Monday, October 7, 2013


On Monday, I rolled the sleeves up on a vintage batman shirt one of my mom's coworkers gave to me and a pair of floral leggings I got from a store called Rainbow in New York City. Since I felt weird wearing a T shirt and leggings, I put a denim headband across my hair just to add more to everything. 
I was extremely stupid and accidentally deleted the pictures from Tuesday but I wore a pink and white striped top with a tie that I got thrift and a long, black, skirt I got from a hospital charity shop.
I was sick so ended up just sitting in my bed in my pajamas.
Since I am just so Christian Novelli, I wore a fox sweater that I believe my sister got from JCpenney (I borrowed it from her) and plaid leggings that I also think Rachel got there. In my hair, I wore a headband from Urban Outfitters. I also wore a silver collar necklace from a consignment store in my town.
I borrowed stuff from my sister yet again wearing a cat skirt she got from H&M and my own lazer cat tee from Zumiez. I really wanted to wear cat whiskers on my face but then again I remembered I was going out in public. 
Vivi and I went to go see Tavi in the city! I wore my favorite dress ever that I got from thrift and a yellow flower crown from Forever 21. One of the Rookie writers liked out outfits so much they posted it on their instagram page! -Ann

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