Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Just last week, the Irish singer, Bribry finally released his EP, Misadventure. Though his previous albums have all been just plain amazing, I have to say that not only did this one exceed all my expectations, but all the tracks could possibly be the best he has ever released. Every single song seemed so raw and personal. Like he was sharing a part of himself with his listeners. The songs also have great range. From fun songs like "Home" to gorgeous ballads such as "Litte'an" the entire EP comes together extremely well without each song sounding the same.
To say the least about the lyrics, they were extraordinary. You can always count on Bribry for awesome lyrics. The best part about them was how Bribry they were. You could tell he wrote them himself and how much personality he packed into the words. A majority of his audience can easily connect to the things he sings about which I find to be an extremely important trait in the music industry. The lyrics will make you smile, laugh, and most of all, make you feel touched my the end. My favorite line of his would have to come from the third track on the EP "Misadventure" in which he says
"Now I'm counting up my friends on one single hand." for I have been there many times.
The entire album is fun to listen to while still being touching and heartfelt which I can't help but love.

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