Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Extra: DIY Ouija Board

Now for something completely different. For some reason, I thought it would be a fun idea to make an Ouija Board so if you want to talk to your dead cat or something, heres a do it yourself step by step:
You Will Need:
Step One
Get out your cardboard. I used a Nilla wafers box that has been sitting for ages in my room. Cut how long or wide you want your board to be. I cropped the box a bit for I wanted a small one.
Step Two
Take out a piece of paper. I ran out of plain white paper so I went with yellow. Put glue on either the cardboard or paper and cut around the cardboard so there isn't paper hanging off. I do suggest that you don't cut it perfectly and leave a bit hanging off for you to glue to the back. 
Step Three
Time to take out your markers. Most ouija boards are written in black but since I am so darn edgy, I wrote in a deep blue. To start off, write "YES" in the left corner and "NO" in the right corner. The font doesn't exactly matter but I want mine to look fancy shmancy. 

Next, write every letter of the alphabet. Most boards have the letters on a slant but if you prefer them in a straight line, that is fine. I changed the color of my marker to a lighter blue just because I thought it would look pretty.
Below your alphabet, write the numbers 0-9.

Finally, put Goodbye under the numbers. I've seen some boards that say "Farewell" or other things like that. There are no rules of what you must say.
Step Four
Now that you're done writing up every thing on your board, its time to make the planchette. This could possibly be the hardest part of the entire thing and I hope that your's won't turn out as crappy as mine did. Start out by cutting a point with two curves at the bottom on your cardboard.
Step Five
Now that you're done cutting, cut out a strip of paper that is larger than the planchette put glue all over it and press it on. Cut around the paper so that you can no longer see the cardboard. Once you're done doing that, fold the planchette in half and cut a hole in the middle. Make it medium sized so you can see you letters through it,

Step Six
Time to decorate! I cut pictures out of an old world atlas to glue onto my board.

Final Product!

 We'd love to see how your board turned out! Send pictures to

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