'm questioning whether I should bring to camp and if I do, I will wear it for fancy occasions. This one's fabric is more durable than my silky black and white romper that I got a couple weeks ago. I am absolutely in love with the big frills that cover the front!

Pink Tie Up Top
I will have to wear a spaghetti strap with this top for it is a little cropped and shows a little bit of stuff. I like the picnic table pattern and the light pink and white remind me of cotton candy! Again, I will be wearing jean shorts with this one.

Pink Checker Board Shorts
So I may have broken the rules on this one but I can't resist anything pink and black. In addition, guess what brand these are? ABBEY DAWN! Oh god, I LIVED in my buffalo check pants and black and white checkered ones back in sixth grade! I was SO exited when I found these beauties in between two over-sized pairs of elastic banded capris.

Strapless Dress
This dress is PERFECT for Shabbat nights at camp! I love how patriotic the colors are and the fabric is light weight enough for a Summer night!

Hope you liked this first haul blog post!

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