Thursday, May 23, 2013

The F Word

Tavi's Feminism Shirt
No I am NOT talking about what may first come to your head. By The "F Word" I refer to feminism. This idea of a blog post first came to my head when watching an episode of The Power Puff Girls with my sister. These little girls have a tough attitude and don't need help from any male roles. In fact, almost all the villains are men. This got me to thinking about other bad ass, no shit taking, women in TV and in our real world.
My first example is an obvious one. Tavi Gevinson! Tavi is one of the biggest feminists I have heard of and has always been a young activist. I admire her for being such a powerful person and writer even though her age is rather young.
Hello sweetie! River Song from Doctor Who is such a strong woman who doesn't rely on anyone. Not even the Doctor! I mean it takes serious power to have a dallec screaming "Mercy" (Ann is a nerd). Even though my true love is Amy Pond, River is such an amazing character for this show and is a relief from the other companions (as fabulous as they are) who rely on others and the Doctor for help. And have you seen her hair?
This amazing feminist character is less known and yet is probably the best super villain ever. With Powerpuff Girls being one of the most watched shows in my house, I have probably seen every single episode a million and one times. One of the best ones would definitely be one involving an awesome villain named Femme Fatal who robbed banks and refused to take anything but  Susan B. Anthony coins. Best thing ever? I think so.

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