Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Glamour Kills Winter Line

After weeks of waiting, the Glamour Kills winter line has finally been released! The collection of clothing includes adorable leather jackets, fuzzy sweaters, slouchy sweatshirts, some really nice V-necks, and two awesome beanies. The entire line has a rather laid back look to it which I like a lot for it isn't too pretentious and though I would probably not wear such slouchy clothing to school, it is great for just a fun time hanging out with friends. 
Most of the sweatshirts and V-necks have graphics on them and though I am not always one for graphic tees, I actually love the unique ones they used for these tops. 
Though there are only two beanies for this line, I really love both of them. They are both knitted and give off a warm and cozy feel. I also like the touch of a small puff ball on top of them and I have no idea why I like it so much.
My favorite part of the entire line would have to be the jackets though. They have many choices of different styles of outerwear from leather to denim and the best part is that every plain jacket comes with a pack of patches so people can customize their clothing. I find that idea to be genius so now no jacket is the same. 
Just an overall comment on Glamor Kills is that I absolutely love how they have a look book so customers can get ideas for outfits. My favorite of these pictures being an outfit using one of their new leather jackets. 
I actually love this new clothing line and if you want to check out more, go here

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