Thursday, May 23, 2013

Girls Whose Hair I'm Jealous Of

I have a problem. I also have a question. Why the hell do girls like Carrie Hope Fletcher get to be gifted with such gorgeous locks? Have you seen her? Lately, I have been going through I "Hair Re-think" in which I look at old pictures from the beginning of this year before I got Redken and slowly sadden myself into regret.
Carrie Hope Fletcher
I am going to clear this up: This is NOT in fact an entire post about how much I hate my new straight hair. No, this an entire post about how to make your hair go from boring to fabulous. Maybe even Carrie fabulous if you're lucky.
I don't have a problem with girls who have straight locks. I think straight hair has a modern and put together look to it and that is pretty. My one question is: why NOT stand out? Why flatten your gorgeous natural hair down and replace it with something so plain?
Petra Collins
Even though Carrie Hope Fletcher is my "hair role model" if you would, girls like Danielle Peazer and Rookie's Petra Collins have unique, big, curly tresses! Even when Danielle straightens her hair I have a mental groan. Why would even want to flatten that hair!
Danielle Peazer
I guess the whole "point" of this blog post was to show that you can have the craziest, curliest, most untamed hair and you don't have to be upset of straighten it! Big curly hair is unique and gorgeous! Look where these three girls are now. I personally love this style and feel as though more people should be rocking it too. Even though this type of texture is harder and even sometimes more frustrating than sleek, straight hair the wild lions mane is a stunning look to pull off.
With that, I call an end to straightening my hair everyday. You guys better get used to my small country's worth of hair again.
P.S: I will be doing a "Friday Diary" and "Friday Extra" this week to make up for the missing of my "Sunday Diary" this week!
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  1. omg I agree so much. I have long, thick, curly hair and it's also blond, so you probably think "wow just like carrie!" I wish! Everytime I see her, I'm just so jealous, because I can't get my hair like hers, and my hair is so euuuuhg and I don't know what to do with it, and I wish I could rock it like they do haha x