Saturday, August 17, 2013

We Hit 100!

If you could not tell by the rather extravagant collage with all of Fiona, Emma, and I's loves, then either a) you aren't capable to read or B) you are blind. As of today, we How Fitting hit it's 100th post. Yep 100 posts of pure teenage angst, fashion, music and everything else. I was so excited for this occasion for really, this is a big deal. I mean I have been working for seven months (whoa! More than half of a year!) to reach this number of posts and it is unreal that we have so much content. Though  Emma and Fiona have only been writing for only one of the seven months, I still say we for they have contributed a lot to the How Fitting community and helped me out a lot. Just a fact behind the scenes (I'm so pretentious) there has not been a day this month where I have not either published, written, or edited a post. There are two ways to interpret what I have just admitted: Ann is very dedicated to How Fitting OR Ann has no life and is obsessed with blogging. I guess it is a mix of both. The real reason why the is such a big deal towards especially me is that I have never kept a promise and a commitment this big to myself. In other words, I have never done something this big for this long. I mean Wow! The blogging world has not only given me something to do in life but has led me to so many friends. Pietro and I met before this blob was created but about a week into our friendship, the February Fashion Bible was posted and two weeks after that, Pietro's blog was up and running. The two of us have been bonding over being young bloggers ever since and I cannot thank him for the oh so many times he has promoted this blurg on his own Twitter. Thanks Pi. Same with Fiona. I met her about a month or so after Pietro and I started talking and we never really talked about How Fitting until my favorite post I have ever written came up. You guessed it. The ever so special, "Online Relationships" article. Interviewing her and Pietro was so much fun and Fiona and I got really close after that. Now, we are talking twice as much ever since she joined to write every Monday. I wuv you Fizz. Same with Emma. You two rock and Em you are one of my best friends.  OK OK enough about me reminiscing and talking about how much an amazing person I am. In all, I love you readers more than anything and every time I get a sweet comment or just a thumbs up in the hallway at school, I always get all warm and fuzzy and trust me, every single comment sticks with me. So here we are at 100 freaking posts and cheers to a 100 more. 
Live long and prosper How Fitting. I love you guys more than Alex Gaskarth loves Jack Barakat.

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