Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ann's Top Ten: Lip Colors

MWAH! I, Ann Louise am a hoarder of two things
1) Magazines. I seriously have 74 (last count was three months ago) fashion magazines in a box inside of my closet. In addition, I have subscriptions to Seventeen, Nylon, and Teen Vogue even though I collect Glamour, regular Vogue and trashy gossip magazines.
2) Lip colors I love lipstick and carry three lip glosses everywhere I go. I will buy lip coloring depending on, texture, color, and scent. I probably have more lip stick than Sephora.
With my love of lipsticks, I give you Ann's Top Ten: Lip Colors! In which I show you my top ten favorite lip products! Enjoy!

10. Super Gloss "Bubblegum"
Bubblegum Lip gloss
This lip gloss is cute and girly which of course, I can't have enough of that! Not to mention how delicious this gloss smells! The texture is not too runny but isn't so tough that it feels as though your lips are stretching to spread it. The color gives off a glossy, casual, look which is perfect for just a casual everyday outfit.
Where to find: Drugstore 
9. Lip slicks "Princess"
Princess Lip slick
Lipslicks perfect for they can help out those awful chapped lips and give off a gorgeous color! I like this color for it is noticeable it is not so dramatic that you have to dress up to make the makeup work. I carry a lip slick almost everywhere I go just in case I need a little swipe of lipstick anywhere. Also think of the name: this color makes me feel like a modern day princess.
Where to Find: Drugstores
8. Ruby Kisses Jellilicious "Caramel  Frappuccino"
One of my biggest judging methods with lip colors is the scent. If I love the fragrance a lip gloss gives off, then I absolutely love having it on my lips and under my nose all day. This texture is perfect for leaving on my lips all day and giving a quick swipe without having a too hard time spreading. The color is also very unique and has a hint of creme color  in it that you can't seem to find without going full on nude. Also, the gloss is perfect for a more girly look!
Rasberry Splash
Where to Find: Drugstores
7. Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers "Raspberry Splash"
I originally bought a grape flavored Weslick Fruit Spritzer and loved it so much that I just had to buy the raspberry one! I prefer Rasberry Splash for its mouth watering scent and gorgeous color. This color is more juicer than my other lip glosses which gives off a summer vibe and goes with a light weight sun dress or a pair of shorts.
Blueberry Muffin
Where to find: Drugstores

6. Love and Beauty "Blueberry Muffin"
This scent is heavenly. Even though the pastry fragrance makes me seriously crave a blueberry muffin whenever I wear this gloss, I absolutely love it! The color is light and a little musty which does well in about every season even though my best outfit has been a long brown coat, a white button down, and a pair of khaki colored pants. I looked like a feminine version of a British school boy and loved it.
Where to Find: Forever 21
Pinch Me Pink
5. Lily Cola Lip and Cheek Dome "Pinch Me Pink"
What a cute color! The name ties in with this lipstick for it resembles the blushy pink your skin turns after being pinched. Not only can this make your lips a girly pink, but also stains your cheeks! Two in one! The unique dome shape that contains the lip coloring is a perfect container that many other lipsticks adopt. Oh my God and the texture is perfect! I don't mean to sound weird but I could swipe that dome across my lips and cheeks all day it feels amazing and creamy. OK that sounded a little strange...
Where to find: The Body Shop
4. Love and Beauty Hint Of Color "Strawberry"
I just bought this lip gloss and I already love it! My favorite lip gloss flavor would have to be strawberry and out of the thousands and thousands of this flavor this gloss is one of my favorites. Just as the tube says, it is a hint of color instead of being all too much pink. The shade blends in with my own lip color and has a sweet glossy glow that can own any outfit.
Where to Find: Forever 21
3. MAC "Blossom" 
WOAH! What a bright color! My favorite color being hot pink, this is perfect for me. I don't usually wear this color to casual places such as school but if you check back to my bat mitzvah sign in board photos you'll recognize that bursting hot pink!
Where to find: Drugstores

2. Clinique "Shy"
Even though the name of this lip color is "Shy" it is a rather dramatic look. This coloring is unique in the way that it is both lipstick and gloss. The way to use it is to put the lipstick on first and run a layer of gloss over it. I love the dramatic effect that gives to your lips ad draws a lot of attention to your makeup. The color is darker than most of my lipsticks and glosses and I usually save this one for more formal o
outfits and events.
Where to Find: Clinique Counter
Super Strawberry
1. Clinique Chubby Sticks "Super Strawberry"
And again with the strawberry lip coloring! Chubby sticks are my favorite type of lipsticks in the entire world. To me, these sticks look like those fat crayons you used to draw with in first grade except you are drawing a cute color onto your lips. The one thing that I love most about this lipstick is the fact that you can dress it up and down and wear it any season! T
his color works with everything!
Where to Find: Clinique Counter

I hope you take my suggestions and if YOU have any, leave them in the comments! I'd love to hear them!

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