Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Perks Of Being A Blogger

Just today, something extremely special happened to me. Something on Twitter. Bethan Mary Leadley wrote me back on Twitter saying that not only did she read my British Invasion blog post, but she actually enjoyed it! After receiving such a special Twitter message I got to thinking how many special perks of being a blogger there are.
On February 25, 2013, I was bored. I had been reading ROOKIE and hearing about Tavi Gevinson's success with blogging and instantly knew that this was exactly what I wanted out of life and what I wanted to do. I had always loved writing and even wrote a novel in sixth grade (it was awful) and a couple fan fictions (Ed Sheeran, Alex Day, and Twilight) so why not create some sort of blog? I had never really written actual articles before much less anything about fashion. This continued a phase called
Young Tavi
I'm Not Good Enough
This was a TERRIBLE time. After seeing Tavi's style I instantly hated my own wardrobe and thought the only way to be noticed was to be an exact copy of her. I always felt awful and not "special" enough anymore. You could compare this phase towards Dan Howell's "Extrasensorial Crisis" in which he basically just wanted to change his life around. I wanted to change almost everything about myself from the clothes I wore to the music I listen to. I began throwing out clothing because it wasn't "Tavi enough". My love for this girl was becoming something that made me hate myself.
My favorite Tavi Outfit
This part is named after my God awful fail of an online magazine called "Mwah Mag". It wasn't the fact that my writing was terrible that bothers me. It was that I put no effort into my posts and thought that viewers would appear out of nowhere and make me a famous blogger. Sweetheart, it doesn't work that way. Within a week, I gave up for I figured that this would never work out. Here I give you the link to MWAH! Feel free to laugh about it.
Mwah Mag
Why The Hell Not?
Monday, February 25, I got bored at my house. I had been calming down with my whole wardrobe and actually starting to like what I was wearing. After refreshing Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr for about an hour the best thing to do was make some "dumb" blog just to give me something to do. I took a look at "The Style Rookie" Tavi's original blog for some ideas and came up with something called a "Fashion Bible". That first post was messy and disorganized but I put effort into it. The next step was coming up with a name for this blog. A couple weeks ago, I had made a fashion instagram called "how_fitting" and decided that was the best name for a blog. After fighting with myself, I took the risk and posted the link to this post my friends on G+. By the end of the day, I got lots of positive comments that made my heart do a little happy dance. I began posting more and more and coming with Music and Lifestyle posts. My writing was something I loved. At first, it was a big deal when I got five views on a post but the viewers and post views were soon rising. The whole thing was exiting and unbelievable to me. This was something I never imagined doing and I was here!
Ann Louise: Blogger
One of my closest online friends, Pietro started a blog and the two of us began talking about blogging and even doing some posts together! He is my blogging rock and whenever I have writer's block he can get me out of it. Besides, it's a good excuse to just talk to him more! I love blogging more than anything. So far not only has people such as Bethan noticed "How Fitting" but Bridie McDonnell said that she also loved my article of her! The experiences and friends I've made just through some website is absolutely amazing. I like to model my wardrobe and blog with some Tavi Gevinson elements but I do not intend of becoming an exact clone of her. She is a huge role model to me and if it wasn't for her, this whole website probably would not be here. I was the quiet unimportant girl before craeting this website and I feel almost like a different person. I now get to write about the things I love: Fashion, Music and all the other cool things I find in life. I want to thank YOU GUYS! You've given me The Perks Of Being A Blogger. 
I wrote this post in honor of my 1000th view on this very blog. I owe it to you guys. I love you all.
Pietro's Blog


  1. Tavi is probably the best blogger the world had. her style and thinking and ways of writing blog entries are always awesome. i'm a guy here, and i look up to her a lot, especially her world views. :) and congrats to you for getting these perks of being a blogger!

    1. Thank you. I absolutely agree with you and your opinions on Tavi. I smiled a bit when I saw your blog did you know that I know the boy who plays Sam in moonrise kingdom? He lives in my town and I went to preschool and hebrew school with him. Blogger to blogger, I hope you find your perks
      -Ann (writer of How Fitting)