Monday, August 19, 2013

Outfits! Week: 5

Viv and I hit the beach so I ended up having ti dig through my closet to just find a bikini. I ended up finding an old string bikini from Target and mis matching bottoms. I even added a flower crown from a boutique in New York City. On top of my bathing suit, I went with a rather junkie tank top with fringe at the bottom and a pair of old Macy's shorts. Who the hell wants to wear a complicated outfit on top of a wet bikini? Since I was going swimming and am still saving up for waterproof makeup, I didn't wear any and just put my hair up in a ponytail.
I ended up spending about the entire day up until five in the evening in my pajamas for I was going with my mom to pick up my cousins. I wore my favorite Bettie Page shirt that I bought from Forever21 and a pair of amazing red shorts that I got from Macy's two years ago. I wore the usual makeup and pushed my hair back with a thin headband.
Yet another beach day! I had to dig through my closet yet again for another bikini. I did find a hidden treasure (throwback to February Fashion Bible!) of one of my old Target bikinis. It was a little tight but whatever its better than being loose in the ocean. Over my bathing suit, I wore an old shirt that I got from Forever21 last year for about five bucks. I liked it for at the time, I didn't know what it meant but my cousin translated it into "You are the most beautiful to me". A little tacky but it is good enough to cover a bikini. I then put on a pair of picnic checkered shorts. The tag says Gap but I got them from a thrift store.
I just kind of sat in my pajamas texting my friend Ruby until about around five in the evening when I got dressed to go to my friend, Chloe's party. I didn't get too dressed up for we were doing facials and if yogurt got on one of my nice outfits, that would kind of suck. I wore a pair of yellow shorts that I got thrift and my Bettie Page v-neck from Forever21. I then just pushed my messy hair back with a headband.
OK OK I know I haven't made a playlist in forever for the reason that over the past few week, my music taste hasn't gone anywhere but I finally made a new one packed with a couple tracks from the My Chemical Romance album "Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys", bits of Lex Croucher for she rocks, and some other pretty awesome music.
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