Monday, August 5, 2013

Outfits:Week 3

Thursday was mostly spent in the house until I did go out to a local playground with my sister in which I put on a long, rather beachy shirt that was given to me by my older cousin. I paired it up with a pair of shorts I got from Macy's about a year or two ago.
I spent Friday night in which we went out to dinner in a long button down dress that I had gotten from a thrift store about a year ago. The dress goes down to a little above my knee which is about my comfort zone for I am not big on short dresses or skirts! Since I am a boring person, hair and makeup were the usual though my locks had calmed down a bit.
Saturday was one of my worst outfits in awhile and I hardly even wanted to share it until I figured that I just should to show you what is definitely out of my comfort zone. Saturday morning was chilly so I ended up trading my shorts for my favorite pair of red skinny jeans though I have already planned that this school year, I will not be wearing much jeans. I then put on a shirt I had gotten from a terrible consignment store I had once visited with my friend. The shoulders had cut outs on them which I guess is OK though just the pattern of feathers at the top made me a little uneasy. These kind of tops I rarely wear for I used to wear a lot of them in sixth grade and it really does bring back bad memories. I am pretty proud of my hair and jewelry though. I bobby pinned the left side of my hair to the back of my right side so I got a rather natural look of all my hair being swept onto the side. For earrings, I became Benjamin Cook and put a single feather earring on one side and a rose stud on the other sort of how Ben has a silver sword earring on one side. I only spent about an hour or two at the Vet in this outfit so I guess it could be worse.
I really didn't spend much of the day out of the house on Sunday so I just threw on a Charlotte Russe cut out dress that I had gotten a couple months ago. The dress has an awesome collar at the top which could probably my favorite trait about it. This dress did break my comfort zone a little bit for it was a bit shorter than the vintage long dresses I am used to wearing.

Happy first week of August!

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