Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dream Girl: Ramona Flowers

Being the antisocial and rather lazy and unproductive person I am, you can imagine the amount of movies I have been watching over the couple weeks that I have been home. One of the many films that I have watched over and over again for the simple reason that it never gets old has been "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" aside from Michael Cera being perfection and the entire movie being completely ridiculous in every way possible, a little piece of utter perfection is the female love interest, Ramona Flowers. Not only is Ramona the most angst filled person, she has probably the coolest fashion sense and style I have ever seen on a movie character.
Ramona's signature thing has to be her hair. In the entire film, she changed her hair color from pink to blue to teal to green. Her explanation for the quick and impulsive color changes is "I change my hair color every week". Instead of asking how the hell she can afford to have her hair so professionally dyed every seven days, the audience kind of falls in love with her weird and impulsive traits.
Though most people I know at least are not able to copy or even pull off, Ramona's unique tresses, makeup and clothing is fairly easy for this interesting character. Ramona is not caught for most of the movie without a rather rugged yet lovable jacket (probably for the reason they are in in Canada). To mimic this rather tomboy and casual look, just take an old jacket of yours. I grabbed a wore out jean jacket that I haven't worn in months and decorated the entire piece with random patches and pins. I even sewed random buttons in weird places just to add onto the weird charm.
Makeup was even easier. Ramona Flower's eyes are simply lined and don't seem to have all that much to them. I did curl my lashes and added mascara to them just to make them a bit more interesting. Ramona's lips are the real attraction. She is usually wearing a red or bright lip tone that grabs attraction to her face.
Lastly, the hair. Though most people aren't able to pull off the brightly colored locks, Ramona's hair style is rather easy to copy. Though her hair is cut in the back, this style can work for all hair lengths. Just take your hair and leave two small chunks in the front as you put it up in a bun.
"I'm In Lesbians With You"
p.s Is anyone else as excited about Hopeless Records signing The Kick Drums? Aside from me being somewhat disappointed it wasn't Late Nite Reading or Seven Minutes In Heaven, The Kick Drums are pretty rad.

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