Monday, October 21, 2013


I wore a black top with gold studs at the collar that my aunt designed and Ramones leggings that I bought at Hot Topic (they are having a huge sale!). For hair, I kept it natural partly for I was extremely lazy and also I think it kind of looks alright. 
I feel as if I haven't been wearing dresses that often so I went with a rather short, sheer, floral dress I got from Nordstrom. I barely ever shop there but I find this to be quite cute. Since the dress was rather short, I went with a pair of red leggings that I stole from my sister who I think got them from Target. I still didn't straighten my hair. 
I was having a pretty bad hair day so I straightened my hair and wore a Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge tee that I got from Hot Topic and Sex Pistols leggings that I also got there. I took my hair and twisted a chunk of the bangs back to add something interesting to my hair. 
I feel as though I have a serious love for band shirts. On Wednesday, I went with my Paramore shirt from Hot Topic and my favorite sheer, long, black skirt from Forever21. I love it when I sleep on seriously straight hair and it becomes a little puffy so I kept it like that. 
It has been way too hot outside to wear it but I finally got to wear my navy jacket! I am not exactly sure where I got it from for it was a Hannukah present but I am sure you could find one on Etsy or at a vintage store (though it would be a lot of money). I then wore my Sex Pistols leggings yet again. 
So many leggings this week! On Friday I wore a sheer, white, tank that I got from Marshalls two years ago with a pair of Egyptian style leggings I got from Charlotte Russe. I never go to either of those stores anymore and I am not that into this outfit but its fine. 


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