Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Camp Nanorimo Reflection

Sunday was the day that the Camp Nanorimo cabins closed up. It was relieving and yet heart braking to have Camp Nanorimo end. I mean will I miss stressing myself out to write? No. Will I miss discussing with the two lovely guys I met in my cabin? In every way. The three of us decided on just going our separate ways. Not that we didn't love each other, just that we thought that just we should see what happens. See if we meet up in one of the many Nanorimo forums or get assigned to the same cabin in April. Kind of just let fate do the work. It was funny all the things we talked about. Though the cabins were mostly for discussing our novels and things along those lines, my friend who went by the name "Monkey Typewriter" or as we just called him "monkey" and I trailed off the ever so stressing subject of novelising and talked about things we liked. Music, video games, Tumblr. The two of us became pretty close and made a pact in the middle of the month to give each other verbal slaps to the face if we even said a word of giving up. We all were on each other's teams and were sticking together for this month of insanity. I ended up cutting my 50,000 word goal down to 30,000 for I had come in fifteen days late all because of camp. When I was just so frustrated and felt as if the only thing I could do was give up, one of my other cabin mates, Sky told me something that I will use for the next how ever many Nanorimos there are to come. He said:
"write terribly. Write drivel. Write boring and dull characters and a menial plot. Just write, and soon the greatness will start to come."
 What my awesome cabin mate told me brought me to the realization that I would not walk out of Nanorimo with a novel ready for publication. This was only a rough draft and therefor we should all just write terribly and have greatness come when greatness comes.
 I really did wish that the other people in our cabin had participated. We had about eight campers and only the three of us talked and worked on our novels. We didn't let the lack of people stop us from having fun though! Every single mile stone we hit, we would do a dance party. This didn't mean just for yourself. We danced when Monkey hit 10,00 and still danced when Sky hit 15,000 and that memorable moment where I got to 20,000. We were all just as happy to have ourselves hit halfway and have another one of us hit a milestone. Not only was there a lot of dancing involved, but Monkey and I came up with what we referred to as "The Camp Nanorimo Theme Song" which lyrics consisted of 
"Just keep writing just keep writing. What do we do? WE WRITE!" sound familiar? We typed and hummed that song about five times a day each to each other. 
About my novel, clearly not my best work but I decided to not edit it and just keep it as a memento from an awesome summer with awesome people. Sky brought up novel swapping in which we would read each other's novels but we then just came up with keeping them to ourselves and not sharing them with anyone else. It was funny how much the three of us connected. 
Camp Nanorimo July 2013 was the best thing I have ever put my time to and would love to do it again. Will I talk to my virtual cabin mates ever again? I have no idea but the three of us will always have the memories of a wonderful Summer filled with virtual dancing, high-fiving, and face smacking. So now I am sitting there looking under the community section of the website and not being able to see my cabin. It is extremely painful but I guess I should just smile for it has happened. 
Just keep writing. Just keep writing. What do we do? WE WRITE!

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