Friday, August 2, 2013

Things You Must See: August

Well hello there lovely! We have hit the last month of Summer. As much as I would love to say that I had a two months so far full of going to the beach and partying, I have done absolutely nothing with my social life at all. I am not lying when I say that right when I realized that, I had to break momentarily just to text my friend about how I need to hang out with her. There is a point of my introversion where things can get a little insane.... Anyways, I am extremely excited to be writing about the things you must see for August!
In my last three posts, I have suggested amazing artists such as Emma Blackery, Lights, and Sleeping With Sirens! I am also absolutely excited to talk about Tavi Gevinson. OK OK I realize that I talk about her every five seconds, but this is not about her fashion or Rookie. No Tavi is not only a writer and actress but she is an amazing singer on top of it all. One of my favorite covers would have to be "Case Of You" which she performed for Hello Giggles on YouTube (video above). Her voice is delicate and gorgeous.
With me having spent an entire day trying to think up some changes (for the good) of How Fitting and thought since I am on the Internet about twenty four hours a day, I figured that it would be appropriate to add a category on websites. One of the websites that I blame for distracting me from being productive would have to be a social network where people are encouraged to ask questions anonymously and have them answered by the person they were asked. This website can help others get closer to each other by asking the things they are a little too embarrassed to ask in person.
Videos and TV
Tumblr- Benjamin Cook
yet again, I have not been watching about any TV therefor I turned this section into "videos and Television" so I am able to add what I watch about half the day: YouTube Videos. One of my favorite series on YouTube has been "Becoming YouTube" a documentary series hosted by the always lovely, Benjamin Cook who is himself yet at the same time kind of plays this overly emotional, angry person. One of the best parts of this series is that not only do we see Ben but every single episode features interviews from amazing other You Tubers such as Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Dan and Phil, Lex Croucher, Tom Milsom, Carrie Hope Fletcher, etc. Every single episode is different and touches different corners and topics of the popular video sharing website from musicians being on YouTube to what YouTube isn't, Ben touches everything. The entire series is deep yet hilarious with skits of some pretty ridiculous things. Last week's episode had to be the best one I have ever seen in which Tom Milsom writes a song titled "Becoming YouTube Was A Waste Of Time". What could be better than a man with bright red hair yelling and making fun of himself with other You Tubers?
Though camp was not exactly the time to read, before I left I read probably the best memoir I have ever written. Rapture Practice is a hilarious memoir following a young teenager trying to brake away from his extremely conservative Christian family. The entire memoir is not only down right funny but is also endlessly interesting. Being brought up as a Jew, I have never really had an idea of what Christianity was in depth. Though Aaron's family is a little extreme, it gives people a look into some of the different types of people out there. From having to transfer schools for buying his girlfriend a "Pretty Woman" soundtrack to playing hymns with a hangover, the entire novel is insane.
Aside from our lovely new writer, Fiona writing about movies every week, I still thought it would be OK if I write once a month about my own opinions. "Warm Bodies" was what you could call "the better Twilight" the movie provides comedy and still a rather interesting and intense romance. The one thing I was annoyed with was that they did not do nearly as many beauty shots as they should have with the hot zombie. I mean if you are going to make a teen zombie romance, glamour shots are mandatory.

Happy August!
My favorite episode of becoming YouTube! (BELOW)

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