Monday, October 28, 2013


For the first few periods, I wore a bright red hoodie from my friend Samantha's bat mitzvah which was the previous weekend but for the last few periods, me and my friend, Eva, switched shirts.
Me and my two other friends wore Nirvana shirts for Twinning Tuesday! My Nirvana shirt and Ramones leggings are both from Hot Topic.
OK this weather is getting extremely cold. Though I had another outfit planned, I went with a warm, oversized sweater, that I wore as a dress that my mom's coworker's mom gave to me. Since the sweater was rather baggy, I put a large belt of my mom's around my waist. Also, since I walk to school, I put on a pair of grey leggings to keep my legs warm. For hair, I didn't feel like straightening it so I ended up just going to school with my natural hair.
Though the weather was still cold, I couldn't resist wearing my Pierce The Veil tank from Hot Topic with a black cami from Target underneath along with black leggings that I believe I got from my sister. For hair, to make the outfit a bit more interesting, I put a black bow with gold studs that I got from my older cousin, Maggie.
Being lazy, I couldn't figure out an outfit early in the morning and instead pulled a Charlotte Russe cut out dress from my closet along with black leggings.


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