Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Extra: Inside Ann's Collage Book

The cover of my book. I found the quote on one of Tavi's old journals and found it really cool.

"We could just listen to vinyl all day long"

Based off the Alex Day song "You and Me"

I wrote all the lyrics to "Royals" by Lorde as the background.

I drew the flowers on green construction paper and outlined everything in metallic sharpie. 

My Marina and The Diamonds collage
I used a letter I got from my school as the background
"Are you going to class today?"
"I don't think I'm emotionally prepared." I ripped a page out of my math text book for the background

I once used this in my "Pipes" post from a couple months ago

I used yet another page out of the textbook for this one and outlined a lot of things in metallic sharpie. I really wanted to put some words on the page and Vivi and I were on spotify so when an ad for an album called "Redneck Crazy" came on, I couldn't resist.

Yet another textbook background

"We crave a different kind of buzz" 

I couldn't resist using another page out of the textbook. I had no idea what to write on the side so I went with a Great Gatsby quote.

These are just a couple from last week!

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