Thursday, January 2, 2014

Things You Must See: January

I have been really liking The Pretty Reckless. Lead singer, Taylor Momsen, is so angst filled and puts so much emotion (mostly anger) into the songs. All of their tracks get stuck in your head (mostly Make Me Wanna Die) and are so fun yet they have variety with slower more emotional songs such as "You" and "Zombie". Also, Taylor Momsen is a total babe inside and out.
Is it taking self promotion to a whole new level if I put my own website in here? I recently started a personal blog ! My reasoning for this was because as much as I absolutely love How Fitting, I really wanted an actual blog also. Don't worry guys! I am still putting all my effort in here but I am still going to be writing at Pubescent Drama Queen (get my Pierce The Veil reference there).
I have recently gotten extremely into Freaks and Geeks! Though it is very different to the other shows I watch such as Doctor Who and Supernatural, I like how non intense the entire show is and the type of relatable comedy they use.
A couple of my camp friends and I recently got together with one of my favorite movies ever, "10 Things I Hate About You". Everyone in the room had different tastes and the romantic comedy had something for everybody. Also, who can resist Patrick Verona?

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