Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ann's Note

Winners Circle
Hey there!
And here we are on the first day of August! Unlike During the school year, when the passing months come most people are excited, the Summer is much different. Here we are in the last month of Summer 2013. A ton of rather important events happened in the month of July. One of the biggest events and things that I have completed in quite a long day was making it to the winners circle in Camp Nanorimo 2013. Yes I actually did finish The Year I Fell In Love With Saskia Hamilton and to tell you the truth, I am actually happy how it turned out. Will it be the next bestseller? Definitely not. Is it well written? It was written in eighteen freaking days. Of course not! Am I proud of it? Hell yes. The point of Nanorimo is to kind of make an outline of the novel you will edit and perhaps even rewrite later and though I really do love it, I highly doubt that I will end up making the choice to touch up my story. I like it being my first ever Nanorimo novel and I am surely keeping it in it's true form of crappiness.
Onto the subject of this month's blog posts, I can definitely promise some much better quality work out of me now that I am not writing 2,000 words each day. In addition, our new writers have been doing great and of the drafts Emma and Fiona have sent me (I am such a Tavi), there is some amazing content for this month and other months to come. Just a small insider on How Fitting, I have been talking to another person about writing every other Saturday so who knows what the hell will happen! So tell me, what are your plans for the month of August? I cannot wait to see you lovelies for this month's "Things You Must See" and "Monthly Fashion Bible" I am just telling you now that every single thing we are suggesting to you is utter perfection.

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