Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Extra: Inside Ann's Box

For almost two years now, I have been living in the same bedroom. Over these past two years, I have turned from eleven to twelve and now thirteen and the walls have gone from green to purple and grey. The Taylor Swift posters went to One Direction now to magazine clipping collages and two Twilight shrines. The bedspread has changed. The dresser has changed. I have changed.
My Bed
"This beds' an island made of feather down and I'm stuck here alone"
Wow. That's pretty lame that I am actually planning on writing a full paragraph on a bed. My entire room has an art deco thing going on and when I found this cute black and white bedspread, I was pretty exited. Is it sad that I'm exited about blankets?
My Closet
Mag clippings on the closet walls
The current state of my closet is a pile of clothing, scarves, bags, and random crap that I just stuffed in there when I decided that I was too lazy to actually put these objects when they are supposed to be (only to go looking for them a couple weeks later); Two years ago when my family moved I instantly claimed this room for the closet. It has a rack for hanging nice dresses and skirts and a little alcove on the inside which would have made the best club house in third grade. I have decorated ever inch of the walls with cute ads I've found in fashion magazines.
My Vanity
Toppled all on one table top I have, a giant nail polish bag, a big bag of makeup, a boom box, my lipstick box, my smaller bag of makeup that I wear normally, and a pile of magazine clippings that I plan on hanging on my walls. It is a comfortable mess.
My Dresser
My biggest mess. As much as I love this black and white Ikea dresser, you can barely see it under the hot mess of magazines, photos taken from bar and bat mitzvah, jewelry, wires, Cds, and random garbage that I can't seem to find the effort to toss out. Oh yeah, and my Justin Bieber alarm clock that my friend got me for my twelfth birthday. Another comfortable mess.
My Boards
I have this magnetic board (left) above my bed that I've decorated with a small picture that I made with letters I cut from magazines to spell "I am Fearless", two notes that camp friends gave to me, three photos my best friend Vivi and I took at the mall, Vivi's school I.D (she has mine), a post it that says "GLMR KLLS" and a couple cute words that I found in magazines. On my wire board (right) I have a feather boa that I got from my friend Kayla's bat mitzvah, a hand out to see Tim Gunn at my local high school, my bat mitzvah invitation, and a super sweet note from a camp friend. Every couple weeks I switch out my pictures for new ones and new ways to decorate them.
My Door Collages 
My biggest pride is the entrance door collage (right). I spent about a couple weeks to find the right content for this one and it really paid off. Some interesting pieces I have up are: a postcard from a friend, a note from my cousin, a couple pictures of me and my friends (Ann has friends?!) and a little bit of a Josh Hutcherson shrine. A little bit. I also have four more collages on the panels of my closet door. These took longer for the panels were slimmer and therefor I couldn't put many big posters up. Most of the stuff on the panel collages are things I cut out from fashion magazines and cute outfits I found on models.
Posters (and mini shrines)
Since I am moving up to the third floor bedroom this summer, I am hesitant to hang up more big posters. I have a small fashion collage on the wall by my bed (right) and an Edward Cullen poster surrounded by more fashion ads (left). Above my mirror, I have a Edward and Bella poster (more Twilight) and a little bit of a Louis Vuitton shrine(bottom right)Miu Miu and Betsy Johnson.
Johnson in there. On the door that connects to my parents bedroom, (its rarely ever used) I have taken down my major One Direction shrine and replaced it with different British and Irish singers! This is still a work in progress, but at the moment I have made a big Alex Day sign that has the lyrics to my favorite of his songs "Holding On", my favorite Chameleon Circuit song about my favorite Doctor Who episode "The Lodger", and my favorite Bribry song "Adventure Time" (bottom left).
My Bookshelf
Inside my closet, I have a small bookshelf in which I basically hold my a million and two books. Call me a nerd but I still don't understand why everyone all of a sudden says they don't read as if that's cool or something. Some of my favorites are my vast John Green library, my collection of Twilight and Harry Potter, "Its Kind of A Funny Story", and "The Vast Fields of Ordinary".

Well, that is the messy, disorganized, box I call my bedroom!  


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