Monday, August 12, 2013

Outfits!: Week 4

I felt like going darker with a cheap, shimmery, black tank top I got from Target and a flowing above the knee skirt that the tag says Express though I got it from consignment two years ago. This picture is rather crappy but the skirt has small white flowers that bring a more interesting part to the skirt. Since my outfit was so dark, I went with blue eyeliner (BLUE!) and the usual gold eyeshadow I usually wear. 
Sticking with the skirts, I went with a long, peacock patterned high low that I got from yet another consignment store. I took yet another cheap Target tank top for the skirt is just so extravagant that wearing anything else would clash. For my hair, I got a little bored during the day so I ended up straightening it. I instantly felt uncomfortable looking at myself for it brought back god awful times in seventh grade when I used to blow dry and straighten it every other day. I do not plan on doing this very much for number one: my hair is too god damn long and there is too much of it and number two: I used to be in the habit so much that when my hair wasn't straight I would panic by freaking out on everyone and just being a terrible person to the people around me. I don't know about you, but in my opinion that is really stupid and unreasonable for me to have to rely on a stupid machine to make me feel OK. Number three: I look like a prick with straight hair. 
I finally video chatted with Pietro and Alessia! The entire thing was overwhelming and I kinda felt like I was going to cry for I was just so happy...I ended up wearing an old pair of Forever21 shorts that I stained badly so I dyed them from pink and white to badge and brown. I paired it up with a floral crop halter that says it is from American Eagle though I got it thrift. I woke up with straight hair but had a hair consultation for a new haircut so I just washed it out after I was done video chatting. Not just because I had to have my natural hair for the hairdresser to see but for I really did look and feel like a serious twat.
My mom, Rachel, and I all had what we call "a girls day out" where we went thrift shopping up at one of the best thrift stores. Though I am very against wearing anything fancy when thrift shopping, this outfit was too cute not to wear out therefor I just kind of had to. I ended up wearing one of my new Bettie Page shirts from the Forever21 guy's department (haul post coming soon!) and a long, black, flowing skirt that I also got from Forever21 with a slit on the side (for I am just that Angelina Jolie). I put my hair up in a messy bun and perfected the entire outfit with my prescription tortoise shells.OK I don't wear them anymore for I really hate how glasses feel on my face so normally when I don't feel fashionable, I will just deal with my near sightness but come on this outfit was BEGGING for them!

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