Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Survive Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is probably one of the most frustrating yet rewarding shopping experiences. Yes, most of the stuff you will see in a typical thrift shop isn't name brand. Yes, the shop is giant and seems overwhelming to some. Most importantly, yes you can walk out of the store with a collection of one of a kind items for cheap.
The typical thrift store doesn't look very glamorous once you walk in. You will probably be greeted by a pile of garbage bags full of donations and children's toys. It's what is between those racks where the magic happens. Most thrift stores are pretty big (bigger than most stores) and may seem overwhelming to look through. Trust me, you will survive this mess of random objects.
For the best thrifting experience, I suggest you go alone. Being by myself, I can concentrate better and focus on finding those hidden treasures behind the not as fabulous clothing. If you do choose to bring a friend make sure they are NOT either of two things things:
1) A person who usually shops at high end stores If this person is not willing to search through the un-wearable clothing clearly they're only going to hold you back .
2) An impatient person One of the biggest qualities you need when you go thrift shopping is patience and a person saying "when are we leaving?" isn't something that anyone could take for more then ten minutes.
Another perk of going alone is that you don't have another person watching over you judging your clothing choices.
In addition, you have to be patient. You will probably not find what you want in the first second. Just keep digging and searching. My technique of thrift shopping to just pull out whatever looks interesting. Patterns, fabrics, colors anything that I like I will take off the rack for examination. Nothing is un-wearable until proven.
If you are lucky enough that the thrift shop you are at has a changing room, then make sure to only go in once you've found all your treasures. Then, take your pile of clothing into your dressing room!
My biggest advice for a rookie thrift shopper is to seriously look at the piece you are wearing and think: Do I truly need this? Even though thrift shop prices are cheap, the last thing you need is more crap in your closet (I should not be talking)!
Just have fun and tear up those racks until you find that hidden treasure of your's!
Ann's Thrift Shopping Adventure

I was pretty freaking tempted on buying these Pokemon sheets. Like lets think this one of:
A) Think of how cool I'd look if i brought these to camp.
B) as fabulous as my hot pink sheets are, think about how cool it would be to wake up to pokeballs and Pikachu every morning.
In the end, I decided there were more important things to spend 5 bucks on such as vintage skirts and an absolutely adorable romper. Besides, I already have glow in the dark dinosaur sheets for camp!

Again another tempting purchase. I mean look how nerdy and teacher-ous (made up a word) I could look in this vest! This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about with crap in my closet. Well, except for the fact that this is an apple, star, and striped patterned piece of crap.

After convincing my little sister, she FINALLY bought a pair of overalls. Let me tell you how hard it was not to buy a pair myself. Think of all the patches and alterations you could do with a nice pair of denim overalls.
If there is anything that I will always NEED to try on is a good corset. After finding a rather vintage grey and black corset that didn't fit (I don't even need to explain the sadness inside of me), I came across this ridiculous thing. I can't explain how regretful that I didn't try it on.

I feel as though this is the perfect dress for the wedding of  Perrie Edwards and I. Up close, there were jewels and rhinestones attached to the bodice. The sleeves were so cute and puffy that I couldn't help but aw. See you down the aisle in this gown Perrie.

I love looking through the old mugs, plates, and jugs while waiting in line for the dressing room. I ended up stumbling upon a Hello Kitty kitchen set including a plate, cup, and silverware. This will be mine someday.

My Purchases: 
After eliminating the crap that I didn't need I ended up walking out of the shop with these incredible finds:
I am in love with this skirt. As you look closer, around the waist there are little red dragons. DRAGONS. The pleats on the piece add an interesting part to the long skirt. The colors are also something I fell in love with. Even though they aren't very bright and cheery for Summer they are a little bit more toned down for the times that I don't want much attention. I am debating weather or not to just wear a plain white tank tucked into it for the skirt is already so amazing or to pair it up with a long cardigan.

These shorts are probably one of my favorites. They are extremely high which i absolutely love. I have two ideas for an outfit:
1) a tight white tank with combat boots and floppy hat
2) a flowy white top with brown boots
I am so extremely exited for the weather to get warmer so I can break out these beauties.

This dress has such a summer feel to it which puts a little smile on my face whenever I see it. One very vintage feature to this piece is that cute little collar (we all know how much I love collars)! In the back, the dress has a little part that ties up almost like a corset which of course what is not to love about that? I'm planning on wearing this with my floppy hat and a cute pair of sandals.

I have already shown you my floppy hat in a previous post but I am so exited about showing this one off! The thing I love most about this accessory is that you can wear it with basically anything and look summery!

Despite the fact that this looks like a dress from far away, I am euphoric to finally own a romper! Unlike most rompers, this one's bottoms are more flowing and I like that because it gives a more sophisticated and put together look than a short tight romper.

This dress gives off the feeling of Spring with cherries decorating that pattern. I will probably end up getting the most use of this piece for I am able to wear it dressy to bar and bat mitzvahs (yes I'm not THAT cut off from human beings that I don't get invited to them) and then also wear it casual with a pair of boots, sandals, or flats to school or to hang out with friends.

This flowing button down is perfect for tucking into a nice pair of shorts, putting a floppy hat over my messy locks, and going casual. I love the fun and bright pattern that gives off a friendly vibe.

Good Luck Thrift Shopping!

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